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Hello from Patriotic Vikingland

Guest Patriotic Vikingland

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Guest Patriotic Vikingland

Howdy there,


I'm the Patriotic Vikingland, here is a bit information on my Nation, I look forward to be roleplaying with you guys, although I'm new and this is a completely new experience for me. I will do my best and hope you'll enjoy the experience as much as me.

Do not hesitate to give tips, feedback etc. as I go. smile.gif


Patriotic Vikingland is an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by King Ragnarr IV whom recently assumed power, after his brothers mysterious assassination. His brother was an unpopular king among his people during the last months of his reign, due to promoting peaceful foreign policy that could be considered representing the monarchy of Vikingland as weak. King Ragnarr IV is known for promoting a more aggressive stance at foreign policy and holds up the old values of the Norse culture of the Vikingland and act with true patriotism for his country, as his people prefer.


The King do not have an government under him, yet there are a few advisors and one minister (Minister of Foreign Affairs) to help relief the King from minor issues, and whom give suggestions if the King would wish to hear for it. A minor portion of the country suggests support for a move towards Democracy, but this however is not supported by King Ragnarr IV.


The ideology of the Monarchy is based upon liberal thoughts, therefore low taxes and freedom of the individual, but the opinion of democracy is that it's too slow to react, thats why they have chosen to remain a Monarchy. The population have access to guns, therefore they're confident that they could rebel if a 'tyrant' or simply a king who is not to be king needs to be removed.


I'm not sure if I wrote a bit too much there, but it should give you a first impression of what my nation is built up on, and what it's all about.

Excited to get started. biggrin.gif

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Hello and welcome!


We haven't been that active with roleplaying for a while, but a few of us are trying to get something started again: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=4018


I'm always up for RPing, but it's more fun if a few others are active as well. So I guess I'd recomend you to head over to that thread to ctach up about the current situation. If we can get something going that might spur some activity.

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