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[IDEA] Role-Play ideas for more activity

Multiple RP ideas can be selected and voted upon. Read on for explanation  

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  1. 1. Multiple RP ideas can be selected and voted upon. Read on for explanation

    • 1. Drug cartel
    • 2. EOS breakup
    • 3. Civil war in former nation
    • 4. Ebola
    • 5. Airplane shot down
    • 6. Natural disaster
    • 7. Mad scientist
    • 8. Miss Europa
    • 9. First contacts (historic RP)
    • 10. Cold conflicts
    • 11. Svalbard economic area dispute
    • 12. Bermuda traingle
    • 13. Diplomacy plot

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Continued from this original RMB thread: http://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=9925564


Alright: here is my shortlist for RP ideas. Keep in mind that this is a suggestions list, and not set in stone. Feel free to like or thumb-up if you like. I have added numbers for easy reference.


#1. Drug cartel

Crime. It exists. And the game now has this black-market feature. Who here has a dark dream of becoming the Don or the Kingpin?


#2. The breakup of EOS

This would make me very sad. I am also very interested to see what happens next. Would need to involve Mirros to make this official.


#3. Civil war in one of the former nations

With @Deltannia gone. Opportune moment for @Vocenae to 'reestablish civil order'. -arrow.gif I think Fleet Admiral Connor Grey will love to see this, even if he does not play anymore. He will be crashing at my place next week.


4. Ebola or a similar pandemic

Relevant since we had this thing in Africa last week. And all you pandemic Z-lovers out there can come up with your own genetic mutations.


5. Airplane shot down

Similar to Ukraine. Who was responsible? This can become one of those never-solved by tension-bringing stories. A little distrust between the nations might be good for activity.


6. Natural disaster

Tsunami, hurican, earthquake, nucleair meltdown


7. Mad scientist threatens world

Yes, there is a new James Bond film coming soon. Maybe you say their behind-the-scenes clip?


8. Miss Europa contest

Good old @Pirilao always loved to share babeshots. :-) It could be fun to see who we will vote for if we cannot vote for our own country.


9. RP in the past

First contacts between nations. I know @Tagmatium and @Suverina are always interested in shedding a light on their common history. I am also interested in a slow RP like this as well.


10. Your own idea

Comment on this thread and I will add it to the poll.


You can discuss here on the RMB or overthere on our forums in OOC planning:


@Vocenae: I have come to accept that you moved on to FT. I have also read the storyline you placed at the end of the century to move off-world. I will keep this in mind to avoid developments that "might alter the time-line". ;-) I hope you understand the point I am trying to make. I also hope you understand I may need your Founder powers for some tweaks in the WFE.

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Top Posters In This Topic

EDIT: Most of this stuff here at the beginning was supposed to be hidden behind a spoiler tag, but the all the coding doesn't seem to be working.

Stuff about my Territory

Please keep in mind that, as I was the only person that was actually involved in the original 'Deltannian Civil War' thread and after Europa's Fall, I have claimed Deltannia as part of my nation.

I may not plan on RPing in MT anymore, but given the dead state of regional RPs in general and the fact that Grey doesn't play anymore, I will continue to consider it as part of my IC nation.

The same went for most of Adaptus and northern Akirryu. Most of this was drawn up when I was literally the only one keeping this place active, so I used some administrative privilege to claim the land but not the culture or civilizations within them. To me, the land of previous nations was simply void of all signs or traces of civilization, as is only proper when player and nation cease to exist.

I also claimed most of the plots to my immediate south and east, because I was using the empty (and still empty) space to set up my nation's backstory for FT AND for active use in MT RPs before several players decided to tear all that down for petty reasons which to this day I still do not understand. I plan on continuing to claim these areas as part of my IC nation. It just doesn't make sense to open up all that land back up for what is going to be a rather small affair.

If Adaptus is coming back, then I will immediately cede any and all claims to his former territory, as well as that of Akirryu (because it makes no sense to me to hold onto that land without a direct connection to it) but I will retain control of Deltannia and the empty plots to my direct southern and eastern borders. If Deltannia returns with the intent of staying and RPing, I'll cede my claims to his territory as well (much as I really don't want to).

Now that all that is out of the way...

RP Ideas

As for RP ideas, well, if you have indeed read my 'Vocenae can into FT' post, I speculated that what propelled Europan culture beyond our MT (because Post-Modern Tech isn't really a genre, as most first world nations in the real world are considered to be post-modern societies) was massive Greenhouse warming, based on the old flood map you created in years past.

While I don't expect everyone to adhere to it and what it does to the region's geography, it could make for an interesting setting for people to play in, far more than a simple tsunami or hurricane as they are not one time events. This would be something that forces nations to look into alternative solutions and change how the world works.

Something we tried to do with the Oil Wars, which sadly fell apart.

Another idea would be to 'zero the clock'. You've already acknowledged the Timeline that I've established for my nation's FT backstory, so instead of working around that and, well, all the bullsh*t that happened in the recent past, why not just make a 'Beta Europa'? A new, smaller map that encompasses all the people that plan on taking part in this, set in an alternate reality where all the history proceeded as normal, but allows you to make the changes needed if you intend on keeping this strictly within the region and this forum.

That way all the work I've done, all the history that EVERYONE has done (drama and bullsh*t included no matter how much it would be better to write it off because it HAS impacted the region) is left untouched, but new RP and stories can happen.

We have a name for something similar to this concept in Future Tech, called 'Fractal Sol'. Basically, it means that an infinite number of realities and timelines exist within the Sol system and thus there is no 'primary' Earth history. The same basic concept can be applied here, though it would obviously just be the 'Prime' timeline and the 'Alternate Timeline'

Again I'd like to suggest that it would be ultimately better for Europa and the idea of 'reviving' the region and this forum if you did all future RP on the NS forums because of much, much higher visibility and thus, increased interest from other nations that may be looking for a new home.

(After all, before all the backstabbing bullsh*t went down, I attempted to have many people that had no regional map join Europa so that it would both help them, their RP, and the region itself because it would have provided more than just us four-five stubborn players who refuse to move on from this place.

Now, I know that making a new map might be a bit...well, time-consuming, but there are plenty of sites out there that generate fractal landscapes and the like. I myself have a program called Space Engine that allows me to fly around the universe and allow me to look at randomly generated planets, and allows me to export their terrain maps into a separate file. If you do choose to run with this idea, then using one of these programs to get a map and then just do a generic Plot Grid on it could streamline the process significantly.

For example:

user posted image

Just toss some green, blue on there (or yellow if emulating the classic Europa map Plot Grid) and start picking out where all participants in this 'Alternate Europa' are.

I think this is the best way to go, especially if it's staying small scale here on this forum.

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First of all I'm very glad that there seems to be a few interested in RPing!


Secondly, even though you'' probably won't take part Voc, I'm glad to see you're encouraging us and also took quite the effort to give some advice and explaining.


Before I get to the whole idea part, I have some questions and such about what Voc wrote.


Using a new temporary map for a specific roleplay I generally feel is an interesting idea, but most of us have built up our country's identy around the current map and our past roleplays. Or at least I have. But I joined very shortly before we adopted the new (current) map.


But as mentioned, there can be multipile timelines used. So I guess we can use different versions of the map for different projects/rolesplays/purposes/whatever. While Voc uses a certain version of the map in those roleplays he participates in, that doesn't stop us from using a different version (with different borders) for this new (or any other) RP project, right?


It's perfectly understandable that when most had gone inactive the few of you left continued on based on that and developed stories and your nations in a timeline based on those conditions, but I guess there's nothing that would hinder or interfere with some of us others reverting things and base our timeline one how things used to be. And sort of "go from there"?


Or is there anything in the whole concept of this or about the whole current situation in the region that I'm not understanding or missing? Basically what I'm asking is if we can't just parallel play with the same toy and if there'd be any obstacles to it. I'm just trying to sort out what all of the options are if we want to go ahead with something.


I hope I made some sense and that you can clarify and sort out the options a little bit for me.


Also, can't we keep it a regional RP, but also post anything we post here on the NS forums as well? Like Voc says, it would be great to get some visibility and maybe attract someone.



So, now I can get to the whole idea part.

    1. Drug cartel or organized crime in some way sounds interesting. I'd like to hear more about this idea. I'm having a bit of difficulty coming up with scenarios off the top of my head.


    2. Well, I guess EOS was the only active and well-defined alliance suring the time before active regional roleplay more or less ended. Feels like maybe it could be a part of some grander diplomatic RP?


    3. Civil war is always a good option I suppose, but maybe it could be a part of a larger scenario? Or at least some other plots/happenings going on. Or some rather complex situation.


    4. My last active roleplay was about a smallpox outbreak. I'd like to hear some more throughts and ideas about pandemic scenarios.


    5. Also feels like it could be a part of something more perhaps?


    6.Natural disaster combined with something perhaps?


    7. Mad scientist sounds fun and interesting. I feel this also could be weaved into other scenarios, like WMD, pandemics, terrorism, organized crime. (?)


    8. No comments.


    9. I'd love any historical RP setting.

My ideas:

    10. Cold conflicts

    (Tensions, build ups, incidents, but things never turning hot on a large scale)


    11. Svalbard economic area dispute

    If we'd add a small area (island or islands) slightly further north (or have any barely habitable place chosen) and decide that we have some previous pan-europan treaty declaring it interational area (like international waters) giving all nations access to whaling and fishing and such and limiting any activity on the island to fishing/small supply harbours and scientific activity, but then suddenly we discover something we all want. Maybe natural resources or maybe something else of great value or interest. And then follows a dispute.


    12. Bermuda traingle-inspired something?


    13. Various diplomacy plots

    If we could find a few ideas, maybe we could do something that focuses on diplomacy, I'd love to continue my Rebuilding bridges burned.

I'll hopefully be able to come up with a few more ideas, I'm not feeling very creative today, but I wanted to reply to this post so that we can keep spinning on this.

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As for using a new map, I tend to lean with Suverina on this one. It certainly would be easy to start from zero. But it would be more fun to use the current one. And for me, in this case fun trumps ease.


Thank you Suverina for sharing your thoughts on where we can take all of this. To respond to your ideas (numbered):

    10. Cold conflicts. Would need to have 3+ players involved, so this can turn into a real chess match. Sounds like some hard politiking, which might plant the seeds for future conflict.


    11. Svalbard. I understand your point. Like the race for the fossil fuel in the polar ocean. If you were to have a conflict of interest, there would need to be geographic proximity. Unless far-away nations could claim their stake?


    12. Bermuda. Yes! Crazy surprises and unexpected plot-twists!


    13. Diplomacy. Joining in. Do you have an endgame in mind? See your own idea #10.

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I'm very much on board trying to get something started. I don't have any roleplay group atm and I have a rather strong desire to roleplay. And I'd love to get something going.


But before I engage myself in this further, are you also on board O? It seems as your interest faded rather quickly the last time. I'm very willing to give this a try, but I don't want to get all excited and in a month or so I'm the only one who wants to do anything.


If we're devoted, maybe the others will become interested as well.

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Most popular choice seems to be a drug cartel (3 votes). I'll prepare a story that digs a little deeper than usual. Here is an old thread about most wanted fugetives for reference. http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=1977


Besides that I'd maybe like to combine mad scientist + pandemic and see what we end up with.


A pace of 1/week should be more than do-able, don't you agree? (I don't have any monthlong travels planned for the forseeable future.)

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I did a little thinking about this drug cartel idea, and I'm a whole lot more positive to it now and think it can be fun. What I see as the major problems is where are the drugs originating from? Is anyone willing to be our Colombia, Afghanistan or North Korea?


Tagmatium has a very large black market economy, is Tagmatium perhaps the host of numerous drug laboratories?


We would need drug routes just like the real world:



Speaking of mad scientists and pandemics, should we get activity going I might feel inspired to revive my small pox RP. The plot is still very open-ended. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but the virus isn't a regular small pox virus, it's a militarized version developed by the Suverin army. (Suverina has a very extensive arsenal of biological and chemical weapons.) Which regular vaccine can't protect against. There are many possibilities on expanding the storyline.






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I'm pretty sure all of our nations have a black market. It would be pretty easy to RP as the kingpin in your own country, Oyabun of your Yakuza, Don of your famiglia, or Pakhan of your Bratva.


This would be countered by Europol or Interpol or even bombing of plantations. This part of the story will evolve as it goes.


As for a rogue nations, I have the idea that a lot of former nations (CTE) would happily see their nation in anarchy go down with a big bang. Check my map update later tonight.


Edit: map update here.


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Sure there's organized crime in Suverina Pimp_by_DDR_user.gif, but our economy doesn't look like this: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=tagmatium/detail=economy tongue.gif


All I'm saying is that Suverina wouldn't exactly be a major hub of clandestine chemistry. The crime syndicate of Suverina would probably be more of an importer than exporter. Or maybe my military's intelligence is involved in trafficking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_involveme...ine_trafficking


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Unsure, so I had to search. Some basic research leads to this information.

The plant grows almost exclusively in northern and western South America. Colombia is now the main producer of illegal cocaine with Peru, Bolivia, and Chile providing significant amounts of the drug. The coca plant grows best in the mountain and jungle areas of these countries.


However, coca is a relatively easy plant to grow. In the late 19th century, colonial powers replanted coca outside its natural habitat. There was significant coca cultivation on the island of Java (at the time part of the Dutch East-Indies, currently Indonesia) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), as well as Formosa (at the time a Japanese protectorate, currently Taiwan). In the 1920s Java was the major producer of coca in the world.

For the ideal spots for opium growth, I refer to the geography and climate maps. With the above information in mind, I would go for warm southern plateaus. You own region is too wet and cold for opium. The location of these former nations would seem to be idea:

arrow.gif Assurym

arrow.gif Bhalman

arrow.gif Cabarria

arrow.gif Mirian Republic


Could even call them the ABC-Cartel.

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Ooh, an updated climate map! Well done!


Coca grows primarily in the Andes mountains, which have a rocky mountainous soil rich in minerals, lots of sunlight, and cool temperatures. Coca has also been grown at lower elevations even down into the Amazon basin, which has rainforest conditions.


That'd be the mountainous/highland parts of the green area? My region would be too wet. Maybe orange would work as well, red is definitely too hot.

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From the ongoing NationStates World Fair 4: http://s15.zetaboards.com/NSWF4/topic/8249725/1/


How guerillas supply themselves? We all heard stories about drug trading Colombian partisans from either FARC or AUC. Why are they trading drugs? Frankly, because they had to. UVF had to spend several millions to sustain one day of combat activities. In such case, asymmetric combatants need money, which never grows on trees and has to be earned. How? Tactics vary. In Malaya, local communists introduced revolutionary tax, but this begun turning population against them, thus other methods had to be applied. In Northern Ireland, local paramilitaries went to rob banks instead, while in Colombia paramilitaries engaged in drug trade. The "criminal - paramilitary oneness" happens often in order to secure funds for Guerilla campaign. Another tactic includes operating proxy companies, or printing money illegally (employed by Al - Queda).
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That depends if Jilderen comes back or not.


In case he comes back, maybe choose Cabarria. That sounds good as well: "Cabarrian cocaine" or "Cabarrian crack".


I'll naturally scrap the plans I had and make new ones.




Suv's (unorganized) information for reference


I'm going to post a lot of useful stuff here so I can keep it for reference. As this is the idea thread I'm assuming we're going to make a new thread later on. (?) So I hope you won't mind this will make the thread a little messy. I will need this later on and will sort through information. Maybe it's also useful to the rest of you. I know the maps take a lot of space, but I like to be able to view them and not just have links.




United Nations on drug trafficking (UNODC)


Global history of drug abuse (College project)


Web page about Marijuana, Coca and Opium. (Seems very educational and informative)


Wikipedia on illegal drug trade


Wikipedia on drug trafficking organizations


Wikipedia on organized crime


Wikipedia about drug lords


Wikipedia about drug cartels




user posted image

(Source: UNODC)


user posted image

(Source: UNODC)


user posted image

(Source: Wikipedia)


user posted image

(Source: Blog post, University of richmond)


user posted image

Source: UNODC)


user posted image

(Source: Russian International Affairs Council)


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Just to add, in case you're interested in going forward with this.


Some nations may have legalised some drug use. Adaptus certainly would have. And for one, Adaptus, would be very upset if what is views as legal and legitimate drug markets were disturbed. As it would impact their rather lucrative drug industry.


So, it's very likely Adaptus would take action to protect it's interests in said economy. Maybe by dispatching agents or, diplomatically.


Just food for thought if you were to go ahead with this.

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Thank you for that point of view Adaptus. I believe the idea is, as discussed above, to launch a new RP in January. This gives everyone ample time to think and prepare stuff. If you on your end want to add the special twist of legalised drugs, this will certainly add an extra dimension to the storyline.



Let me know if you need help with or access to the map. I can provide any combination you'd like. You can also rework this yourself if you're familiar with PSD files and Photoshop.

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I have begun moving forward a storyline that is linked to this criminal drugs ring. This will contain several story arcs, and should involve multiple nations. Not revealing any more details, other than it will prove to be both entertaining and quite shocking. http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.ph...post&p=22052865

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So, I'm trying to lay out some basic scenario guidelines. I assigned all former nations potentials for being a source/supplier of illicit drugs. Assigning former nations instead of just general regions will make roleplaying more fun, and we'll have actual named places as the sources/transit points.


Adaptus however got a special symbol as he has legalized recreational drug use.


If we can establish to go with thia, I could start tinkering on trafficking flows.


I also expect O or Jild,(those experienced with graphics) will make final versions of the map(s). My map is editable, with layers, so you know. I will still only be able to make rough sketches which someone else will have to turn into something nice.




I don't know how to make it a thumbnail picture.


Edit: Tamurin is supposed to be opium/heroin only.


user posted image

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