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Quiztime now


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Really simple:

- I start with a question.

- You try to answer it.

- The first one who get's it right get's to post a new question. (If this person refuses than someone who's quick enough is up.)

- Etc..



- Don't ask a question you don't know the answer to.

- You may use the internet to find the solution.

- If the answer is too hard to find (if the answer hasn't come up in days), you may give a hint.

- Moderation will be on, so don't go overboard people.



- If you like you can keep scores, and then I'll post them here.





Who was the director of the first film that carried the title "Europa"?

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OK... Let's make it a complicated question...



What's the name of the first commercial film, which was a remake of his college student movie, made by the story-writer of the motion picture, in which the lead character says the following line

"I'm like a bad penny, I always turn up."

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I'll rephrase the question as to make it a little more clear... I guess I made it a little bit too complicated...


Firstly you'll need to find the story-writer of the movie in which the main character says the quote above.

Then, the answer I'm actually looking for, is the title of the first commercial film made by the story-writer in the question above. This film I'm looking for was a remake of his college student movie.

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sorry about the wait, i couldnt get on for a while...


the answer i was looking for was Bologna, maybe i phrased it wrong, but i dont think the one in athens is still active is it? the answer i was looking for was Bologna though, although if you can prove to me that the one in athens is older i will give you a special prize...


anyway, over to you Vannic

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