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Monuments and Marvels

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The good people over at Canada have a really nice region map. Besides names, flags and cities, it also shows of some of the tech in your country. http://vershner.co.uk/ns/canada/map/mapofcanada.html


I've been thinking of how we could add some more detail to our own map as well. Some possible ideas:

  • Historical monuments: Acropolis, pyramids, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, etc.
  • Technological marvels: launch platform for space vehicles, off-shore drilling rigs, energy installations, etc.
  • Geographical features: volcanoes, grand canyon, coral reefs, etc.
I had the idea of placing some pyramids at the very south on the map. Angkor What would be closer to where Koku used to be. For Roman or Greek monuments, I'm in doubt between Tagmatium or the area around the Byzantine Sea. Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.
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user posted image


Economy maps are nice, however the map really isn't big enough to be littered with small icons and stuff. (?)


Not that it has anything with monuments to do, just spinning of on the Canada map.


Speaking of wonders, the light house of Alexandria could be rather fitting to be in Suverina at the tip of the Raga strait.

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Economy maps

Too much information would indeed be a problem. Working with multiple layers could be a good solution. That way you can turn all items on/off. I've been looking into this solution, but it's rather new to me. I was thinking of converting everything to be compatible with the Google Maps API. Nothing too fancy though.

Historical monuments

Your lighthouse sounds like a good suggestion. I will keep that in mind. Would you have it on the end of the Chisnau peninsula, or on the opposite side? Something Egyptian style or can I be more creative with it? The 'tower of Hercules' would be an alternative, and tie into the Roman/Byzantine history in your area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Hercules

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Seems to be quite a lot of icons, Seems like everything I'd want for most maps! Sounds cool. I've installed the free version of this maptiler. Seems very hard to learn and advanced and stuff, not sure what I can do with only the free version, but according to the website it seems like the program itself has very cool possibilities. #suvisnoob


Oh, something more roman/greek oriented would be so much more awesome! And yes, on the top of the peninsula. cool.gif

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MapTiler is pretty easy to work with. Install it, drop your image, generate a map. But I want to go further than what this free version offers:


1) Multiple layers:

- political (borders)

- topography (height)

- satellite (my personal challenge)

- economy (icons)

- roads

- climate (large zones)

- labels and names on/of


2) A much higher resolution for your zoom. This will be quite the challenge, since I want to replace pixel-maps with scalable vector graphics (SVG) for unlimited zoom.


I'm giving myself another week for #2 and about a month for #1. Once I'm done with this I return to this topic to ask for more national monument input. Right now there is not enough info.

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That's a really cool map. Could you actually make something close to that?


Some sort of zoom feature would be cool, or at least having a set of larger map for the different regions. Graphics have never been my forte, but with more map options I'd hopefully be able to produce some rudimentary maps of Suverina.


I looked at some more landmarks and there are plenty of them that could fit several of our nations. Tag has already got his canal, which surely must count as a landmark, and also there are plenty of greek/byzantine landmarks which could be placed in Tagmatium.


I have expressed interest in having a great lighthouse, and as I already have the Kreml in my signature banner, that would logically be in Chisinau (my capital).

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I am still looking into building a zoomable map like this. It would mean retracing the entire original once, but with a big screen and night of free time I _should_ be able to pull it off.


Regarding the landmarks etc. I share your feeling. Please look here for further details regarding ethnographic differences and potential background stories. http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=4016


I prefer to keep this discussion about the tourist attractions, which will probably be a separate layer in the aforementioned zoomable map.


PS: Glad to get your feedback. :-) I receive e-mail notifications from new posts, so I was happy to get this one. Have a nice day Suv.

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