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A Declaration of Cooperation

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The sounds of hard, metal boots echoed throughout the vast, empty marble halls of the Imperial estate. Several guards, positioned by sets of large, oak wooden doors, that looked more like drawbridges, stood at attention, adorned in blue and yellow silks vests and trousers. They wore no headgear, and in their hands were spears that soared high over their heads, to the point where it had looked like the two of them struggled to keep them from falling over.


The two proceeded to open the first door, a large sqeak and groan coming from the bottom of the oval-like wooden panel as it skid against the floor. This would proceed for several minutes, until the three had reached one door, much larger than the rest, which had a beautiful scene of a man adorned in gold, fighting off what appeared to be an entire army of soldiers armed with all forms of weapons. The final door finally swung open, brilliant ways of sunlight bursting into the formerly dim lit halls. The door lead to a balcony, of some sort.


At this point, Emperor Detrig, adorned with robe, scepter and crown, stepped onto said balcony, gazing below him. There, he could see hundreds of thousands of people crammed into an overlook that watched over a huge, bustling city. Surrounding the people, and estate, was a lush, green grass and forestland, which had made it, from one point, as if this was merely a forest on top of a hill. But this was not the case.


As the crowd saw the Emperor, they busted into a fit of cheer and ecstaticy filling the air with joyous shouts so loud, they could be heard from the bottom of the mountain that they stood on. Detrig merely gazed down at them, a small grin slowly, and almost painfully, growing on his blank face. Waiting for several minutes, the crowd eventually simmered down, and Detrig began to speak from a microphone hooked up near his mouth. Cameras from several news stations around Mackrenia taped the event live, and were broadcasting all that happened as it happened.


"People of Mackrenia, and of the region Europa, many greetings to you!" He started, holding up his arms. The crowd burst into cheer for several moments, before he placed his left arm to his side, keeping his right arm up, and signaling for silence. "It is an honor to serve as you, the Mackren people's Emperor and ruler. I am blessed, truly, to be able to lead a nation with such splendor and grandeur as ours.


This being said, I come to not only you, but the region of Europa, today, as a friend and ally. As many of you outside of our borders may not know, our land has been plagued with strife, under the form of a dreaded civil war, started by the traitors and filth that belonged to the Trench Party, a 'Democratic', Authoritarian regime that had tried to split away from our nation, and separate our people.


To summarize how things went in a quick in civil manner, we, alas, lost, and with it, the royal family dethroned and exiled to the mountains, where they built the estate that I stand on. In it's place, a Democratic Autocracy was set in place, to be led the accursed 'Grand Chancellor' Deid Macsfutt, a traitor to the Mackrenian people, and a scum of the worst variety. Truly, a sad excuse for any Mackrenian." The crowd erupted into a loud 'boo' and anger-filled shouts, throwing curses around at the mention of the Grand Chancellor.


"Let it be known, however, that through the support of those who shall remain unnamed, that the proper rulers of our nation have once more, come back into the seat of power that is their birthright, through the power of the people! With this being said; I would like to make an offer to all, if any nations that hear my voice. It is on this day, that I would like to declare a Declaration of Cooperation amongst our many nations, so that we may share joy, wealth, and prosperity in the form of one another!


To all nations who listen, I offer Free Trade, and the ability to have a sense of security in the form of an Alliance, knowing that Mackrenia shall be there when things seem bleak, and the future dimming! I offer the chance for all of us, no matter ideology, race, or anything below, to have the prosperity that all nations should have, for all! I offer these, and so much more, in the name of diplomacy and friendship!" Detrig would raise a fist, shouting out the last words with a very certain kind of vigor.


From this the crowd bursted into an uproar, those below becoming ecstatic and crazed from excitement and happiness, as Detrig simply turned around, and entered the halls from which he came. And behind him, slowly, the door closed, and there was darkness once more.

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