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Mackrenian Mack..troduction.

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Yoith, mein kaisers. I'm Mackrenia. But people tend to call me puff. S'weird, but, it kinda' sticks so tongue.gif. Anyway, I've been playing NS for awhile now; was introduced to it by the youtuber Shenryyr2, during a Democracy 3 video. I won't get into my political opinions and what not, but, I like empires. So yeah. Kek.


I'm not exactly a newbie to the game, but if anyone could give me any tips on running and roleplaying an imperialistic country, that'd be great! Anyway, I hope that my experience with you folks'll be great, and I hope to see and talk with y'all more!

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Hey there. Welcome to the forums. I hope you don't mind it's a bit dusty around here. But I've begun working to change all that.


Puff certainly sounds like a funny nickname. Where did you earn that one? You're not by any chance from Colorado, are you?


I had to look up your reference to Democracy 3. It's a game I didn't know about yet. It reminds me a little on eRepubliK. Any fun to be had there?


As for your question about imperialism and roleplaying, I think you've come to the right address. There are certainly a few good empires around here, including myself. What kind of style is it you are looking for?

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Middle school, as funny as it is. tongue.gif. I had an Afro, and it was all puffy and stuff, especially when I hotcombed it, so eventually people just started calling me Puff. And it stuck. And I'm actually from the suburbs in Illinois. Aurora, more specifically.


And Democracy 3 can be fun, ina way, if your into politics and stuff. It's a singleplayer game, unlike NS, where you're essentially the president of selected nations (France, Germany, US, UK, Britain, and Canda), and you have to keep the government up and running, while keeping the people happy! If you don't keep the people happy, there's a chance you'll be ousted or killed, and then it's a game-over. tongue.gif


As far as the style I'm looking for... It's hard to explain. Essentially, I want a German Empire, except with Slavic and Baltic originations. If you're familiar with the game Crusader Kings 2, essentially, the Wendish Empire.

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Well f that nickname stuck with you since middle school, it must have been a pretty horrible afro.


In case you are still looking for further inspiration regarding a Germanic empire with Baltic inspirations, I suggest checking out some of these articles on Wikipedia:

- Livonia

- Prussia

- Pomerania

- Hanseatic League


All of these tell you a little bit about how politics worked in this part of the world. When you've find the origin of your nation, it becomes easier to construct a historical basis to project into the present.


As for geographical placement, you should have a look at our climate map. Baltic-style nations would probably fit in very well in our northern regions.

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The afro wasn't actually that bad, in fact when parents told me they wanted to cut I refused, lol. biggrin.gif


And I'd like to greatly thank you for the Wikipedia nations, they were a big help. On the topic of geographical placement, I think spot 16 would be nice. Fluffy, n' big, n' empire like, and that river that leads into the ocean is pretty convenient. Yeah, 16. If that's okay, that is. tongue.gif

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