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The Beautiful Empire of Orioni

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We, the peoples of the Beautiful Empire of Orioni, are greatfull for the existence of our beloved leader and empress Orioni, for She brought us peace and prosperity. We are glad to be a part of Europa and hope we can all grow and prosper.



The country:

  • Nation: Orioni.
  • Capital: Orionopolis (located central).
  • Peoples: the Orioni.
  • Population: 942,000,000.
  • Head of State: Empress Orioni.
  • National holiday: 8th december
  • National motto: A Constellation of Services, A Continuum of Care.
  • National anthem: click to download midi
  • Map of Orioni in Europa: click here
  • Maps of Orioni in detail:

    user posted image user posted image

    (More images can be found below)



Government priorities:

Education: 25%

Social equality: 16%

Environment: 14%

Public transport: 9%

Welfare: 12%

Healthcare: 8%

Law and order: 7%

Administration: 7%

Commerce: 3%

Spirituality: 0%

Defence: 0%

(Source @ 18 okt 2004)



Geography & nature:

-- Orioni is a nation of reasonable size, situated in the core of Europa and part of the great central peninsula.

-- Coastline runs along the north and southside of the country.

-- Neighbouring countries are: Vanarambaion (N), Argenland (E+SE) and Phil IV (W).


-- Lush broad-leaved trees in the northern forest, where the pink fluffy dinosaur dwells. Most of the country is covered underneath these lush green giants.

-- Vineyards on the southeastern mountainflanks, with nice climate.

-- The pink fluffy dinosaur, which frolics freely in Orioni's many lush forests, is the nation's national animal.

-- The Orionoco-river flows through the entire country, creating a natural canal. It's origin is located somewhere in the high mountains of southeast Orioni.




-- Major metropolis: Orionopolis (located central).

-- Minor metropolises: Nordhaven (at the northcape) and Zuidhaven (at the center of the southern coast).

-- Ports: Nordhaven and Zuidhaven.

-- Airport: Orionopolis National Airport [ONA], Nordhaven, Zuidhaven and Orion Naval Island.


-- Channel connecting Nordhaven-Orionopolis-Zuidhaven.

-- Modern railroads from Orionopolis to both havens and also to our neighbouring countries.

-- Well-maintained roadsystem with many tunnels in the southeastern mountains.

-- Vineyards on the southeastern mountainflanks, with nice climate.

-- Industrial crops are grown extensively in the northeast, producing more then enough food.

-- The waters between Zuidhaven and the Orion Naval Island are rich in fish due to favorable sea currents.


-- GDP per Capita: $10,000.

-- GDP: $9,540,000,000,000.

-- National Budget: $2,291,965,920,000.

(Source @ 22 sep 2004)




-- Known major military instalations: Orion Naval Island (southwest).


-- Percentage of GDP Spent on Defense: 9.61%.

-- Percentage of Budget Spent on Defense: 40%.

-- Military Budget: $916,786,368,000.


Enough for:

-- 29,478 F-15Es, or...

-- 45,839 Su-34s, or...

-- 48,765 F-16s, or...

-- 83,344 MiG 29s, or...

-- 213,206 M1A2 Abrams, or...

-- 305,595 T-90s, or...

-- 1,564,481,856 M-16s, or...

-- 3,055,954,560 AK47s

(Source @ 22 sep 2004)



Illustrations of Orioni:


user posted image



user posted image



user posted image


~Orioni Naval Island~

user posted image


~Some of the many vineyards in the southeast of Orioni~

user posted image


~An artists' interpretation of the 'Pink fluffy dinosaur'~

user posted image

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News from Orioni

# The Orioni Government has deployed its plans for colonizing two islands. (read more)

# In an effort to bring the European nations closer together, the government of Orioni seeks to create a commercial alliance with other European nations. (read more)

# The resolution Epidemic Prevention Protocol was passed 12,093 votes to 2,458, and implemented in all UN member nations.

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News from Orioni

# The Orioni Government is still negotiating the colonisation of the island Andro. (Read more)

# The European Commercial Alliance for the time being consists of: Orioni, Sevrun, Phil IV and Byzantium Nova. More members are still being sought. (Read more)

# Our beloved Empress Orioni will be leaving for Byzantium Nova, where she will be representing our nations at the coronation of the new emperor Justinus. (Read more)

# The Orioni Government has published their priorities, as can be read in here. A full update of all statistical data will be carried out at the beginning of the new month.

# A new photographic picture of our beloved Empress Orioni was released, just before she left the country and headed for Byzantium Nova:

user posted image

(Click to enlarge)

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News from Orioni

# With the agreement of the nation of Sevrun, Orioni has dispatched a small UN taskforce to that northern nation. This taskforce will be monitoring the expected armstests Sevrun will be staging in 'sector 4'. (Read more)


# Our beloved Empress Orioni has not yet arrived at Byzantium Nova. She is making a short visit to the island of Andro, where our nation is trying to establish a colony. (Read more)


# As every year, the annual balloon day has attracted many Orioni to come and see the great festival. The excellent weather today has made it very pleasant for every participator and spectator.

user posted image

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Made a new avatar which will only be used on the forum of Europa. Don't worry, it won't be that difficult to get used to: the name is on it, and above, and bellow, and in the signature, and.. you see where I'm getting at. wink.gif


This is the avatar I will be using througout NS and all other region, next to it is the (new) one, just for this forum only.

user posted imageuser posted image

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The Imperial Cartographer's Office has finished creating new reference-maps of our great nation. Older features such as political boundaries and economic symbols are still available; new features are : the recently colonised islands Andro & Meda, geographical and physical appearance. Come and see for yourself the Beautiful Empire that is Orioni!



Geographical map

user posted image


Economical map

user posted image

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I have just counted the population of Orioni and all the puppets under my control and I came to a number which I find extremely large: 7,074 billion.


The total national budget of all these nations is $44,546 trillion ($44.546.832.499.000,00).

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Neighbouring countries are: Vanarambaion (NNW), Roavia (NNE), Hunstburg (E+SE), Phil IV (W).

..Hunstburg (E+SE)..


"This post has been edited by orioni on Dec 6 2004, 05:13 PM" wink.gif


"Neighbouring countries are: Vanarambaion (N), Argenland (E+SE) and Phil IV (W)"

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Today is our nation's national holiday, when we celebrate the birthday of our beloved empress Orioni. She will be turning quite 22 years of ago, quite young to say at least, but that tragedy is something we do not wish to discuss today. To honour our beloved leader the good people of every Orionian village and city have arranged their own spectacular fireworks. The image bellow shows one such majestic fireworks, an image taken in our capital Orionopolis, where the sensational show started about midnight.


user posted image

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The President of Tamurin wishes to congratulate Empress Orioni on behalf of the people of Tamurin.


I assume that you'll almost drown under all the presents you'll get, so I have decided to give you something small, but I think you'll enjoy it (although my minister of defense proposed an air show with a whole fighter squad).


user posted image


Happy Birthday!

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@ Tamurin: Thank you very much my friend.


In other news: This morning Orioni has been attacked by eight soldiers from an unknown nation with a weird flag. However, the assailants were spotted long before they reached our nation's shores, thanks to some local fishermen who sent a message to Orioni Security. Our national security followed the attackers and waited for them to come ashore. The soldiers must have had poor training, because something went miserably wrong.


A local cameraman made a video of this, which you can view by clicking here.

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