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Groot Belgie joins Europa

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I am Groot- belgie and I just started over because my previous region just stopped playing and I kinda wanted to start over again in a new region. I hope that I can write more kind of a story to my nation like I did to late with my big ass nation I was in previous region.


I am 20 years old at a moment and I have high expectations that are kind of being crushed by the little response on my first roleplay, wich I tought was a good starter in the region.

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I'm going to be to have to use the brutally honest hammer here.


This forum is pretty much dead and has been dead since 2008. I keep it open for the purpose of letting the oldest members of the community (myself, Tagmaitum, Suverina and MAchina Haruspex) to browse old threads.


All roleplaying now takes place on the official NationStates forums. And I'm sorry, but there's not much Europa-centric stuff going on there either. We're mostly a social community now, though Tagmatium, Haruspex and myself do RP over there.


You're welcome to stay and be a part of that community and chat on our regional message board on NS, but looking for activity here on this forum is just going to is sadly just going to be a waste of your time.

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