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Big military parade in Groot-Belgie

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"Apparently this newly independent lilliputian nation has invited us to their country to take part in the celebration of their independence and watch a military parade. There is no quid pro quo here, they didn't even bother to send us a special invitation. Therefore Her Majesty's government has decided not to attend and to await their government to approach us or at least see if their politics would make them a possible partner for cooperation."

The secretary sat down afte she had spoken. The foregn minister noded, meaning he approved of her sumary. Suverina would catiously await the steps of the new nation and monitoring if it was a possibly friend or foe.

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The prime minister Peeters walked with a bored expression into the office of the Temporary President Jansens and said to him


President, noone has react on our non specific invitations to our military parade. I suggest sending out telegrams to everyone, Would do your highness think?


Janses taught for a second and this sounded like the best option. How else were there going to be other nations represetation at the military parade? Afterall they would be doubting if they were welcome or not. And this would be a good opportunity to get to know the other nations and who was the enemy of who and who was the freind of who.


Yes Peeters that would be the best option, send the telegrams as soon as possibly.


the following telegram was send to all nations of Europe.


To:anyone whom may recieve this telegram


From:The temporary Republic of Groot Belgie


I am the Temporary President of Groot Belgie and hereby I invite YOU to join us in the festivies to honor our newly aquired independance! Please let us know as soon as possibly if you are coming or not


end of telegram

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