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Phil VII

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well, with influence taken from other regions, heres a thread to show off our beautiful faces to the world! I'll start:


user posted image


but apparently some people cant see that, so here's a direct link, if it helps



Here's a little list, made by Orioni

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user posted image


Me in my Halloween costume from this year.


The angle's kinda odd (my front yard slopes upwards from the street, and my mom took the pic while standing in the road), so it looks like I'm almost as tall as the house, etc. Throws the proportions off a bit.


For anyone who wants to know what I was, the costume is a self-made version of the Tanith First Regiment uniform, from the "Gaunt's Ghosts" Warhammer 40k novels.

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Well, there are exactly three online pictures of me. I picked the best one...


This is me this summer while me and some friends are having the German version of a Bar-B-Q. Since we are all role-players (Dungeons & Dragons etc.) we were first shooting with long bows and then "making meat over fire" like in the old times... biggrin.gif

Well, my beard is a little different right now...


p><p> Proof for shooting long bow...don


' alt='> '>


Pictures removed - privacy

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Yeah, I'm a big fan of archery myself so I know what you're talking about. Last month some friends and I went to an exhibit about the prehistoric age in Brabant (province of Belgium). After the tour we got to make some fire with silex and some other stone I forgot. We also got to hunt with replicas of these past weapons. I like the target practice most, because I always hit the bull's-eye. *yay me*


Ps: Knowing you like D&D explains why you are such an avid RP'er.

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I do not consider myself "lost" even if I RP a lot. tongue.gif




In Nomine


Twilight 2000

Cyberpunk 2020



Pen and paper RPGs rule. LARPing has been in minimum however. My friend though tried to get me in Harry Potter LARP. As Harry Potter. blink.gifhuh.gifunsure.gif

(My reaction? I shrieked in terror and tried to bash my friend.)


GO PHOTOSHOP!! Modern art.


No, I do not put my picture here, not now. Reason is simple. I have no pictures in net and no recently taken pictures nearby to be scanned. I can say though that normally I look bit like Taren in his picture. Just change pants to black jeans, remove Uzi and coat and give black leather Jacket.

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well i got a couple of horrible pics ill post soon, but at the moment my pc is in peices. i use my sidekick (basicly a cell phone) to get on the net for now. and i have yet to master the art of getting a successful upload of a cell pic to my image host. matter of days tho. and yea go Photoshop! with it you can almost put it back to normal wink.gif .





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