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Nisadonian Airlines

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Nisadonian Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of Nisadon and was once one of the largest airlines in the Old World. When the Nisadonians fled their homeland, they managed to escape with a portion of their fleet intact and brought them with them to the New World. With the reestablishment of the Republic, the airline is now the shadow of its former self but its determined to regain its former glory.


Hub Airports: Rellos, Samurose, Ariel


Domestic: New Nisadon, Polan, Dynastan, Hopern, Stolk, Rosenston, Rhodesfield, Pelle, Lumberia, Donasin, Advent, Haven, Wasser, Janisberg, Montecito, Rossoterres, Gueranna, Svenanger, Ulricborg, Aldaya, Autunova, Segadian, Callista, Libevana, Eaglevasser, Othevio, Euphis, Cathundis, Lethia, Andius, Denava, Reinne, Senio, Hanover, Argenhall, Gisholm, Grez, Gyllchurch, Allbeck, Kossel, Queckborm, Newmunster, Falkenstain, Dormley, Albarta


International: None



Embraer 170: 37

Embraer 175: 41

Embraer 190: 21

Embraer 195: 16

Boeing 767-400ER: 4

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