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seven in europa!? i have one puppet, and a couple of other nations who are members of other regions, but dont act as puppets for phil IV, theyre there for the community

Seven in Europa. I'm not going to tell where the others are. tongue.gif


But you're right about one thing: our level of participancy is very low. Having 15 active members in a region of 250 is only 6%. But if you look at the memberlist and count them you will notice that we have about 25 regulars, which is 10%.

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Excuse me while I take this even further off topic, what do the puppets do for you? Why have them?


(Other than for the purposes that People's France used them for)

Well, my main nation reflects my personal opinions. The puppets are to play with, for exampje I have one where I rule very badly. Another one is very militaristic. These puppets are just to play with, if you think you want to do things with a nation but you don't want to spoil your main nation.


My puppets however are not members of the UN, because this would be multiing, and that is prohibited. "If the moderators find out your nation will be deleted!!", to use some notorious words. Don't worry Meteorla, these puppets are only for play, not cheating.

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Don't worry Meteorla, these puppets are only for play, not cheating.


Oh, I wasn't concerned- I was just confused as to the purpose. Think of it as me concidering creating a puppet of my own, but not sure if it is worth the effort.

Well, that way you have a backup, in case 'someone' (dry.gif) decides to delete you.

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