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The Process of Relocation

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It all happened so fast. The uprising. The rise of the republic. The invasion. The second and ironic uprising. The retreat from the great motherland. crash landings.


Mollet barely had time to think on the way to Chevalier International Airport. Armed rebels were blocking his path, but luckily, he had some soldiers to take care of the rebels. Of course, he would call them rebels, but most of Cleffonia's people call them "Liberators of the Great Nation". The militarist region that invaded Sion, which proclaims "Justice for all", had occupied CIA to ease the retreat (Mollet supported the downfall of several nations in Sion them in exchange for assisstance in grave situations). A little while after the convoy of planes took-off (Mollet still had a lot of supporters and frineds, even if it was a minority), Mollet started to break down. He couldn't believe that Cleffonia was gone. He never wanted this to happen. The invasion was a terrible shock The pact with the invaders was only made to keep Cleffonia alive longer. But he knew that they were too strong, and that it was only a matter of time. Then suddenly, it felt like the plane was going lower, and the sound of the engine is got fainter. "This is a message from your pilot. Fuel levels of nearly all the planes are almost depleted. We will now attempt to search and land on a plain in the vast landmass we are currently flying over. Fasten your seatbelt, and have a nice day." Everyone started to panic. They all knew that this would probably not end well.


And then a miracle happened. Out of the blue, an abandoned airstrip was spotted. The planes started to land one by one. Unfortunately, some planes didn't make it. Nevertheless, hope was on their side once more. There was also a nearby abandoned settlement, which they settled in. The post of the entrance read "Welcome to Area 129". A search and rescue team arrived hours later. One of the members of the Cleffonian ministry told their story. The team was amazed to hear it, but they had to leave to report to their local town. The member of the Cleffonian government had a meeting on what to do next. In the end, they decided to remake the great republic in a new land.

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