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The Great Republic

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Cleffonia is a nation that emerged from a series of revolutions in the European Union, after a great crisis occured. New nation were created afterwards, and Cleffonia was one of them. After a series of conflicts with the other new nations, Cleffonia expanded, and the president, Leopold I, was proclaimed Emperor of the Great Empire, which migrated from Earth, to the world of NationStates. They landed in the region of Sion, and after years of prosperous successions of imperial monarchs, the people grew hatred for Richard IV, the 27th Emperor, and his actions that lead to great poverty in the empire, and the enraged people staged a coup d'état, led by François Mollet. In the middle of the coup, Sion was taken over, and François and his supporters made a hasty retreat to an unoccupied area in a nearby region called Europa. Mollet is the Generalissimo of the Great Republic at present.

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Sure, I'm up for the job.


By the way, I was in NS before (I had to stop playing because I had tons of RL issues that took too long to solve), and I was a diplomatic minister in Sion, so I'll have experience in that arena as well, if you need it.


Oh, and should I request to edit the map, or can I do it myself? I have okay photo editing experience as well, so I can definitely add my nation myself.

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