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LADA Defence Systems

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LADA Defence Systems is wholly owned by the Suverin state. It is Suverina's only military contractor and is responsible for supplying most of the National Defence's needs. LADA is also a succesful exporter. LADA develops and produces some of the most modern materiel in Europa. This is LADA Defence Systems' official information place and it will keep you updated on the products it supplies to the Suverin defence. LADA also requests that all enquiries of purchase be made here. Suverin surplus materiel is sold through LADA.




LADA Defence Systems is mostly famous for its' ships which are among the best and most modern in Europa. Few nations have shipyards which are able to compete with Suverina in naval technology.


LADA produces a wide range of different products. New modern hi-tech materiel is produced for the Suverin Armed Forces, but LADA also produces cheaper, easy to maintain, learn and use weaponry for the Suverin home defence militia. Therefore LADA can supply nations with materiel suitable for the individual nations' needs. LADA also has much experience with cooperating with foreign companies, both when it comes to development and production.


LADA Jilderen is a subsidiary of LADA and is jointly owned by the states of Jilderen and Suverina.


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LADA Marine Systems


The naval yards of LADA provides the Suverin Navy with its ships. The ships are amongst the most modern and advanced in Europa.


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Michail II-class Aircraft carrier


Michail II-class aircraft carrier entered service in 2008. It is the most modern aircraft carrier in service in Europa. The Suverin navy disposes several vessels and within a near future ships of the class will serve in both the Tagmatine and Jilder fleets. This modern carrier allows the Suverin navy to project power all over the region.


Displacement: 65,000 t

Length: 280 m

Beam: 39 m

70 m overall

Draught: 11 m

Decks: 16,000 m2

Speed: +25 knots

Range: 10,000 nautical miles


Aircraft carried:

Tailored air group of up to 40 aircraft:


Aviation facilities:

Large angled flight deck

Hangar deck

Two aircraft lifts


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Horizon-class frigate


The Horzion class is a modern anti-air warfare frigate and amongst one of the Suverin navies newest ships.


Displacement: 5,600 tons

Length: 152.87 m

Beam: 20.3 m

Draught: 5.4 m


Speed: 29 knots

Range: 7,000 nm


Boats and landing

craft carried: 3, total capacity of 32


Capacity: 32 passengers




8 × LADA MM40 or 8 × ZVEZDU M/2A anti-ship missiles launchers

2 × Otochoru 76 mm Super Rapid guns

PAAMS (Principal Anti-Air Missile System): 6 × 8-cell Sylvera A-50 vertical launchers with Asturu 15/30 missiles

2 × M90 Impact double torpedo tubes

2 × SCLAR-H chaff, decoy and flares launchers

2 × SLAT anti torpedo system


Aircraft carried: 1 Helicopter (capacity of 2)


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Suli??-class submarine


The Suli??-class nuclear multipurpose attack submarine entered service in 2009. The class is state-of-the art and is equipped with a spherical sonar unlike most Suverin submarines.


Displacement: 9,500 surfaced

Length: 120m

Beam: 15m

Draught: 8,4m

Propulsion: ZPM type pressurized water reactor

Speed: 20kn surfaced, 28kn submerged silent, 35kn+ submerged max

Test depth: 600 meters

Complement: 95

Armament: 24 Granat missiles, 10x torpedo tubes (8x650mm and 2x533mm).


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Artillery of LADA Defence systems


SV1Z Patria Tunete Self-propelled howitzer


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SV1Z Patria Tunete Self-propelled howitzer


The Patria Tunete is the newest most advanced piece of artillery in the Suverin army's arsenal. It entered service in 2010 and is planned to replace many of the older self-propelled howitzers and will become the main artillery piece of the Suverin 1st line forces in the future.




Entered service 2010


Crew 3 men


Dimensions and weight:

Weight 60 t


Hull length





Main gun 2 x 155-mm howitzers

Barrel length

Machine guns 1

Projectile weight

Maximum firing range 50 km

Maximum rate of fire 18 rpm


Ammunition load:

Main gun 80 rounds


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LADA Defence System Firearms


RPG-z37 One-shot anti-tank grenade launcher


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RPG-z37 One-shot anti-tank grenade launcher


The RPG-z37 is well known for its ruggedness, simplicity and effectiveness. The production costs are very low and therefore the price is low. This weapon has been mass-produced by LADA for many years in almost endless quantities. It is mostly used by the Suverin Home Defence Forces. It has been widely exported because of its efficiency and low cost.

The launcher is reloadable and based around a simple steel tube, 40 millimeters in diameter, 95.3 centimeters long. The middle of the tube is wood wrapped to protect the user from heat and the end is flared to assist in blast shielding and recoil reduction. Sighting is usually optical with a back-up iron sight, and passive infra-red and night sights are also available. The RPG can fire a variety of warheads for anti-armor (HEAT) or anti-personnel purposes (HE), usually fitting with an impact (PIBD) and a 4.5 second fuze. Any army that needs a price-worthy and effective infantry defence against armour should purchase the RPG-z37.


Weight 7 kg

Length 950 mm

Caliber 85mm

Muzzle velocity 125 m/s

Effective range 225m

Maximum range 920 m (self detonates)

Sights PGO-7 and UP-7V Telescopic sight



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Pu?c? Automat? model 1986/95 Assualt Rifle


The Pu?c? Automat? model 1986/95 is the standard assault rifle used by the Suverin Armed Forces. It uses either the bird-cage flash suppressor, or a flash hider (designed for Special Forces). The design also incorporated an upward curved charging handle, a wire sidefolder and the traditional vertical handgrip. The md. 86/95 use laminated wood lower handguards, and Bakelite pistol grips and upper handguards. The weapon is well known for its relabiality, especially in difficult environmental situations.

It can be produced in foreign calibres,


Weight 3.69 kg

Length 943 mm stock extended / 748 mm stock folded

Barrel length 432 mm

Cartridge 5.45x39mm

Action Gas-actuated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire 800 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity 950 m/s

Effective range 100 to 1,200 m sight adjustments

Feed system 30-round box magazine

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