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My big fat Suverin wedding

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pic.png Flag of the Maritime Kingdom of Qirim


Every Europan with some knowledge of geography knows that the Maritime Kingdom of Qirim is located in the Raga sea and consists of four of the sea's five islands. As the name of the kingdom suggests, the nation relies mostly on the sea. And so it has been for hundreds of years, fishing and trade has always been the backbone of the nation's economy. The Kingdom Qirim traces its history back to 1547 when prince Alexandru II united the four islands after a five year long war and crowned himself king of Qirim. In the 17th century Qirim was one of the wealthiest most powerful nations in the Occident with a fleet few nations could match. However Qirim declined in the 18th century after years of internal turmoil destabilized the nation and many of its trade routes and monopolies were lost. The country became bancrupt in 1873 and was saved by large loans from Suverina. And from then the country has been tightly linked to Suverina. The loans were finally all paid in 1963, but by then the Suverin influence - economic and political - over Qirim were so overwhealming that Qirim was bound to remain a Suverin lapdog.


The current ruler, directly descending from Alexandru II, king Dumitru IX was crowned 4 years ago after the death of his father. The monarch is allowed much influence in politics in comparison to most constitutional monarchies. The reason for that is because the constitution is basically a copy of the Suverin constitution. This has led some to classify Qirim as a semi-constitutional monarchy. However contrary to the Suverin monarch the Qirim monarch rarely uses his royal powers. The country and the government is led by the prime minister, which is elected for a period of six years.


The king, his royal higness Dumitru IX is a 43 year old man, has no wife and no children. So the question of an heir has been well discussed during his 4 years as a regent so far. However the rather conservative population demands that the king should marry as quickly as possible. The crown has passed from son to son for almost 500 years and they do not wish to see that tradition broken. The population is growing more and more tolerant of the idea of a femile heir to the crown though, as long as a child of the king gets the crown. The king does look for a wife, but the king wishes to marry out of love which narrows the alternatives down as his future wife must, according to law, be of royal heritage.

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His Royal Higness Dumitru IX king of the Maritime Kingdom of Qirim


King Dumitru was 43, he was looking for a spouse. Him being determined to marry out of live didn't make the quest easier. And also the king was a very shy man. The kings main interests were sailing, theater and politics. Even though the king was very interested in politics he rarely used his royal powers to intervene in the nation politics, but he followed the political happenings closely. Dumitru was a benovelent man, and the welfare of his people was his main concern. When the king wasn't sailing or enjoying a good theater the king was often out helping the people. He was the chairman of "His Royal Higness fund for the elimination of poverty and destitution", popularly abbreviated FEPD. As Qirim isn't as socialist and rich as Suverina, poverty, unemployment and other poor conditions still exist, but the king does his best to improve the situation of his people. Naturally the king is a devout Orthodox Chrisitan.


"The situation of the heir" as everyone so politely called the problem of not having an heir, had affected the king more and more the recent months. Basically everyone was telling him to get married soon. The king knew that they were right, but making him even more stressed about the situation didn't exactly help. But the king knew what he must do, he must spend as much time as possible socializing with the royalty of Europa in order to find a spouse.

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pic.pngThe Honourable Imelda de Kante-Klear, Baroness of Lutjebroek


Life as a baroness suited lady Imelda well. Her work as a judge brought her great joy and her work as a professor of international law was renowned. Every now and then she was invited to give lectures at universities abroad. One of these was located in the maritime kingdom of Qirim. Although she had visited counties much more enchanting than this place, it had a certain charm Imelda just couldn't resist. Perhaps it was the people, the enchanting churches or the wonderful theatres she so frequently visited when she was there.


On a few occasions, Imelda had met his majesty the king. Though he was shy, they had talked about a few things, mostly politics. They strongly agreed upon the elimination of poverty and destitution and the Baroness had made several donations to FEPD. Her strong socialistic beliefs and conviction that the rich did not simply should, but must help the poor made her an ideal patron for a cause like this. In Jilderen she was a high patron of the Be Social, give to the Capitalists! fund, which shared the goal of eliminating poverty.


Although Imelda was 32, she was still single and looking for love. Many suitors had tried to win her over, but she had yet to find the man that could really touch her heart. She did not believe in the existence of a soul or the divine, she was a firm believer that somewhere there was the right man for her. During a vacation in Qirim, the Baroness met the king once again and something stirred inside of her…

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City of Simferopolu, capital of Qirim


It had been a couple of years since Queen Eva had been to Simferopolu. She rather liked the rustic city, and the entire island was rather pleasant. After all it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the occident. Eva was going to be there for a week, the first four days she'd just spend relaxing and resting. She had had quite a lot of work to do lately, and not to forget the many foreign visitors she had welcomed to Suverina. She was in dire need of some vacation and rest. King Dumitru had offered her to stay at one the summer residences of the Qirim royal family, a beautiful small castle on a cliff overlooking the sea just outside of Simferopolu. She had spent several summers as a child there together with her cousin Michail, the late regent of Suverina. She had many fond memories of the place. Although, all those years ago she couldn't even have imagined she'd be queen of Suverina one day. She didn't even dream of being a princess like most other girls. She thought back on her life and was awed about everything that had happened. She especially thought of that time five years ago when one maniac, one gun and one gun shot brutally ended her cousin's, Michail II's time on earth as well as on the throne and left the country without a ruler. A few days later she had been appointed regent and heir of the crown. A month later she was coronated as Eva I. How unpredictable life is she thought, but one does what one has to do. But she thought she had at least done a decent job shouldering the burden of ruling Suverina. But it hadn't been easy. The task of uniting all factions of power in the country had seemed impossible at first, but she had managed to do it. And she still kept keeping them united.


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The Swallow's nest, one of the royal summer residences


On Friday a large banquet was to be held in the Simferopolu at the royal palace, she was going to attend. And so was many foreign dignitaries. Eva hoped she'd be able to improve the reputation of Suverina further. Special guests would be representatives of the Jilder embassy that had just been established in the country. Eva was looking forward to it, she just hoped she'd be able to get some rest before it so she'd be able to use the full ability of her charm.

60 minutes after she had went ashore she arrived at the Swallow's nest. She shone up with a bright smile when she entered to entrance to the small castle. After a quick look around she had seen that nothing had changed, everything was just as she had remembered it. Suddenly she felt like a young girl again, energetic and full of life and joy. She felt that the burden had been lifted from her shoulders and she hadn't felt so free for many years. A few days of vacation would be exactly what she needed. Just resting and having fun, not wasting a single thought on politics.

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As a young man was arranging several items in the hallway, he saw someone walking through the door of the Jilders embassy where he worked. In his best Qirim he spoke, somewhat uncertain: can I help you, ma’am?

I got a message from ambassador Flink, she replied in clear Jilders. I am baroness de Kante-Klear.

But ofcourse, I do apologize that I hadn’t recognized you sooner, your ladyship. Please, follow me.


The embassy, located in an old building not far from the royal palace, proudly showed the national colours of Jilderen. Via the stairs the two reached the second floor. There was the office of the ambassador. As his door was opened, a large portrait of H.R.H. the Grand Duke was the first thing that greeted the baroness. A chubby man looked up from his desk and, as soon as he recognized the baroness, a wide smile became visible on his face.


Ambassador, baroness de Kante-Klear.

With a deep, hearty voice he responded: yes, yes, I can see that. Please, take a seat honourable one.

Why thank you, ambassador Flink, baroness Imelda spoke with her gentle, yet firm voice.

Shall I bring tea, sir?

Please do. the ambassador quickly said as he gestured towards his colleague to leave the room. As soon as the door closed, he resumed talking. I am most pleased that you could come to meet me. As her ladyship undoubtedly knows, a banquet is held this Friday at the royal palace. With your knowledge of these lands, we would be honoured if...

If I came and be part of the whole show?

Basically, yes, m’lady.

The baroness smiled and looked out of the window for a moment.Who else is going to attend this banquet?

Queen Eva from Suverina, to name one.

She is? Well, that makes it most interesting to come along, now doesn’t it? Imelda replied with a sly smirk on her face.


A moment later, that same young man came in with a tray carrying a large pot of hot water and a selection of the finest teas and biscuits. While enjoying this, details about the banquet were discussed. The baroness had several reasons why she wanted to talk to queen Eva, but of course king Dumitru IX would need some attention as well. Also, this gave the baroness the perfect opportunity to show off a dress of her favourite designer. However, there was a theatre show she wanted to see tonight first and she knew the king would be there aswell...

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Queen Eva had enjoyed her well deserved vacation. She could have needed a longer vacation, but the the days she'd had were at least sufficient to make her endure her duties as a queen until the next time she'd be able to get some time off. She had mostly rested and strolled around the country side during her stay so far. And she could feel that her energy had been renewed. The days that lied ahead of her meant business. First in order was the banquet at the royal palace in Simferopolu. She was actually looking forward to it, it was a relief that she wouldn't have to act hostess. It had been quiten some time since she last had been able to visit such an occasion where she could just enjoy herself and mingle freely without any agenda that she needed to follow. She'd been told they would serve pheasant as main dish, something that pleased her as it was her favourite dish. She had started to prepare for tomorrow and she had just picked out a dress, she'd chosen a beautiful yet simple white dress with empire bodice. Eva had heard that baroness Imelda de Kante-Klear from Jilderen would be attending the banquet, and Eva welcomed yet another opportunity to strengthen Suverina's ties with Jilderen.


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Her Royal Higness during her vacation

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At the theater, the baroness had talked to king Dumitru IX for a few minutes. Their small talk helped to pass the time before the show actually started. Only in hindsight Imelda noticed that she had been flirting quite intensively with the king. Quite ashamed she returned home afterwards quite soon.


It wasn’t till the banquet that her ladyship would run into the king again. This time she would be prepared. The few days out in the sun had done her some good, the dress she ordered was finished and delivered just this morning and she had already picked her jewelry. After a visit of the hairdresser she was all ready to go. Next stop: the embassy.


Yellow suits you, m’lady, the ambassador spoke as he saw baroness de Kante-Klear walk into his office.

Why thank you. I do hope I’m not too late.

Not at all. We are to be picked up in fifteen minutes. Can I offer you anything before we go?

No thank you. Just tell me what I should and, more importantly, shouldn’t do.


The ambassador laughed. It was quite simple. The baroness should refrain from any political statements, besides that, she just had please the nobility present. The drive to the royal palace of Simferopolu took just under five minutes and the amount of press present was more than the baroness had anticipated. Thus, she didn’t have her best smile on as a camera caught her by surprise.


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The baroness in all gussied up


The Jilderen party? a lackey asked gently as he saw her ladyship and cohorts enter the palace.

That is us, the ambassador replied with a smile.

If you would be so kind to follow me.


Just before the banquet started, a small and more informal gathering took place in the room next to the dining room. Here many ambassadors, royalty and other people of esteem mingled. Imelda spoke mostly with some people all of whom she had no clue what they did or who they were. Finally, when all guests had arrived they were to be escorted to their table. To her surprise, she was seated not that far from the king and – one other person she really wanted to meet – the queen of Suverina.

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Queen Eva was excited as she had been looking forward to the banquet. Naturally she had been seated next to the king. Also she baroness Imelda de Kante-Klear was seated rather close to her, which pleased the Queen as she'd might be able to further strengthen the relations between Jilderen and Suverina. The kings seemed very happy and much more confident, according to Eva's memory the king had always been quite shy and lacking in confidence as well. Even though she barely would admit it to herself, the thought that the king was rather handsome and attractive appeared to her. She quickly brushed such thought aside, she reminded herself that she shouldn't waste her thoughts on such ridiculous things and instead focus on more important matters. She was going to enjoy herself, but she did have an agenda as well. Suverina wanted to keep Qirim even closer. Suverina had a large amount of military bases on the islands, but the armed forces wanted to increase its' presence - more men, more ships and more aeroplanes. Although, so far, Qirim had seemed quite reluctant to the idea. They seemed to fear that foreign trade and shipping would suffer as they'd might avoid Qirim if the Suverin presence was too strong. And Suverina did have somewhat of a reputation for sometimes messing with/delaying merchant vessels originating from capitalist/fascist nations in Suverin ports or territorial warers. But Eva hoped that she could persuade them to change their mind. Making the Raga Sea a Suverin Mare Nostrum was an important objective.


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Queen Eva in her dress at the banquet


Dumitru IX, the king of Qirim, was happy. He had been looking forward to this banquet and it seemed as it would be a good night with good wine, good food and good people. But there were two people of particular interest present, Queen Eva of Suverina and baroness Imelda de Kante-Klear. The king hadn't met Eva since her last visit to the country two years ago. He quite admired queen Eva, she was a strong, intelligent and independent woman. She ruled her country with great determination and shrewdness. Even though Dumitru was rather content with his role as monarch he sometimes wished he could be a little more like Eva and less of a figurehead. Dumitru also looked forward to meeting Imelda de Kante-Klear, he was glad he had gotten aquainted with her. She was a friendly, witty and nice woman and he enjoyed her company. Somehow Dumitru had managed not to notice that she was flirting with him, something that was somewhat obvious.

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With a gentle smile upon her face, the baroness took place at the large table. As was to be expected, the king held an opening speech before the banquet was served. With kind words he thanked all who were present. A more direct word was directed at queen Eva of Suverina. Her nation had a strong influence here, so that was no surprise. What was a surprise, was the kind note king Dumitru IX added at the end, directed at the baroness: ...and I thank you, baroness De Kante-Klear, for being able to join us at such short notice. With her, well known, gentle smile the baroness slightly nodded her head in thanks; the warm feeling that rushed through her body was something that almost made her blush.

With a two people sitting between her and queen Eva, Imelda was unable to make proper conversation with her. She wasn't given much opportunity either. The gentlemen at both her sides kept asking her questions of all sorts. Every now and then, however, the baroness glanced at the queen, clearly keen on interaction. The few times she made eye-contact with the king she gave him her best smile. She knew the flirtations were lost on him (he was a wise man, but not that sure around women), but it gave her joy.

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OOC: I intend to finish this RP some day. But it will take place in 2012.


I will RP the present as if my plot happened as planned.


I will therefore refer to Queen Eva (of Suverina) as married to King Dumitru IX of Qirim, the countries have formed a political union so Qirim (the islands in the Raga sea) is a semi-autonomous part of Suverina.


He is styled as His Royal Highness, Prince of Suverina and King of Qirim.


Trivia: Eva's full and formal style of address is: Her Majesty, Eva the first, by the Grace of God, of Suverina, Qirim, the Raga Sea and the Suverin Dominions Queen, Defender of the Church.

Edited by Suverina (see edit history)
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