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Ugeria's bankruptcy

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OOC: I wasn't sure where else to post about my expansion, so I'll it here. Don't expect a lot of militairy action as our friend Haruspex does. But since the military is involved, one does get to see at least some officers talking.

--- -


As the rain poured relentlessly outside, a young officer walked into the office. General, he saluted, here is the list of names of soldiers volunteering to aid at the northern border.

The general looked at the list, which looked more like book. Just exactly how many names are in there, lieutenant?

41326 ma'am. That is about three quarters of all soldiers that have been requested thusfar. All departments of the military are represented, though the ground forces are in majority.

The general nodded. They are the ones we need aswell. The Chief Marshal requested 50000 units at the border. Sattelites and spyplanes are already being put to use to monitor the situation up north.


Indeed they were. As a matter of fact, ever since the first reports of protests came in they made an occasional sweep of the area. As the situation took a turn for the worse, they had only increased. The joint chiefs of staff, including Royal Councellor, and the Grand Duke himself, were looking at the latest bits of information.

I'm getting to old for this, the Grand Duke sighed.

With all respect, your highness, but is this the time to think of retirement?

He shook his head. Indeed it isn't, councellor, but this issue might hasten that day. High Commander, what is the status on their military?

The fingers of the High Commander moved quickly across the keyboard in front of her. Images of several Ugerian bases appeared on the central screen. Several commanders, and their soldiers, are willing to switch sides if they are provided with decent compensation. One airbase, near our border, merely requests amnesty.

The Royal Councellor stood up. Even though I know what you all will say, the law forces me to ask this: are you sure of this?

No, the Grand Duke answered, but for the sake of my people and the desire of my ministers, we are forced to do this.

The Grand Duke is right. The issue will presented to the House of Parliament in a closed sitting tomorrow. They have the final verdict, the Grand Admiral answered. And we do have to be prepared for a large influx of refugees. Their capital is situated rather close to our border and the amount of violence going on there can only mean one thing: an exodus.

Corruption runs deep there. Not only has the government fallen there, major companies went down with it. The power is out in 36% of Ugeria, nigh all supermarkets are empty and it is only a matter of time before they do not only grind to a halt, but throw themselves back into the medieval era.

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Ministry of Foreign Development


"Ugeria... Ugeria... The name sounds familiar. But where is it?"

"It's in the South comrade minister, it's bordering Jilderen. That is why we brought this situation up with you. The Jilderians are acting to save the nation from complete chaos and anarchy."

"And by acting you mean... ?"

"Our sources believe it likely that Jilderen will intervene militarily to restore order. Also with capitalism shattered in Ugeria the socialist movements will likely be in control and seek to form a union with Jilderen."

"Ah! That is good news! Socialism will prevail in all nations, but in some sooner than others. Interesting that these events take place when we have a delegation from Jilderen with us here. And I suppose that Suverina is to intervene in some way, otherwise you wouldn't have come in person. And evidently we're not planning military intervention for once as you don't bring military orders. So comrade undersecretary of state, I do believe that you down at the department already have some sort of proposition."

"We do comrade minister, I'll read it to you:

'Comrade Yuri Petrescu, Minister of Foreign Development. In order to preserve, maintain and develop Suverin interests in the region of the southern Sun Ocean we suggest that Suverina offers humanitarian aid to improve the situation in Ugeria.

Regarding Ugeria as under sphere of influence of Jilderen and further redarding Jilderen as the only nearby nation with capacity to intervene as well as acknowledging the new directives to support Jilderian efforts when appropriate, we suggest our aid is offered to the government of Jilderen. We are prepared to send a large team from the Suverin Red Cross to help with putting up refugee camps, to provide food, clothes, medical care and tend to any other needs the refugees may have. We are further able to quickly send large amounts of food and medical supplies for the government of Jilderen to distribute where needed. We strongly recomend mentioned help to be offered to Jilderen.'"

"Well, sounds good comrade, I have no objections. I shall supervise that our aid is offered to Jilderen."


TO: Jilderen

FROM: Suverina


Dear friends,


Suverina recognizes the severity of the situation in your neighbouring country Ugeria. Even though the crisis yet is in its bud it has given cause to refugees and it is evident that the situation will deteriorate and the crisis escalate. Therefore Suverina offers to send a large team of the Suverin red cross to Jilderen to put up refugee camps, to provide food, clothes, medical care and tend to any other needs the refugees may have. We are also prepared to send large shipments of food and medical supplies which you may distribute to the needy.


Suverin Ministry of Foreign Development

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After hours of debating, the House of Parliament finally came to a verdict: order must be restored in Ugeria for the security and protection of the Grand Duchy by any means possible. One of the members of the small communist party stated that the full annexation of Ugeria should be considered. It was a thought that more people had during the talks. Ugeria had some rich deposits of minerals in areas where extraction would cause minimal damage to the environment, and - in line with the ecological thoughts of Jilderen - plenty of species that needed saving.


Later that day, in the Ducal Chamber, a meeting was in progres concerning the details of this daunting task. As one of the members said: ...and one critical detail is the fact that Ugeria is actually bigger than Jilderen. If we to restore peace in there, we must be extremely sure that the people support us and our means.

Of that, kind sir, I wouldn't worry, the Royal Councellor spoke with a gentle smile. Intelligence shows that there are many socialist movements in support of our nation. Some old ducal families are willing to swear allegience to us; though they hold little power there nowadays, they could prove useful when we want to strengthen our position there.

And just exactly where are these movements located?

As to be expected, near our borders, the councellor stated with an ever growing grin.

By Darwin! one of the dukes exclaimed. Let me be the first to say this: how much can we annex of Ugeria by nonviolent means?

If we play our cards right, your serene highness, we could take a lot...


Not only were there plenty of socialist movements that supported Jilderen, the old nobility - who had been officially been stripped of all land and titles - longed back for their position and there were plenty of monarchists that could be swayed. Annexing the former duchies (and present day provinces) near the border could be done within several days if they wanted. Support there was strong enough and enough manpower was on the move to enforce it. Deeper in Ugeria there would be resistance, especially from the army that was still loyal to the former president.


After a long speech about all the many options that existed, the Grand Duke ended his speech with a simple question: ...do we want to take the gamble? Risk open war with a fractured nation in order to expand our own borders, or erect a new state from the ashes of Ugeria? All in favour of erecting a new nation, please vote yes.


It took a mere five minutes for all votes to be cast. On the screen of the Grand Duke the final scores were displayed. 13 did not vote, 34 voted yes and a staggering 154 voted no. With a slight tremor in his voice, the Grand Duke stood up and declared the results. My colleagues and dear friends, we need to prepare for war if we want to bring peace. A small light blinked at his screen and a message appeared on the screen. It seems that Suverina has noticed the events, he mentioned after reading it, they and their red cross are willing and able to provice for many of the people.

And do not forget our delegation is still there, so that might actually work in our advantage, the royal councillor noted. For now, let us mobilize our armed forced and restore order in the north.


And so it happened. The whole campaign was named operation Emerald Flower, after an old peaceoffering that was custom in the Ugeria region. How exactly the operation would go was to be seen, but tens of thousands of soldiers were about to be mobilised and ordered to go north. For the first time in Jilderen's history such an operation was ordered. It was also here that it proved very useful that the government controlled nigh everything. Part of the national airline and a large section of the infrastructure could be easily used for military use.


Ofcourse, a message was sent to Suverina.

TO: Suverina

FROM: Jilderen


Your observations about the situation in Ugeria are correct, that nation is on the verge of total collapse. In order to protect the Ugerians, the Jilders government decided to intervene. We have mobilised our army in order to return order to the nation and maintain it. The operation, dubbed Emerald Flower, is of an immense scale. Your assistance would be more than welcome. In the attachment you will find details about our and their need of the offered help. If you help us, it would most certainly be beneficial to our relationship.


On behalf of the Grand Duke,

The Royal Councillor

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Day five

Sir! a young soldier yelled across the street, why are all these tanks here?

The captain walked towards him and spoke gently: intel informs us of renegade soldiers further in Ugeria, so we have to be prepared. The mobile brigade is just a few minutes behind them.


One of the tanks crossing a stream

user posted image


These tanks, most of them build almost 20 years ago, were very well suited for the varied landscape they were about the encounter. They could take a punch and deliver one aswell. Everyone, however, hoped that they could keep silent. Conflicts should be avoided, that were their orders.

Not far behind the tanks was indeed a large force of the mobile brigade. These old beasts were the most durable of the Jilders fleet. They would carry most of the men into Ugeria lands and be responsible for the initial reparations to the infrastructure.




Day ten


Ten days into the mission and almost 200 kilometer had been travelled from the Jilderen's border. Fighting had been only minimal, mostly bandits and thiefs that used the chaos to their advantage. Upholding the law as if this were Jilderen, all of them had been imprisoned in temporary jails. In the west, just 20 kilometers down the road and near the coast, was Ugeria's capital of Ildroman. From afar many military helicopters of the Ugeria army could be seen flying above the city. Most surely they had noticed the Jilderen Armed Forces, but they hadn't acted as of yet.


One of the APC's just outside a town where order had been restored

user posted image


Of the many military bases that had been encountered, most were abandoned. With their paychecks no longer being paid, most soldiers refused to pick up arms. Some, on the other hand, were not simply abandoned: they were deserted. No plane, no truck and no bullet was left behind. People talked of an exodus towards the north, into the capital hearts of Ugeria.

In response satellites and spyplanes metuciously scanned the areas up north. The major cities were in uproar and it seemed that water and food were becoming scarce goods. It was only when a spyplane had spotted a military based still buzzing with activity that it became clear what was going on: the billionairs were preparing to defend their capital by force. It was this report that stirred commotion in the Ducal Chamber. They all knew that it would be impossible to annex Ugeria without a fight, even though they were officially still only "restoring order", these bases could prove to be troublesome.

I say send some drones to do low-altitude passes, one member of the chamber said. If they don't shoot it, try communicating with them. If they shoot it, shoot them back.

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user posted image

Statement of the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium


Whilst the Imperial Government is loathe to meddle in the actions of other, sovereign nations, the events within Ugeria have caused alarm within Tagmatika. The operation that is currently being undertaken by the Grand Duchy of Jilderen, whilst undoubtedly a humanitarian mission to protect the citizens of Ugeria from civil and economic turmoil, begins to seem as nothing more than an attempt to carve up the nation, taking from the citizens of Ugeria the right of self-determination.


Self-determination of the people of Europa, is something that we must all treasure and attempt to protect. It is said by some to be a human right, that people are allowed to guide their own future, free from foreign nations influencing their actions and steering their future in a way that might be contrary to what they themselves wish. Often these actions are driven by greed, that one nation possesses resources that are coveted by others, or perhaps for ideological reasons.


However, the Imperial Government realises that it would be foolish and unfair to accuse the Grand Duchy of having selfish goals driving its actions. It is undoubted that the current situation within Ugeria is worrisome and if no action is taken, there could be a humanitarian disaster within the nation. For this reason, perhaps the actions of the Grand Duchy are to be lauded, not condemned.


The idea of the humanitarian mission do seem to be weakened by the sheer amount of military hardware that is being deployed by the Grand Duchy, perhaps above and beyond what is needed to provide security to the distribution of aid to the people of Ugeria. An unkind observer could suggest that this lends weight and credence to the idea that this isn’t anything more than an attempt by the government of Jilderen to seize what is not theirs, nor has ever rightfully been. This tempers any praise that the Grand Duchy deserves for its actions in bringing peace and security to its northern neighbour and it calls to mind the image of a military force plundering its way across the nation, setting up foreign enclaves which then hoard all resources for its own gain.


However, it does appear that there are groupings within Ugeria who are actively calling for Jilderen to help them bring security to their nation, to remove the threat of anarchy and to once again bring Ugeria stability and peace. Due to this, even though the forces that the Grand Duchy may appear to be excessive, it could be that they are in fact acting within the wishes of the population of Ugeria.


Because of the potential variety of reasons behind the Grand Duchy’s actions, the Imperial Government would like to suggest that observers unaffiliated to Jilderen are dispatched to monitor the goings on and make sure that humanitarian ambitions drive the Grand Duchy’s actions, not attempts to grab the resources or take away from the people of Ugeria their future. To this end, the Imperial Government would like to take this roll upon itself.


The Imperial Government is keen to demonstrate that it itself has no interest in plundering Ugeria or determining that nation’s future, any representatives dispatched by the Greater Holy Empire will be from the Iconoclastic Orthodox Church. An observing mission of churchmen could hardly be considered as an attempt to meddle within the affairs of Ugeria, as well as demonstrating the cooperation and good will of the Grand Duchy of Jilderen itself.

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We, the Grand Duchy of Jilderen, would welcome independant observers to make sure our efforts in Ugeria are in the best intrest of the people. We do, however, object to the fact that they would be solely from Imperial Tagmatium. To make sure objectivity is kept, we suggest to bring observers from at least two different countries. Imperial Vocenae or the Federation of Emakera would be appropiate.


As for our large military force in the area. If we want to reestablish order in Ugeria we must also provide a decent police force. Our military is also functions as our police in Jilderen, a dual role that will most certainly be usefull in an area prone to chaos. We seek to bring the nation of Ugeria back on track by first taking control of the nation and restore the infrastructure so that basic needs such as water, food, shelter and medical care can be properly reinstated. After that, it will be up to the people of Ugeria to decide what they want.

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Day Twelve

...and as comrade Willemsen said two days ago: if they shoot us, shoot back, the chairman of the communist party in the Ducal Chamber stated vehemetly. Both of our UAC's that came near the base, so I say we strike back!

The Royal Counsellor did not agree with such swift action. We must first consider other options. They knew these crafts were unmanned. Perhaps they could be persuaded with a bit more show of force. Also, the ancient way of cutting them off from all resources could work aswell.

Could work very well to provoke their anger indeed, the old communist responded quickly. We could also use a chapter 17 strike against them...

Upon uttering these lasts words, several people in the chamber started to whisper...


Day Thirteen

After a long drive up the mountainrange of Eunor, the flat peak of Hilgendottir was finally reached. This site formed the highest point in whole of Ugeria. More importantly, it also ment that the Jilders forces had successfully secured half of Ugeria. None of the few militairy bases, or 'Cash Bunkers' as the soldiers called them, that were in the now secured lands had been secured. These six bases did not talk to their socialist brethren, though they did talked intensively with eachother. If the code they used didn't completely change every six hours, it could be discovered what they were talking about. Intelligence had shown that there were at least nine more of such bases in the lands yet to secure. Orders concerning these bases only stated 'secure a perimiter, do not engage unless in self defence and allow humanitarian aid to pass'.


Day fifteen

A loud explosion marked the start of what would turn out to be a long, very long day. In the town of Lingelen an organised band of marauders had laid down an ambush for the approaching forces. Exact details of the conflict are classified, but in the end 21 of the 64 marauders were captured alive, 30 civilians and 5 Jilders soldiers perished. This was the first real fight, the soldiers had to endure. They knew it would happen and more were bound to follow.

The progress that had been made in this relative short time was very impressive. Every day, a few thousand soldiers more entered the Ugeria. Most of these were not primarily trained to fight, but to build. Skilled engineers, builders and other technical personel were send to take care of all the problems. With the reactivation of powerplants, water pressure and decent living standards could quickly be restored. The amount of gratitude expressed by the locals was especially high by the poorest of Ugeria; under the capitalists they had to fend for themselves even if they couldn't. With Jilderen's laws now being enforced, they got an equal share of food, medicine and shelter as their richer neighbours. Being equal, one of the Jilderen-socialistic ideas, was an idea that was used by some very propaganda during this mission...

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Day sixteen

The first of the independent officials arrived in at the front. Although there were just a few, most coming from nearby Renposa, the reports they would compile would be of great importance to Jilderen and their status in the international arena. For their safety, they would be kept from the direct front. Near the 'Cash Bunkers' they were welcome aswell.


Meanwhile, the capital city of Ugeria, preparations were completed for securing it. Ildroman was a city with several million inhabitants and a totally collapsed infrastructure. Within the relative short timespan of loss of power, water pressure and only a very limited supply of food, diseases and death already started to plague the area; a few spies from Jilderen had infiltrated the city and their reports only proved that the situation was dire indeed. The Ugerian militairy that could be seen flying high above the city seemed to be uninterested in the common civilians; the rich elite that lived high in their skyscrapers were being supplied in exchange for a hefty sum of money.

A simple message was broadcasted repeatedly to the Ugerian military present in Ildroman: this is major-general Der Tugian of the Jilderen Armed Forces. We are here to restore order to the city and provide food and care for all. We do not want to engage in combat, but we will defend ourselves if needed.

At 10:00 in the morning the first of APC's and tanks started moving towards the city. A large force of helicopters were being prepared to fly towards the city and start an airlift of food into the city. Large trucks with water were amongst the first forces to enter the city. At 11:00 the outskirts of the city were reached and the mission of securing the city, dubbed operation Blue Lotus, had really begun.


Day seventeen

What's the status on Blue Lotus? was the first thing the Grand Duke asked when he meeted with his Chiefs of Staff in the morning.

It seems to be going well, the chief marshal replied. There have been a few fights, as was to be expected. Several dozen people have been arrested for theft and other petty crimes, but in general things seem to be going as hoped. But, as his royal highness is well aware of, we have yet to enter the city center.

The Grand Duke turned his attention to the high commander. High Commander, what is the status on the airlift?

It is partially in progress. Not knowing what the situation will be ahead of our forces, it would be unwise to deploy them beyond our current position.

Unwise it might be, the Royal Counsellor added, but we have to think about the people aswell. Our spies indicate that there are ample supplies, especially in the food and medicine department. Who knows how long it will take before we are Ildroman's city center. We have to start providing care now!


An hour later, in the Ducal Chamber, the issue was presented. After a relative short debate it was decided that it was fair to risk the lives of few to save many. As of such, the airlift part of operation Blue Lotus was put in full operation. To ensure safety of these helicopters, they were provided with an escort.


Day eighteen

Two issues were presented to the House of Parliament this day concerning the operation Emerald Flower: the marauders and the Cash Bunkers.

After the first ambush my marauders there had been several other attacks by people who had plundered military bases. In order to take preemptive action a motion was put up that would allow such actions. The debate on this issue was very intense, for the ability to 'disable' humans before they took any real action was concidered to be very extreme. After a few amendments, which barely passed, it was corrected to the fact that ...a minimum loss of human life must be, at all times, attempted when disabling suspect forces...

The Cash Bunkers appeared to be, after a small success by a decryption genius, the place where not only the bilionairs resided, but also the commanders of the Ugerian Army. Ever since the Ugerian army had been privatised, its commanders quickly became the lap dogs of the billionairs. Taking out these bases proved to be an every more attractive option. Destroying them would kill the capitalistic source of Ugeria's downfall. But it was up to the House of Parliament whether or not such an order would be issued, and if it was: how would it be done? It proved to be an issue that would not be resolved in one day...


Day nineteen

Progres in Ugerian capital had slowed down after a helicopter of the Jilderen Armed Forces had been shot down by an aircraft of the Ugerian army. In response, this aircraft was shot down. Over the radio, however, the Ugerians tried to make it very clear that this was an action by a rogue pilot and not orchestrated by them. They were, so they claimed, ordered not to engage and/or hinder the Jilders effort; they just had to continue to supply the rich. This action did put in motion some changes in votes in the House of Parliament. Though still divided, it seemed that the next round of voting - planned for the next day - would bring an end to this discussion.

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Day twenty

The House of Parliament passed its votes and, by a small margin, the resolution passed. The armed forces of the Ugerian army were to be destroyed or rendered useless. Most of the freight helicopters would not be affected, so the rich would most likely still be supplied and if they weren't, they were free to come down and share with the poor. This decision also ment that the Cash Bunkers were about to be bombed, for they housed a large amount of weaponry. The proposed chapter 17 attack was voted down by a large number, for no-one was willing to use that in this "light war", as it now was dubbed publicly.

As this resolution went into immediate effect, the airforce would see - for the first time - see active duty on the battlefield. Low altitude passed across airports by assault crafts to destroy airfields, high altitude passes by bombers to deploy large amounts of precision bombs and a great many cruise missiles would be launched to destroy anti-aircraft installations. And in the meanwhile, the humanitarian mission of restoring order to Ugeria had to go on. If anything, this show of power would at least scare the marauders active in the region.


Day twentythree

The decision to enter active combat had, besides the expected destruction, also the effect of an increased speed of gaining control. With destroyed runways, aircraft were unable to take-off and the attack helicopters quickly saw the end of their service. Of the Cash Bunkers, several were wiped of the map. A few managed to defend themselves and one actually surrendered upon hearing the news that some had fallen.


A close air support aircraft firing its payload

user posted image


Day twentysix

Your royal highness, the Royal Counsellor spoke with a firm voice in the Ducal Chamber, the attacks going on in Ugeria are leading to some distrust amongst the locals. We must put more effort in our propaganda to maintain the gained trust.

The High Commander stepped forward. With all respect, I recommend that we first secure Ugeria and then put time, effort and - most importantly - money into the whole propaganda machine. What good is loyalty if their lives are still at risk?

The Grand Duke looked at his screen and scrolled through some reports, one in specific. A full annexation of Ugeria will not be possible if we start introducing our structure of government from the start and show the people how good it works. As you yourself, counsellor, wrote in several occasions: bringing back the dukes and princes of yore would certainly aid this cause. As you all well know, Jilderen has been a place of refuge for several Ugerian noble families. These families are loyal to us and I suggest we use that to our advantage.

I'm not sure I understand, your royal highness, the Royal Counsellor responded with some doubt in his voice.

We are going to reinstate the former duchies and principalities as we secure them. It will quicken the annexation, but most assuredly give rise to some critique from other nations. I am willing to risk that.

In the report the Grand Duke was reviewing exact details of this plan were laid out. The Grand Duchess had been keeping in touch with the Ugerian noble families for the past few years and that good relationship she maintained would prove to be very usefull now. Knowing that eleven of the twenty former duchies and principalities were already in full Jilders control, the return of noblity to Ugeria would happen as soon as possible.

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Day thirty

The first month of operation Emerald Flower had passed and it was time to make up the score. How secure was Ugeria? How big was the support of the Ugerians? In how far has the infrastructure been restored? Etcetera. The joint Chiefs of Staff and the public servants behind the Ducal Chamber had been constantly punching the numbers for the past month, so it was fairly easy to produce a rapport. Ofcourse, the independent officials had their own reports, but those would be published at another date. Exact details remained secret, only to be published after this 'light wat' had come to an official end. A few things that were in the rapport were:

...the switch from Ugerian to Jilders law is proving to go fairly easy. The influx of military instructors to train the Ugerian people so that only a minimal amount of Jilder soldiers need to be present to uphold the law is appreciated...

...it is expected that Ugeria will be fully secured in ten days, with the exception of some isolated bases. Only nine of these bases remain operational. The others have been strategically bombed until the forces present surrendered or were unable to fight back...several abandoned bases have been claimed by the Jilderen Armed Forces to be used as bases of operation. Much of the Ugerian material have been incorporated into the mission. 56.739 soldiers of the Ugerian army have joined our ranks, none of them being former officers...

...the total deathtoll cannot be given in exact numbers, but the deathtoll is at least 437...all deceased have been given, whenever possible, an appropriate cremation...

...the infrastructure of Ugeria proved to be fairly easy to reconstruct, for the old technologies used proved to be fairly robust. With power and water pressure restored, the most immediate problems are resolved. Food and medical supplies are still needed for some time to come...


As it happened to be, this day was also the day that the first three dukes were reinstated by Jilderen in Ugeria. Though these duchies were, at least partially, still a mess and heavily under reconstruction, the return of nobility did come with appropiate festivities. No abundance of food and heavy drinks, but nevertheless a source of joy and hope for the Ugerians. With the restoration of nobility, an effort could be made to install a new and non-corrupt government. If the old crowns of the dukes could not be used, new ones were forged by the Grand Duke's personal jewellers.

For the coming days, more duchies - and two principalities - would see their return. The principality of Ugaldvan, where Ildroman was part of, was also the former home of the Grand Prince of Ugeria. It was decided that this title would remain vacant for now, though the Grand Duke has mentioned in a meeting of the Council of Nobility - where all nobility is gathered and new titles are granted - that this title shouldn't remain vacant forever. That was, however, an issue that would be discussed later on.

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Day thirtythree

How is the situation Ildroman? the major-general asked. It has been secure for a while now. How are the civilians responding to our presence?

One of the colonels present responded: as of yet, they are responding well. They seemed to be preoccupied with getting their life back on tracks. Both our and Suverian supplies of food an medicine are put to good use.

With the return of power and water, the city is making quick steps to recovery, the colonel overseeing that area added to it. Several areas have incurred damage during our attacks on the Ugerian armed forces. Restoring that damage will take a while.

Good. Now the city is secured, the major-general sighed, we must maintain order and make sure the Ugerians feel safe and secure. The last thing we want need now is a civil uprise.


The presence of the militairy in Ugeria was something that seemed to be met with some superstition. A lot of heed wasn't given to such comments. Plans were to get a Ugerian police force going as soon as possible, under supervision of Jilderen Commanders ofcourse, so that the actual amount of soldiers can be kept as low as possible. It would take several months, however, before this would come into full effect.


Day thirtyfour

Early in the morning, the heavy, deep thuds could be heard coming from a Cash Bunker several kilometers from the nearest Jilderen fortification. These strikes, the third one on this particular base, hopefully were the last. Most of the bunkers had already suffered serious damage and most powersupplies had been taken out. If they still refused to surrender after this strike, they truly were madmen. After several hours of silence, a signal came through from the base.

This is general Uggerdale of the Ugerian armed forces. We surrender. We have a large number of wounded.

Without a doubt, yet supplied with heavy protection, a convoy that had been at the ready was sent towards the base. Upon entering the compound the extend of the damage done could be seen. Several fires were still burning, planes and tanks were covered by the ruins of the bunkers that once housed them. Amongst the casualties was one bilionaire; amongst the wounded were several magnates. After they were given proper care and were deemed fit to travel, they were transported to a military hospital to be processed. Plans were to strip them of all money and propery for the time being. It wasn't until after Ugeria was fully secured that these trials could begin.

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FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina

TO: The Grand Duchy of Jilderen


The Great Queendom is concerned about the situation in Ugeria. While the Great Queendom firmly believes that Jilderen's intervention in Ugeria is humanitarian in nature and with the objective to restore law and order there are motviation for supsicion about your cause. The Great Queendom has no wish to work against the interests of Jilderen, but if the stated reasons for intervention were just a pretext the Great Queendom can not sit idly while its ally expand in an imperialist manner.


Suverina therefore kindly requests Jilderen to provide Suverina with a statement about its true causes with the intervention in Jilderen. Further Suverina would like to suggest that Jilderen in cooperation with Suverina draws up a plan for the national government, administration and security of post-conflict Ugeria. 


Suverina further requests that Jilderen allows Suverina to send a peace-keeping force to Jilderen consisting of units of the Royal Military Police. That force would together with Jilderen be responsible for the security of Ugeria as well training of a Ugerian police force.


Suverina hereby declares its intention to protect the Ugerian people's right to self-determination and guarantees that when order has been restored the Ugerian people will freely decide their own nation's destiny.


Suverina whishes to clarify that Suverina believes that the stated mission of Jilderen in Ugeria isn't a pretext, but Suverina believes you understand our concern and agree with us that the intervention of Suverina would serve to further guarantee the humanitarian nature of the intervention in Jilderen as well as in the eyes of entire Europa disperse the suspicions about the nature of Jilderen's actions.


Suverin foreign ministry, approved by H M's government



FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina

TO:The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium


Suverina together with Tagmatium and several other nations of Europa are deeply worried about the nature of the conflict in Ugeria. Even though Suverina believes in the thruthfulness of Jilderen's statements Suverina is concerned as well. Suverina now has voiced its concern to its ally and suggested that Suverina sends a peace-keeping force in order to protect the Ugerian people's rights. Further Suverina has declared that the Ugerian people's right to self-determination as well as having the right to decide their own nation's destiny is guaranteed by the Great Queendom. Such guarantees prevents Suverina's actions from being subjective and in favour of Suverina's Jilder allies.


Suverin foreign ministry, approved by H M's government


Suverin Royal Palace


"Your Majesty?"

"Yes comrade?"

"What if the Jilders don't accept our requests?"

"Well comrade, that would lead to some tensions between us, but even so, we can wash our hands of this whole business. We can't put the gains of our recent diplomatic successes at stake just because of Jilder expansion. Also hopefully our effort gives us some goodwill with the Tagmatines."

"I'm still rather concerned your majesty, we don't want to loose the few allies we've got."

"Don't worry comrade, Suverina shall prevail as usual."


The advisor didn't look as if he was assured by the Queen's words, but he realized the discussion was over.


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FROM: the Great Queendom of Suverina

TO: the Grand Duchy of Jilderen


Regarding our activity in Ugeria, we can most certainly state that the interest of the Ugerian citizens is our top priority. We understand that our activity might come across as somewhat overzealous, but the Great Queendom - as one of our most important allies - need not worry about any imperialistic intentions.


When we saw Ugeria's collapse happen, the matter was discussed on many occasions. The (by then, almost former) Ugerian government had declined any form of help we had offered thus far and when the seeds of corruption finally crippled the nation, we could not simply stand by and watch. Ofcourse we had the option of organising an effort to provice food, water and medicine. Having seen in other nations how much of a bottomless pit that would be, we decided to move in and put things back in line. Taking out the means to enforce the will of the corrupted leaders was the last thing we wanted to do, but when they attacked us we were forced to defend ourselves.


As the independent observers in the region can confirm, we try to interfere as little as possible the Ugerian life. After an area has been secured, we try to keep our presence at a minimum and only to prevent corruption from happening again. If we can prevent corruption from happening again, the Ugerians are free to use their own free minds to decide what they want for the future of Ugeria. As we have stated before and  will state again in a seperate, public announcement: after the nation is secured, open and free elections will be held at the earliest possible date to determine the future of Ugeria.


Finally, the Great Queendom offers to send a peaceforce into the nation. Our reply to this is simple: you are most welcome. Details about this mission will be discussed seperately.


On behalf of the Grand Duke,

The Royal Councillor



...but sir? the Royal Concillor responded with the clear sound of surprise. I thought we wanted to annex Ugeria and now you are opting for elections?

The Grand Duke grinned. Most esteemed colleague, his voice sounded somewhat amused, you seem hardly the person that needs a history lesson. I am sure that the Ugerians remember that they and we once formed a powerful nation. If we show them enough benevolence, a public election is exactly what we need.

The Grand Duchess, who usually didn't pay attention to foreign affairs, was also in the room. You trust the Ugerians a lot, dear husband. Even with their dukes and princes on our side, who can be certain they will listen to them?

No-one, darling, no-one. Our agression might have damaged their trust somewhat. The fact that we and our socialist ways have granted them many boons - perhaps unseen by the outside world - will most assuredly have placed seeds of trust.

And, ofcourse, we have put some faith in our noble friends in newfound places, the Grand Duchess laughed.


Not much later that day, a rare but direct statement by the Grand Duke was released:


Faitful subjects and citizens,

We, the Grand Duke, have heard the worried voices of you who express their concerns about the state of Ugeria. Via this message we wish to calm your troubled minds.

None of you have any doubt that Ugeria was a nation that desperately needed our direct and active involvement in order to prevent a great loss of life. Now that we are only days away from fully securing the once grand nation, the question asked is as followed: what is next? The more vile and imperialistic powers might use this moment to grab full power, but such is not our way. It is in our nature to let societies decide for themselves, that is how our wonderful Grand Duchy of Jilderen also functions. Therefor, elections will be held in Ugeria as soon as possible.

It is also here where we, the Grand Duke, turn our attention to the rest of Europa. We ask for your help to organise free and open elections, free from the fraud and corruption that steered Ugeria to the humanitarian disaster we helped to prevent.


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Day thirtysix

Marchioness Jeneken, the princess-to-be of the last area to be fully secured arrived earlier then expected. The area of Llodrian had only been partially secured, but after the twentyseven year old marchioness heard that the capital of Regwater had been secured, she had to go there. Her grandparents had filled her head with stories of beauty and bewilderment of this ancient city. Her mother, who was refused the throne when she had it offered, told her to expect less glory then she had imagined. She was right. The only thing that Jeneken recognised was the palace in the city's central park. Every old building, from the former city walls to the great castle, had been demolished and replaced by modern buildings. The people in the street lacked the friendliness she had hoped for and everyone was dressed in rather gloomy colours. When she emerged fromt he car, wearing a heliotrope coloured dress, her colours set her apart from the others. Only her lacked, appointed just a day earlier, were also wearing something of colour.

The coronation of Jeneken as princess of Llodrian would be in two weeks, so there was plenty of time to prepare the ceremonies. She need to say only 'I do' a few times and look pretty during that whole affair. Before it was that day, she set out and went to talk to the people of Regwater. Most didn't know who she was, but her entourage ment that they knew she was someone important. As she went about, it became clear that the cynicism they showed looked a lot like that of her mother. Strangely enough, it made this cheery marchoness feel home.




Meanwhile, at the front in Llodrian, the last Cash Bunker was about to be surrounded. Once this one had been taken over, the former Ugerian military and billionaires would be in Jilder hands. As before, the first three days would go without attacking. Constant radio-communication would be sought with the base and the surrounding lands would be fully secured.


Day thirtynine

Sometime in the afternoon, the Grand Duke recieved the message he was waiting for: Ugeria is secured. The last Cash Bunker had surrendered peacefully and the military leaders and the billionaires there had been arrested. A sigh of relief flowed over the Grand Duke's lips. Smiling and filled with a strange sense of happiness, he took another sip from his whiskey and sat down. The Grand Duchess would be most relieved aswell, she was the one who had to deal with the worrying Grand Duke.

Everything alright, sir? the Royal Councillor asked when he entered the room just a few moments later.

Dear friend, the Grand Duke responded much more friendly than he had the last weeks, now that Ugeria is secured, I can relax. The military, together with the Suverians who should arrive any day now, can maintain order and the House of Parliament will be responsible for getting the elections going in a few months.

The Royal Councillor nodded. Though, his royal highness still has a nation to lead.

In response to this, the Grand Duke gave his first councillor a rolled up piece of vellum which bore the Grand Ducal seal. Carefully the councillor unrolled it and started reading it. His pupils widened. More loudly than was intended, his voice rolled across the hallway: you are stepping down after the Ugerian elections, no matter what!?

Just a few second later, the Grand Duchess entered the room. Did I hear that right?

Yes, my dear.

I... she spoke.

The Grand Dukes resumed: if the Ugerians decide to join Jilderen, an option that is very likely if I can trust my informants, this is the only way to make sure that the Grand Ducal throne is held by someone they can all trust. I will always remain the one who sanctioned the actions that lead to the securing of Ugeria. The next monarch should be a born diplomat, and we all know that I am not that one.

Well, our first born isn't much of a diplomat either, the Grand Duchess sighed. When she saw aslight grin on her husband's face, she smiled gently: then again, it isn't her you're thinking off. Interesting choice...

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The Suverin peace-keeping forces had arrived in Ugeria and had begun its mission.


A small town in Ugeria. 2 Suverin soldiers stand guard at the town square.

"Comrade, it's so damn calm here, why do we even have to be here?"

"Someone needs to be in control, if there weren't any forces in Ugeria the country would fall into anarchy again."

"But why do we have to be here? The Jilders seem to be capable to handling this on their own."

"We're just bricks in a game, they need a foreign force to keep watch on the Jilders in order to calm the critics."

"So we're not here for any real reason?"

"No, not really. But someone has to do it I guess."

"I'd rather be at home with my girlfriend than be here just to please some politicians. It's so damn hot here I'm sweating like a pig."

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Crowds had gathered early just outside the Palace of Justice in Ildroman. Today would be the first day of what would undoubtely become a long an arduous trial. The first five people were on trial today, whom all were held responsible for the downfall of Ugeria, and it was a day many Ugerians took as an opportunity to hold quite a few protests against capitalism. The Jilders and Suverian armed forces had to deal with a few skirmishes, but by and large they went peacefully.

Inside, the large courtroom was mostly filled with journalists. Every single one of them were highly anticipating the arrival of the judges and, what would be the most important moment of that day, the prosecutor's talk. Most of the things happening today in that courtroom could hardly be any less interesting, except that talk. There the bilionairs on trial today would hear what exactly they were being prosecuted for.


All rise! the clerk proclaimed with a loud voice as the three judges entered the room.

After the judges sat down, so did the rest in that room. Good morning to you all, the first judge spoke gently through the microphone. I here open the first case of the Ugerian Crisis with casenumber UC001J104.

It took an introduction of almost an hour before the prosecutor came to the bit of tekst that was so important: we, the state of Ugeria under Jilders laws, charge the defendant with: primary high treason, secondary treason; primary corruption of the first degree, secondary corruption of the second degree, and; lese majesty. We request the most sever penalty available, life sentence and the removal of all but the most basic human rights.


Somewhat unexpected, but a sigh of relief was audible from the bilionair hearing this. Under the old Ugerian laws, he would have faced the death penalty. The laws of Jilderen did not include such barbaric options, albeit the fact that the life sentence could be carried out in solitary confinement. Rarely enforced, but it has resulted in the suicide of 93,4% of all prisoners which had to suffer this ill fate.

Just exactly when the first trial would come to a conclusion was hard to say. Many facts and dozens of reports had to be produced in order to come to a sound conclusion. One thing was certain though, within Ugeria and Jilderen, these bilionairs would never get a decent living ever again.

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Time had passed quickly in Ugeria and much had changed during the first day since Jilder forces decided to secure it. The corruption that reigned freely had been almost completely eliminated, the once rejected noble houses had been reinstated and their rule had been kinder then the former capitalistic government had ever been in the past. Yes, there had been a few demonstrations against the Jilder ‘occupation’, as they called it. It was to no surprise that it were almost solely the fomer rich people that openly desired the return of the capitalists.

The very moment that Ugeria had been declared secured, which happened at the 39th day of operation Emerald Flower, the registry opened for the next elections. More political parties than expected opted for registration. Thankfully Ugeria had a proper infrastructure that could be put to good use for organizing the elections. It was estimated that they could be held in about five months. The registry would remain open till a month before election day. Jilderen had little to do with the elections themselves, they were merely responsible for security and the distribution of all the supplies needed at the elections. Also, the Jilders forces in the region could not emphasize enough their joined effort with Suverina. Their military presence might be unnecessary, though it did allow quite a few Jilders soldiers to return to their loved ones, it was their large supply of medicine and food that had helped avert a humanitarian disaster. Now that Ugeria had been secured and its own industry largely functioned again, the need for these supplies lessened rapidly.

It was estimated to be several months before Ugeria would gain a more or less constant import and export of goods. Jilderen had put severe restrictions on the mining and harvesting of natural resources due to the environmental regulations they enforced. The export of hardwood and mined goods (metals, gems, etc.), once the backbone of the Ugerian economy, had taken an exceptional heavy blow. Open pit mining was not allowed under Jilder law and most mines in Ugeria operated in this fashion. Only a few mines could be converted to underground mining sites, the rest would most likely be closed if – after the elections – similar environmental laws would be adopted.

The average citizen in Ugeria seemed to care little for these effects. They were enjoying a new found equality and social security. Jilder laws were, in some aspects, quite different from the Ugerian ones. It took their mind of the larger problems and allowed them to focus on their own lives. One philosopher said: “It’s like taking Kant’s idea of the Federation of Free States, replacing the republican aspects with and making it work.” Partially correct, Jilderen is a union of duchies but they have surrendered a large portion of their autonomy to the central government on behalf of stability; this is, however, also something that the famous philosopher Kant could understand.


Meanwhile, at the Grand Ducal palace:

Your royal highness, the Royal Counsellor asked with a somewhat reserved voice, do you have any plans for making sure our hold on Ugeria will be made permanent? I mean, if the elections do not turn in our favour, this whole ordeal could have been an utter waste of time and money.

The Grand Duke laughed. Have you forgotten our national motto? Ugeria needed our aid, so we granted it. But you needn’t worry, my wife has ensured me that our royal friends in Ugeria will do their very best to ensure the annexation of that region. Also, our socialist and communist brothers have showed a willingness to join our nation under certain conditions.

And might I ask what those conditions are?

I thought you might ask, the Grand Duke smiled as he handed over a tablet displaying a short report about those demands.

The Royal Counsellor quickly read those and smiled back at the Grand Duke. The main thing they want is their own first minister and the freedom to implement rules according to their cultural traditions. The latter bit is easy, that’s already part of our structure. Creating a second first minister would be strange, but I recon we can have a function called ‘First minister of Ugeria’ and ‘First minister of Jilderen.’

My thoughts exactly, the Grand Duke said with a smile, and it would make a fine conclusion to my reign. The Royal Counsellor wanted to speak, but the Grand Duke quickly interrupted him: my friend, that is a process that has already put in motion and there is little you can do to change that. After the new Grand Duke has been elected, the Ducal Chamber will elect a new Ducal Council. You have served me well, and if my intended heir will heed my advice, you will keep your job.

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Weeks turned into months and during this time an intense struggle between the nation’s political parties was held. At first, all parties were given equal chances on the national television channels. After two weeks of debating, in which the future of Ugeria was just about the only thing they argued about, six parties quickly emerged that took the lead in this debate: the Ugerian Socialist Party (USP), Peace Prosperity and Democracy (PPD), Libertarian Union of Freedom (LUF), Noble & Royal (N&R), Communistic Brotherhood (CB) and the Natural laws for All (NlfA). Especially the presence of the NlfA was surprising, for they had no official stance on the matter. Their public support seemed to be based upon the fact that they had a clearer vision of what they wanted for the people, not how it would be enforced.

The PPD and the LUF, with further support of UL and DWO, aimed at the continuation of a free, capitalistic state. There were plenty of successful nations with this idea in the world that they could point at. Unfortunately the shadow of corruption that brought Ugeria to its knees to begin with was an argument that was often used against them. Only the DWO and UL were in favour of the reinstated nobility. The USP and CB, who had gathered a very vocal group of followers, had their minds bent on a socialistic nation. Where the CB preferred an independent nation, the USP openly flirted with the idea either a union with or a status aparte within the Grand Duchy of Jilderen. A complete annexation, as N&R wanted, was one step too far for now. Besides appearing in public debates, N&R had remarkable little presence on the streets. Whereas the other parties had banners, flags and thousands of people afoot, the noble families did not rely on such advertisements; instead they funded a large number of small projects that actually assisted the Ugerians. The fact that they did not spend the many millions used by others in the campaign for votes, they made sure the people reaped the benefits.

The last day before voting, all this struggle for votes ceased for the – in Ugeria – traditional Whisperday; a day where only the people themselves talked about what to choose, the political parties themselves prepared for the much anticipated day. Polls suggested that the LUF-PPD-UL and USP-CB combination would be struggling for the largest share of the pie, together with N&R.

On the day of voting itself, a large number of officials from a collection of nations made sure the elections went smoothly. Jilder and Suverian forces kept everyone in line. The actual response was staggering, a mere 97,8% of all people who were allowed to vote, voted in the end. Several bureaus had to stay open for longer, one was very exceptional for it had stayed open for six additional hours to make sure that everyone could vote.

The following day was spend on counting the votes. Two different organisations double and triple checked the votes . Slowly, during a show that would take four hours in total, the results were announced. At first, the USP, LUF and PPD all had an equal share of the votes. But as the votes came in from the poorer regions of Ugeria, the socialists gained ground on the capitalists. Halfway it became clear that N&R had the largest amount of votes. In the end, the results were as followed:

user posted image


This made clear that the USP-N&R combination alone would have a simple majority of votes, but together with the CB and – quite unexpected – the NlfA, they had a supermajority of 68%. There was little doubt about the future of Ugeria: it would become part of the Grand Duchy of Jilderen. N&R knew that a full annexation would be impossible, but a very tight union was something the USP and NlfA could agree to under certain circumstances. Behind the scenes, they had worked on that plan. With the sanction of the CB, which was almost certain, nothing could stand in their way.


Meanwhile, in Teuterpoort, the Grand Duke himself smiled at the results. You see, my friend, the Grand Duchess has made wise choice.

Indeed she has, your royal highness, the Royal Counsellor replied, but it also means that your days as the monarch about to come to an end. I ask of you, as a friend, are you ready for that?

I am, he sighed. It has been an honour being the monarch of this nation, but it is time for me to step aside for someone younger. That story shall unfold soon enough, but let us first enjoy our victory in Ugeria.

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