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Rebuilding bridges burned

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Afternoon, office of the foreign minister, her royal highness Queen Eva speaks with the foreign minister.


"I agree with you comrade, our relative isolation from several nations have done much damage to our nation. More damage than I'd like to admit. We must hope that enough time

has past to allow our diplomatical offensive to be successfull. We really shouldn't have burned our bridges with Tagmatium."


"Yes your highness. We are critically short of allies. Our only friend in the occident is Machina Haruspex, even though it seems they can be trusted they are afterall fascist. The people don't approve the friendship between our two nations. Also Adaptus was a long time friend before the whole AdSoc business."


"And Vickers still probably wants compensation because we forcedly took over Vickers-Suverina. I suppose we have the funds to compensate them for all their losses, both financial and technological, but will the Adapton government think that that is enough?"


"I do not know your highness, we have no direct diplomatical contact with Adaptus. They would probably like to establish diplomatical relations once again, but regaining friendship and trust might be far away."


"Well, comrade minister, I suppose all we can do is try. And returning to the situation with Tagmatium, I have spoken with the naval ministry and they have approved of our plan. In an attempt to reconcile our forcedly aborted naval cooperation project we shall offer the Tagmatines two Michail II carriers and six Horizon frigates for the symbolical price of ten rubels each. Hopefully this will be enough compensation and proof of our sinceare wish to rebuild our broken relations.

Let's hope we can befriend Tagmatium once again but in the meanwhile as for allies, we must strengthen our ties with Machina Haruspex. We can not afford to stand alone."


"Indeed your highness, even though Haruspex isn't our first choice for an ally, they're all we got."

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Encrypted diplomatic message
TO: The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex
FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina

Dear friends

The Great Queendom would like to offer a most humble invitation for you to send a diplomatic delegation to the royal capitol of Chi?in?u where we'd hope that we in the most heartfelt cooperation could discuss and draw up a Treaty of eternal friendship. We humbly hope such a treaty would cement our nations friendship and express new forms of cooperation between our great nations. Suverina recognizes the greatness, strength and splendour of Machina Haruspex and belives without doubt that our friendship is most advantageous for the Great Queendom. Further Suverina sincearly wishes venerably that our friendship also is of great advantage to Machina Haruspex.


The foreign office of the Great Queendom by authorization of her royal higness Queen Eva

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Diplomatic message
TO: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium
FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina 

Suverina kindly requests that formal diplomatical relations between our nations are re-established. The Tagmatine embassy in Suverina may as of today once again function properly and without restrictions. 

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The office was spacious, sumptuously decorated and the vast windows overlooked a view into the harbour of Tagmatium’s capital. The harbour itself was rarely used for commercial traffic these days and usually just provided a starting point for riverine and marine tours, often using ex-military amphibious vehicles. At the moment, one of these old military transports was floundering in the wake of a light destroyer. The Greater Holy Empire was on a war footing, after all, and the harbour which part of the Imperial Palace Complex overlooked was heavily, albeit discreetly, guarded.


The office itself was currently occupied by a single man, dressed in a sober business suit that was almost the uniform of members of the Imperial Government, from the lowliest notary to Holy Emperor himself. A badge with a small representation of Tagmatium’s flag marked him out as a member of the Imperial Government, although a minor one. The man in the office wasn’t the usual occupant, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself was currently in a meeting with foreign heads of state deep within the bowels of the Imperial Palace Complex. The multifarious internal politics and security demands meant that the man didn’t know what part of ancient building it was being held in.


As he was alone for the moment and in his superior’s office, he couldn’t resist twirling in the office chair before coming to a stop as the door opened. Irritatingly for him, he didn’t stop soon enough and one of more minor Under-Ministers within the ministry was treated to the sight of her superior desperately trying to stop the heavy wooden chair as it continued its revolution. The Under-Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Wider World stood up, attempting to maintain as much dignity as possible in front of his inferior. It failed as he had to scramble out of the chair and physically point it in the direction of the desk before sitting down in it.


“Good morning, Under-Minister Makarios. I hope you are well?” said the woman as she stood opposite the desk, giving the traditional half-bow. As she straightened up, Makarios studied her for a moment, trying to work out if her blank expression was hiding mirth. Deciding it wasn’t, he sat back in the offending chair, brushing a hand through his short blond hair.


“Good morning, Under-Minister Vatatzkhes,” he replied with a bit of grunt. He knew that he’d made a fool of himself and that it would be disseminated quickly throughout the Ministry. This would weaken his own standing within the Ministry, thereby lessening the chances that he would be able to replace the Minister of Foreign Affairs when he retired sometime in the future. The incident then could reflect well on Vatatzkhes, if she told the right people. “I’m glad you managed to get back from your trip to foreign lands in one piece.”


Vatatzkhes knew it was insincere. She and Makarios had a long running rivalry. He probably hoped she’d been eaten by those barbarians or had at least been put out by her trip to foreign lands. But no, Under-Minister Vatatzkhes had come back from that one-time ally of the Greater Holy Empire, albeit not with the feather in her cap that she’d expected. Instead, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs still indisposed, Makarios still ran the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in all but name. Vatatzkhes cursed would have cursed her ill luck, had she not held her trump card in her hand.


Makarios smiled the smile of a shark. “May I offer you some tea, Ioannina? And please, do sit.”


“Yes, thank you, Under-Minister.” She recognised the power play going on. The use of her Christian name without any title meant that Makarios was attempting to remind her of where she stood within the hierarchy of the ministry. Makarios pressed a button on the desk and shortly a flunkey entered the room and placed a tea set between them. The man poured two cups of tea and set them in front of each Under-Minister before bowing and leaving them.


Makarios added milk to his tea before ladling in what seemed to Vatatzkhes an appallingly large amount of sugar. He took a sip, grimaced and then added another spoonful, although the woman doubted that there was much left in the cup other than sugar. Makarios, however, took another sip and made an appreciative noise to himself.


“So, Ioannina, what can I do for you today?” The comment sounded indulgent, that of a teacher talking to a favoured pupil. Vatatzkhes knew how much the man disliked her and she wondered what exactly he was planning.


“Have you read the latest communiqué directed to the Imperial Government?” she said, herself taking a sip from the cup in front of her. The comment was said innocently, hiding the fact that Vatatzkhes was itching to deploy the information that she had at hand.


“No, I’m afraid I have not.” The other Under-Minister’s jovial tone was beginning to wane; he sensed something was up, although he couldn’t tell what yet. He brought his own cup half way to his mouth, before setting it down again, an obvious sign that he was becoming wary of what was going on.


“Well, then, Konstantinian, allow me to enlighten you.”


With that, Vatatzkhes slid a piece of paper across the desk towards Makarios. He picked it up and scanned it over, gave a sharp intake of breath and re-read it. Vatatzkhes really, honestly, wanted to be so much more triumphant that she was, but ministerial dignity prevented her from doing so. She watched the other Under-Minister’s face as he finished reading and was actually fairly disappointed that he didn’t show much of a reaction.


“Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Under-Minister Vatatzkhes,” he said, stiffly and she knew that she’d scored at least a small victory. “I shall make sure that we give this an appropriate response.”

To: the Great Queendom of Suverina

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Re-establishing embassies


Honoured sirs,


The Imperial Government welcome the prospect of re-establishing formal diplomatic relations. We shall be dispatching a diplomatic staff for the embassy within your nation, and we invite the government of Suverina to do the same.

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user posted image

Imperial Seal of the Emperor

The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex

Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs



Addressed To: The Great Queendom of Suverina

Subject: Friend and Ally


Friend, and Comrade,


I, the representative of the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on behalf of  The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haurspex, would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the Great Queendom of Suverina for the invitation during these dark times and we look forward to an era of peace and cooperation here in Europa while the Imperium is carrying out the work that must be done and overcoming various crises, even though there are some problems that still cannot be resolved at this time or have been only partially resolved.


It is with fervent hope that what happens today, will help form a firm foundation upon which the Imperim and the Queendom can continue to work and live in harmony with one another in order to bring happiness and prosperity to all.


Kaorin Elemmiire

Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs

Chel'de Yorn, Hattusa Ward, District 2

Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex

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Two smartly dressed women were strolling down a calm esplanade in Tagmatica, the Tagmatine capital. The stopped a few meters away from a large iron gate, leading to a large beautiful house. "So comrade, how does it feel to be back after all this time?" "Anna, we're in Tagmatium now, you can drop the whole comrade thing when we're out on the town." "Yes, I'm sorry com... I'm sorry Viktoriya." "To answer your question, it feels weird to be back again. I think it'll feel quite good when we've settled in though." Viktoriya reached into her handbag and pulled up a packet of smokes, she took one out and lit it. "But I thought you stopped smoking ages ago!" "I quit shortly after I had left Tagmatium. Old places, old habbits you know." Viktoriya and Anna went in through the gate and there a soldier saluted and greeted them. "Good day comrade ambassador! Comrade secretary!" They nodded slightly at the soldier and walked towards the large house, once a small palace, now the Suverin embassy.


Later that day, Viktoriya Antonescu the Suverin ambassador to Tagmatium sat alone in her office. There were many boxes to unpack, however her concentrated on something else. Before her were a bunch of papers, all strictly classified. They concerned a most delicate matter, and to any at least slightly patriotic Suverin citizen, it was humiliating. It was an official excuse from the Suverin government to the nation of Tagmatium. The ambassador was in person to bring the message to the Tagmatine government and read it aloud before she handed it over. She tried to remind herself why she had started this career in the first place, she couldn't remember anymore but she was certain that it wasn't to butter up to other nations and tarnish the reputation of Suverina. She wasn't a very great patriot at all, but she couldn't understand how Suverina's government would allow themselves to be humiliated by an equal power.

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Official Suverin note of apology directed to the The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium




Admits that the actions directed towards the nation of Tagmatium were disproportionate and unjustified,


Acknowledges the destructive nature of those actions and that Tagmatium has not recieved any form compensation,


Further acknowledges Tagmatiums rights to compensation,


Regrets the deplorable actions directed at Tagmatium, at the time one of our closest allies,


Establishes that our two nations are tightly linked together in several ways, such ways national diplomacy can't affect,


Declares the intention of re-building bonds of friendship,


Wishes to re-establish treaties of trade,


Views Tagmatium in every aspect as friend and not foe,


Regards good Tagmatine-Suverin relations as a guarantee for peace in the occident,


Believes extended cooperation between our nations is beneficial for both nations,


Welcomes any Tagmatine intention of cooperation and friendship.


Regarding compensation


To compensate for our aborted joint naval development programme Suverina offers the Tagmatine navy to buy 2 Michail II-class carriers and 6 Horizon-class frigates for the symbolic prize of 10 rubels each.

We would further likt to offer a small monetary compensation to all Tagmatine citizens that worked in Suverina and were forcedly thrown out.

Suverina would also like to open a dialogue with Tagmatine companies whose properties were requisitioned so that an appropriate compensation can be agreed upon.


Delivered by the Suverin ambassador to Tagmatium, approved by her majesty Queen Eva and her majesty's government

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TO: The Grand Duchy of Jilderen

FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina


Dear friends


Suverina is highly pleased with Jilderen's friendly attitude towards Suverina. As two socialist nations it is of the utter most importance to maintain strong bonds and work together in harmony. As Jilderen is a small nation with a weak military there may be several imperialist and capitalist nations that would like to assert control over your great nation. Suverina however will not let that happen. We shall guarantee your sovereignty. It also lies in the interest of Suverina to strengthen the military of Jilderen. We are prepared to assist by sending a military mission to Jilderen. The military mission will assist you to re-organize, equip, improve and enlargen your state's defence forces. We would also like to outline a trade agreement between our two nations, which would benefit both our economies. We would also like to send an economic mission to your nation to help improve the economy.


We invite you to send a delegation to our royal capital where we in friendly cooperation could make a treaty and cement our friendship.


Ministry of foreign affairs

Message approved by H M the Queen and H M's government

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TO: Great Queendom of Suverina
FROM: Grand Duchy of Jilderen

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Grand Duchy I thank your queen for expressing intrest in our nation.
I do, however, feel the need to express a small note of concern. The nation of Jilderen might not be a superpower, but you calling us weak is something that our Ducal Chamber did not appreciate. Our military forces might not be equipped with the latest weaponary, one should most definitely not underestimate the number of men and women willing to pick up arms in defence of this nation. Therefor I strongly advice to, in future communication, to refrain from patronising us.

With regards to your invitation to start a diplomatic mission, we do agree. Being an outsider grants you some respite. As nations with similiar political views we indeed should stand strong together. Opening trade and encouraging tourism between our nations should empower our economies. The Ducal Chamber shall give the delegation strict rules when it comes to talking about the military aid your a proposing, which will be explained when our delegation arrives.

The delegation is currently being prepared for the mission. Details about the number of people and arrival date shall be communicated when they are known.

In name of the Grand Duke,
the state secretary of Foreign Affairs.

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As agreed upon, a small jetplane departed from Teuterpoort's military airport. Onboard were the countess Elynora, whom leaded the mission, and four other officials. Of course there were some crewmembers and honorary guards onboard, but they were in a different section of the plane. Just after takeoff the plane turned north and set course for the capital of the Great Queendom of Suverina.


I hate flying the state secretary mumbled to himself.

The countess laughed. Don't worry Tygo, it's just a few hours and we'll be there, and...

This is your captain speaking, sounded, interrupting the countess, we are on course and we might endure some slight turbulence in the first hour. After that, it should be a nice and easy flight at a cruising speed of mach 1,6.

Well, let's get a bit of sleep while we're at it. We left quite early in the morning and I do want be well rested when we get there.

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The weather as usual was dismal within the Haru mainlands, rain and smog mixed as one, the hellish orange light of the rising sun met the polluted sky and transformed it into red lit heavens. One merely had to look upwards to see Themnzji's anger, the Haru god of war skirted his wrath above them all.


With every crackle of lightening, it was said to be the war gods mighty axe sweeping across the battles beyond mortality. Every thunder fall, a warrior had fallen. What the western idealists would term angels, slewn in great warfare neverending. Every Haru believed when they died they to would join this battle, and forever would war stain their hearts and face.


Peering out of the slitted window of an armored staff car, Vice-Lord Katsuya Valk Zun reflected upon the outside world and the problems of the here and now. With twin flags fluttering at the front of the vehicle, each held a triangle emblem and a dark black circle of which it stood outwards upon.


The flag of the Haruspex is to portray what has happened and what will happen. The red shows the blood of the Haru that died protecting the Principality. The black arrows and outline mean death of enemies that will spread like a plague. And the white outlines show the Haru spirit and honor. Another meaning for the white colors outlining the black arrows mean that the Haru are responsible for their enemies's death. This of course was often the contention of the Renor Vlos versus the creators of the banner, under direction of the late Emperor Hak'Arn of House Renor Elemmiire.


Ahead of the Vice-Lord's vehicle, her destination became apparent. The airfields of Ust Vlos, near the city of Hades. A waiting transport, a Nocian Maral 201 Jet just begining it's preflight. About it, her escorts. A total of two consisting of HAD S39 Jeban Multi-Role Fighters that would fly all the way to the Queendom and all the way back.


It had been some time since last she was within the territory of foreigners, any foreigners really. A military strategist, it had been her who had organized the usage of the Augustians as fodder for the true aim, the siege of the midlands via para-troops and the siege of Hamai initially. Later, she had joined General Kaorin, in the fight against the Empress's forces.


Yellow box light above the aircrew barracks flashed at first and then became solid, unflashing, shining into the wet night. Until the word was given to go, the yellow light would not come. Yellow in Haru is equivelent to green for anyone else.


Klaxon sounded, and the pilots came out of their warm home on the quick step, lugging gear and helmet. Katsuya of course was there, stepping stiffly from the confines of the limo. Being trapped in the mobile coffine for twelve hours was less then enjoyable. If anything she missed the rye fields, where the wind would sweep across the tanned brown stalks.


A dossier of hers to be met tucked under right arm, and her personal escort of two House Renor Elemmiire commandos, personally awarded to her by Emperor Sa'Karn. Ah the Emperor, she had known and watched the metoroic rise of the young man to Fleet Lord. Honour in his heart, unlike his decadent sister.


The rest of the other entourage were also of an honoured house, hers. House Valk Zun elites, identifiable by the blue filter lenses of their goggles instead of the traditional orange. Shoulder patches identified them as the 4th Anubia Tactical Recon force. Hamai veterans, as well as past incursions. They were para-troops and the old man, Katsuya kept those that stemmed from her own roots, close.


The senior officer was a female pilot who like the rest, were all seasoned combat soldiers. He watched as he settled in for the flight, said pilot perform tasks. Settled within the cockpit of M01, serial letter and number of the aerocraft that she was to pilot from now on. Flight gear on, visor of helmet lifted while she sat in the pilot chair, nomex gloved right index finger touching the top center navigation console. A rushing sound of air passing into the engine intake and then expelled with a raspy growl or two. The turbofans of the Maral 201 Jet began to spin. He realized she was humming, that was the sound of operation he couldnt place for a moment.


Slowly moving the center stick to make sure it's calibrated a bit and light touches to the pedals. Pre-flight nearly done as pausing to sign off on a checklist. Radio on, band set to four and running lights as ordered were off. Circle gesture made with right gloved index finger and on cue, the two lead aerofighters sped off down the runway to rise up, followed by his own chariot. On their way across the yellow brick road for the land of Oz..

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The royal palace was busy as preparations for the upcoming foreign visits were being made. Everything was to be perfect so that the visitors would be impressed. The government were extremely anxious of the success of the foreign visits. Suverina badly needed friends and allies. The economy was prospering, but the limitiation of the nations foreign trade had evidently been hurtful over the recent years. Suverina could only count a few nations as friends, and those were: Emakera, Machina Haruspex and the Social Democratic Confederation. And of those, the SDC hade been extremely isolationistic for quite a while. Suverina hopes to befriend Jilderen, but it was the visit by Machina Haruspex that really mattered. Relations between the Haru and Suverina were very good and the Suverins were hoping to develop this friendship as having an ally in the occident is considered vital for the national security.


user posted image

The Royal Palace in Chisinau


When the delegations arrive they are to be made sure they see all the best of Suverina. They'll be offered to see all the state of the art technology and development that the royal capitol can offer. Numerous military parades are also planned to impress. There has however been some problem with protesters for the upcoming Haru visit. The police are doing whatever they can to quell the protests in the capitol but it's difficult as Machina Haruspex as a fascist nation isn't at all popular with the socialist population of Suverina. The propaganda ministry works relentlessly with toning down the importance of the Haru-Suverin unholy alliance as well as trying to justify it in the eyes of the people.


Even though Jilderen was a small nation, the visit was very important. Suverina is in great need of expanding her influence. A new ally and a new export market would be great news, also Jilderens position in the Sun Ocean was geostrategically important from military and economic perspectives. The foreign ministry is working at the very moment to outline the Suverin proposals for a treaty with Jilderen. In short terms Suverina wouldn't gain nearly as much as they'd loose, but if it suceeded in the long term it would be worth it. If Suverina could offer an advantageous deal to Jilderen and they'd accept in the long term the cooperation would be so extensive and deep it would be hard for Jilderen to break things off.


The foreign ministry was also working on a proposition for the friendship treaty with Machina Haruspex, which basically was an informal alliance and a guarantee not to interfer with each others interests.


user posted image

Soldiers of the Royal Guard at the International Airport


At the airport soldiers of the 1st Royal Guard divison was preparing to meet the visitors. They had been drilled for months so that everything was to be perfect. Mounted troops of the Royal Guard was ready to escort the limousins to the Royal Palace where a great feast was to be held. It is believed that a greater feast had not been held at the palace since the 19th century. Uniformed and ununiformed policemen were patrolling the capitol to make sure there were no protestors. Every man and women involved in the reception of the foreign guest knew how important this was and that if they screwed up in any way they'd probably lose their jobs. Much was at stake. "The future and glory of the nation rests upon your shoulders. Do not fail Me nor Suverina." The Queen had written in the instructions. The atmosphere was tense. The Suverin diplomatic efforts craved success.


Tomorrow a ginormous military parade was to be held and on the third day the negotiations were planned to begin.


OOC: MH and Jildeen, your visits are with like a week apart but there's no problem to RP them and the same time. Oh, and Taggie we're rather anxious to get som formal or informal reaction from Tagmatium.

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At exactly 12:00 the wheels of the plane touched the ground and its engines roared briefly to slow the supersonic plane down. The sky was almost cloudless and the sun shone brightly. The captain of the guard instructed his men for the last time. The countess was helped by a hostess to look impeccable and the others did their best aswell. The flight went smoothly, but they all desired solid ground underneath their feet.


The plane used by the delegation.

user posted image


As the plane came to a halt at the airport, the passengers prepared themselves for the ceremonies that would follow. First, ten members of the honorary guard disembarked. These guards, whose uniforms were completely black with silver embroidery, stood in line to escort the delegation. Their captain, whose triple silver chain around his left shoulder set him apart from the others, escorted the countess out of the plane. The four others followed her, clearly more tense.

With a gentle smile Elynora walked towards the welcoming committee, the captain only a footstep behind her. Her keen eyes had seen the many guards that the queendom had placed. Those that were about to be presented to be inspected by her were still a hundred. She couldn't help but wonder why they went to such lengths to impress a nation as small as Jilderen. Her colleagues, on the other hand, looked about more curiously and definitely more impressed.


As Elynora presented her hand to the person welcoming her, the captain saidloudly to introduce her: from the Grand Duchy of Jilderen, I present to you the countess Elynora.

I see that you have made quite an effort to impress me, she gently spoke, and I must admit, you are off to a good start.

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The Maral 201 Jet was atypically the chosen aircraft for high ranking officials of the Sovereign Imperium. With a range of nearly several thousand nautical miles, it was proving to be ideal however to the needs of the moment.


It was fast approaching the Suverian aerospace while being accompanied by two HAD S39-N Vipers at just over six hundred and twenty miles per hour. Within the cockpit of the aerocraft, Prata Khan and senior pilot Venin Vlos Zun began to transmit the military communique code as instructed via protocol orders. The view through the helmet and viewscreen within it as hands moved against wing control and stick were repeated or mimicked by other members of the five man crew.


Beyond the sealed entry to the cockpit, Atro Elemmiire, one of two House Elemmiire special forces in light combat BDU's, kept to rigorous positions. The entourage of Katsuya Valk Zun was light, even with the accompanying other security members from House Valk Zun.


Khan Junt Vek Zun relayed to the Vice-Lord that they had reached the edge of international aerospace and that soon they and their escorts would be landing at a pre-designated airstrip within the Queendom. A confirmation response and by ingrained training, boot heels clicked together and he saluted with an arm against chest followed by a slight bow of head before heading away towards duty station aboard the transport.


Venin made one more check and then began an open voice communication alongside the digital signal, in rough Europan English. This is Ascension One, requesting runway and marker lights of Suverian Aeroport. Repeat, this is Ascension One, confirmation code 128-D23-YI89-HH12. We are awaiting landing permission.


A louder howl for a moment and a slight glance to the right side, noting the escorts began to descend as the terminal marker of territorial aerospace blinked in blue lettering. Graceful predators having recieved their landing coordinates first, the operator of the Suverian tower eventually graced them. Accession One, this is the tower. You're cleared to land on runway three. I repeat, you are cleared for landing on runway three.


Venin responded in kind. Confirmed Suverian Tower, Ascension One is now landing, repeat, Ascension One is now landing. Looking up from the communique booth he gave a nod to the camera by his position and the pilots returned such. Soon after, the jet began to make a proper descent, heading towards landing strip three.


Arrival Into the Queendom


A glance by Venin paid through the one way glass towards the outside fighter with a look of disdain. He didnt quite approve you could say of coming to this socialist nation, but he sighed as adjusting tunic, one must do as one must, orders were orders. A brief clasp of right gloved palm against the senior pilots shoulders for a moment before uttering the words; Upao dras, syga ytzicdsahdc vun drec nihfyo uv draenc. Cuiht myhtehk gmyquh. [Obey them, make adjustments for this runway of theirs. Sound landing klaxon].


The blue warning lights spun within the transport as both flight and security crews readied for the landing. Venin came to stand alongside his equal, Atro and grumped a bit. Draca cuvd cgehc ryja hud caah dra megac uv ic pavuna. Ed femm pa..atilydeuhym. [These soft skins have not seen the likes of us before. It will be..educational.] Atro nodded without a word as the transport craft began to make it's descent. A notable feature in the transports utilized by the Haru is that their exteriors are sheathed in a stealth tiling giving it a dark blue nearly black colour on it's top and a bluish-grey on it's bottom.


Once the wheels touched hardened surface, and the running lights were put to a dull dim of orange and blue blinking, there was a massive hydraulic hiss and then the passanger entry door was unlocked and opened inward, with a small ledge coming outwards to connect to a waiting staircase truck that had pulled up.


Six came first, wearing standard light combat BDU's, pistols holstered. Like most of the Haruspex, they as well as even the Vice-Lord they were sworn to protect, bore tattooing upon the face to either the right or the left. A traditional approach to blooding when one's name was earned. The lead ranked officer came to a stop before the security personnel, offered a universal salute and then barked in the gutteral tongue of the Haru. An all clear apparently as then Vice-Lord Katsuya and her entourage emerged flanked by the rest of the security staff.


The woman in question was rather tall, just over one point nine meters in heighth, hands behind back and moderately youthful of the middle to late thirties. Dressed in a a black silk suit, fashionably and modest at the same time. The individual to her right was attired in a similiar fashion, of which suggested they more then likely above the rank and file in standing.


Katsuya bore dark hair slicked back like the stylings of the 30's and 40's. The two bodyguards also present, each a vetted and blooded officer of the Elemmiire House Legions. One, Tavari, was of the 186th Para, and Marec of the 99th Interceptor Aerowing out of Choiro.


A glance to the waiting transports and the row of Suverian soldiers standing at attention, Katsuya paused a moment to glance over them a bit before offering a nod of appraisal, at least they looked pretty standing as they did. She focused on the senior officer present. Myself, my subordinate Venin, and my two guards are ready for transport to the meeting place.

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The view was a lot better than the one out of his own office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several kilometres away. That was what, the Under-Minister felt, made it all the more bitter that it would have to be taken away from him when the Foreign Minister came back from the meeting with the other heads of state. Makarios sat in the wing back chair, again swinging it from side to side, albeit gently this time. He took a sip from his sweetened tea, placing the bone china cup into the saucer cradled in his left hand. It was quiet, almost too quiet…


The Under-Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Wider World cursed himself as soon as he thought that particular sentence. It never boded well. He’d successfully managed to have the Under-Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europa bypassed, but he was sure that he couldn’t keep the old man completely suppressed. Especially if bloody Vatatzkes decided that she’d make trouble and ally herself with him. Makarios sucked in a breath and took another sip of his tea. He doubted it would happen; the fat woman disliked the old man almost as much as she disliked Makarios himself. He signed and took another sip of tea. At times, the politics that drove most of the Ministries within the Greater Holy Empire were wearisome. No wonder it had often been said that Tagmatium’s national sport was civil war.


A rapid knock at the door broke Makarios from his thoughts. A feeling of mild dread passed over him for a moment. He’d been enjoying the peace and quiet of the mid-morning, seemingly entirely uninterrupted by the trouble brewing across the Occident, even if it had indeed been agreed to by the Greater Holy Empire and the Sovereign Imperium. Great Queendom had finally re-awoken. He knew that the Imperial Government’s attention would be dragged back from the events on Karthay and back to the home region, but the Under-Minister didn’t know how.


“Come in.”


It was the fat woman again. Makarios kept a welcoming smile on his face as Vatatzkhes entered into the room, her own face unreadable. That sent Makarios’ mind racing, as he prided himself on ascertaining people’s intentions. As far as he could tell, she didn’t have anything on him other than the chair incident of the last meeting between the two.


“Ah, Under-Minister Vatatzkhes,” he said, a false smile spreading across his face. “It is good to see you this morning.”


Vatatzkhes knew it was a false politeness, but it was politeness nonetheless. It satisfied the honour of everyone involved.


“And to you as well, Under-Minister Makarios,” she replied, giving a half-bow to her superior. Straight to business, Vatatzkhes didn’t allow Makarios time to register the insincerity in her voice. “We have received a reply from the Great Queendom.”


“We have?” The first thought that crossed Makarios’ mind was one of puzzlement. How had he managed to have Vatatzkhes receive diplomatic communiqués before he did? That would certainly need to be remedied. He didn’t like Justinianos, the Under-Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europa, but he was infinitely superior to Vatatzkhes, as an old man facing retirement. That made him a lot more neutral, at least.


“We have,” she confirmed, without a hint of a triumphant expression.


That made it even more bitter for Makarios. The Under-Minister placed it on the desk in front of Makarios with something of a dramatic gesture. It did appear to be unread and Makarios was surprised by that fact. He had thought that Vatatzkhes would have at least had done that; apparently she was more professional and honourable than he would have given her credit for, something Makarios would definitely use to his own advantage in the future. He took out the Ministerial letter-knife and cut across the envelope, deftly manoeuvring the blade while taking another sip of tea. All Vatatzkhes could see for a moment was his eyes flicking back and forth, before starting back again.


Taking the drink and reading the communication from the Great Queendom had obviously been a mistake because Makarios spluttered and was reduced to a coughing fit. Even while trying to clear his lungs of his drink, he waved the letter at Vatatzkhes, who took it from his hand and read it herself. Silence reigned in the Ministerial Office, only broken by repeated gasps as Makarios got his breath back.


“Holy f*ck.”


“Yeah…” said the other Under-Minister, before coughing again.


Silence stretched on for a moment, man and woman staring at each other, trying to gauge their thoughts. Both knew that they were in deep now. Interrupting the on-going meeting would be unforgivable, but this was out of their depth. And vastly, vastly surprising.


The last time the Imperial Government had had much in the way of contact with the Great Queendom, it had ended in mutual hostility, after a period of historic cooperation. This volte-face[/] was astounding. The Suverinian government was willing to give back everything that it had taken from the Greater Holy Empire and give back more, namely the ships it had seized, as well as compensating the companies and individuals concerned.


“It’s astounding,” Makarios said, breaking the silence again. “I mean, they’re giving back everything… it’s astounding.”


“You do hold the Ministerial ink right now, Makarios.” Vatatzkhes rubbed her chin thoughtfully, before pushing back her brown hair. “You must reply in the affirmative. Those Suverinians are fickle, like all barbaroi. They might change their mind at any time, especially if we drag our feet over this. And looking at what they’re offering, Kommodos himself would seize this with both hands.”


Ordinarily, Makarios would feel irritating at being told what to do by Vatatzkhes, but the usual antipathy he held towards her had been blown out of the water by the Suverinian message. All he could do was nod and reach for the ancient ink pot, filled with the green ink signifying Ministerial rank.

To: the Government of the Great Queendom of Suverina

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Note of Apology


Honoured sirs,


This Note of Apology has taken the Imperial Government by surprise. We know that our two nations, whilst sharing much common ground, have had conflicts in the past, ones that have caused some lasting bad blood between us.


However, we recognise that the Great Queendom is attempting to repair and heal these actions.


With this in mind, the Imperial Government is willing to accept the terms that have been offered to it by your nation. The Greater Holy Empire will have to liaise with all of the companies involved, in order to discuss the compensation that is being offered.


The Imperial Government will also be shortly sending across the payments for the warships.

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The pompous show of power and wealth seemed almost endlessly the first two days. Although the countess was not all that impressed, her colleagues were busy taking notes during the military parade and the rest seemed to impress them aswell. The diner with the queen herself on the first night was something Elynora did most certainly enjoy. Being somewhat oldfashioned, the countess worked best at the dinertable. Even though the queen and she only conversed in small talk, they seemed to enjoy it. The second night, diner was less grand though never the less very formal. Etiquette here was different from Jilderen, as was to be expected, but both parties did took their turn in adapting.

Details about the negotiations themselves were kept secret to the outside world. Behind closed doors they talked for many hours with many officials and, quite frequently, calls were made to the ministries in Jilderen to make sure things went right. The delegation had recieved strict orders, but they did not encompass everything. After the third day of talks, a final agreement was reached. A shorter version was released to the press:


The treaty between the Grand Duchy of Jilderen and the Great Queendom of Suverina


On behalf of the greater good and glory of both our nations, we henceforth agree to,



Consider our nations to be allied and therefor guarantee each others sovereignty.



Form a military mission between our nations. Regular joint military exercises are to be kept in both territories. Furthermore, LADA will become Jilderen's main contractor of defence material and LADA-Jilderen will be founded; ownership of LADA-Jilderen will rest, in equal portions, in the hands of the Jilders and Suverin government. The Great Queendom of Suverina will also establish a military mission in Jilderen, with full respect of the customs and regulations of the recieving nation.



A military base is to be established by Suverina on Jilders territory. This base will be let for a duration of 99 years, with the possibility to be extended indefinietly. The base will be considered Suverin territory, with the exception of environmental laws and regulations.






The Suverin-Jilders investment and development bank is to be founded.



Form a a economical mission between our nations. Suverin-Jilders Trade Association (SJTA) is to be established to improve economic growth. Government owned Joint Ventures are allowed to be established in both nations. Suverin-Jilders organisation for Energy Reasearch and Development (SJERD) is to be founded. The Suverin-Jilders Space Exploration program (JSE) will be located in Jilderen. The economical mission wil be lead by the Great Queendom of Suverina.



Both nations are to encourage cultural exchange and tourism between them.



When Crimes Against Humanity are commited or suggested by any of the affiliated parties, there is an exemption from obligations.



To be signed by,

The Grand Duke of Jilderen and The Queen of Suverina

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TO: The People's Federation of Emakera

FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina


Esteemed friends


The Great Queendom of Suverina prizes the long lasting friendship of our two nations. Suverina therefore thinks it reasonable for our two great nations to further affirm and deepen our bonds of friendship. Therefore Suverina invites Emakera to send a delegation to royal capital where we can celebrate our friendship and negotiate a Treaty of Eternal Friendship.


May our friendship last for a thousand years.


Message approved by the foreign ministry of H M.

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FROM:The Great Queendom of Suverina


The Great Queendom have prepared the ships so that they can be transfered to Tagmatine service. The Great Queendom would like to suggest that to further improve Suverin-Tagmatine relations that Her Majesty the Queen together with the 1st Grand Fleet shall accompany the ships that are to be transfered so that it can combined with a state visit. The Great Queendom would think it appropriate to hold a joint naval review during the visit.


Message approved by the foreign ministry of H M.

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TO: the Great Queendom of Suverina

FROM: the Grand Duchy of Jilderen


As you might understand, our operation in the Ugeria-sector had our main focus. We, on the other hand, have not forgotten you. After much deliberation we have found a base that we prepare for you, as mentioned in the Jilder-Suverian treaty, article 2b. The preparations will take approximately three months, as both runways of Fort Dranger are being renewed.

In the attachment you will find a map and technical specifications of the base and its exact location in the duchy of Oersel.


On behalf of the Grand Duke,

the Royal Counsellor

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TO: the Grand Duchy of Jilderen

FROM: the Great Queendom of Suverina


Dear allies,


We are much delighted to hear such news. The preparations for the Suverin military mission are soon completed and the mission is ready to go to Jilderen in a few weeks. We would consider it appropriate for us to start making plans for our first joint military exercise. We are most pleased with the eminent way our cooperation has been so far.


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To: the Government of the Great Queendom of Suverina

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Transference of Ships,


Honoured sirs,


The Imperial Government welcomes the quick and speedy transference of the ships, rightfully returned to us. Even though it was at a price, it was one which satisfied the honour of all sides. We hope that such redressing of past injustices marks a change in the attitude of the Suverin nation, as previously there was often rash action when reason ought to have prevailed.


But Europa has seen something of a sea-change in the attitude of the Suverin government, one that is most certainly welcome. In light of this, the Imperial Government would welcome a state visit by her majesty, Queen Eva.


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Ion Danescu sat in his small dark office. He was a shadowy figure of the defence ministry and was sometimes spotted in the back rooms of the interior ministry. He had no official position within the ministry, yet he had his own office. Nobody seemed to know why and when he had starting working there, jokingly people would say that he was older than the ministry itself and he was regularly called "phantom of the ministry" (refering to the Suverin novel 'Phantom of the Opera').


A cleaning lady walked in to the old man's office. She instantly smelled the smoke of tobacco. "Comrade, you know you are not allowed to smoke in your office any longer."

"What are you talking about? I haven't smoked."

"So why is your office smelling cigarr smoke?"

"How should I know?!"

She walked over to his dustbin and looked into it, there was three cigarr butts in it.

"And these cigars have been thrown into your bin by someone else, comrade?"

"Must have been. I certainly haven't."

"So you're expecting me to believe that someone else have gone into your office smoked three cigars and than left again while you were out?"

"I don't expect you to believe anything, but evidently that is what must've happened."

She sighed and left the office - without cleaning. Danescu pulled out a drawer from his desk, picked up a cigar - imported not domestic - and lit it.


It doesn't take long to understand why the man is so disliked. But still, some consider him important, some would even say essential, to the defence ministry. Mostly because of his wide range of contacts, mostly shady ones of dubious character. Due to the fact that Danescu never has been caught by the secret police it's rumoured he has several important contacts within the secret police agency.


When Danescu had smoked half the cigar someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?!" Danescu barked. "It's me, admiral Antonov." The man outside the office replied. "You can come in comrade." Danescu replied. The door opened and a tall full-bodied Vice-Admiral stepped in through the door. Antonov walked forward to the desk and sat down in the chair opposite Danescu. "Do you know why I am here comrade?" Antonov spoke in a low voice. "I believe I do. And I share your concern admiral. This time her higness and the prime minister have not only crossed the line, this time their actions are severely harming the integrity of the Nation! I have heard that you are many that are outraged, and so am I admiral. And I also know what you are here to suggest." The admiral looked stunned. "But... But ho..?" Danescu interrupted the admiral. "It's not important where I get my information from. The important thing is that I agree with your plan. I have already started to inquire if a sabotage is possible." Admiral Antonov looked amazed. He started thinking about how Danescu possibly could now. It seemed impossible he would have been able to hear about it. They had taken all precautions they could to keep it a secret. After all, it was treason. And if exposed they would hang. "I can't understand how you can have heard, but I'll drop that, after all, we are on the same side here comrade. Have your inquiries given any result so far? We both know we have to act quickly." "I know, I know admiral. We must hurry unless we want our nation's reputation to be destroyed for all eternity. Those damned Tagmatines are laughing at us. They should be shivering with fear!" Danescu's face turned read with anger, the man did not only dislike Tagmatium he loathed Tagmatium and considered the nation to be Suverina's arch enemy.

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TO: Empress Orioni, empress of The Beautiful Empire of Orioni 2

FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina


Your Highness,


I'm taking this opportunity to personally invite you to Suverina and our capital Chisinau. You and I are the strongest women in Europa, and for our two great nations to come together would be most advantageous, bringing the east and the west closer together. Let me show you my country and let us discuss friendship of our nations.

I'd be very honoured if you'd accept.


Her Royal Highness


Eva I


Queen of Suverina

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The Suverin navy had its main base not far from the capitol of Chisinau, but inside the city there was an older and smaller base that was still used. The base had been extremely busy the last week, something in quite clear contrast from the calm that usually reigned there. Normally a flottilla was permanently based here, but now the base was filled with ships as the part from the 1st Grand Fleet that was going to visit Tagmatium was stationed here as preparations were made. Most of the ships were amongst Suverina's finest and most modern vessels. The many years of naval build up and re-organization had given Suverina one of the mightiest fleets in Europa. Two of the carriers and six of the frigates where the ships that were to be transfered to Tagmatium.


At dusk the base had become much more calm, but quite a lot of personnel were still busy working with the ships. Along the dockside close to one of the carriers two men could be spotted walking side by side. One was wearing an admirals overcoat and the other a civilian trenchcoat. The tall admiral was Vice admiral Antonov and the short trenchcoat wearing man was Ion Danescu. It was quite a mystery what Danescu was doing there, there was no way security would have given him clearance to enter the base. Danescu was truly a man of mystery. They were speaking in low voice. Antonov said: "Comrade, preparations are going according to schedule. It hasn't been easy to smuggle the explosives onboard the carrier, but it has been done successfully." "Good admiral, very good. I have been in touch with our contacts in Tagmatium. They've started making their preparations. All of Suverina will be fooled into thinking it was all a big Tagmatine sabotage. They will all learn not to be ass-kissing the damn Tagmatines again! You are a great patriot admiral. When the government doesn't act according to the interests of our nation you step up and do what has to be done. Only truly great patriots dare do such things. It makes me happy to see that we have men like you in our navy. That bodes well for the future of our nation."

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TO: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

FROM: The Great Queendom of Suverina


The Suverin navy is currently underway with the preparation for its departure to Tagmatium. Everything is going according to schedule so the naval force is ready to be in Tagmatika this Sunday as planned. All needed is a go-ahead and the state visit and joint naval review can go ahead according to plan.




Foreign Ministry of Her Majesty Queen Eva I


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