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Teuterpoort celebrates first decade

The capital city of Teuterpoort celebrated its first decade with the completion of the Grand Ducal palace. The palace, like most of the city, has been build underground with the latest technology in place. However, construction of the city is still in progress. After spending billions of Oni's on the project, more and more funding is still poured into it.

As one of the opponents states:

...it is a bottomless pit which will never be completed! The desire to have the capital city build underground was a matter of prestige, nothing else! This project might look good, but that's it!

One of the proponents, while dressed in the national colours and celebrating at the dukal square, shouted:

All of the dukes wanted to make their capital the national capital. So they picked the most barren and useless piece of land and created this! A thriving city which holds many of the national treasures. This all with the least impact on the surface above!

The former minister of Internal Affairs and current mayor of Teuterpoort did not to respond, but his spokesperson did state that: at the time of conception the project had major militairy reasons and all of the dukes have contributed financially to this project.

Whatever the people might have to say about this. The fact remains that both above and below the ground nigh five million people have come from all over the nation to celebrate in the festivities. The Grand Duke, who made a tour through the whole city, stated that every year will be a feast honouring the founding of Teuterpoort.


DSP launches new space probe

The Dukal Space Program has launched a new probe towards the Jovian moon Europa. The rocket itself, of the new Lion II-type, functioned flawless despite the stormy conditions. It will take many months before the probe will reach its destination, where it scan the moon for seismic activities and take some stunning photographs while at it. Space station Eagle Eye confirmed that they had a visual of the passing rocket. The space station itself is expecting its 50th inhabitant in two weeks when the next launch is scheduled.


Public Transport - are we being forced into it?

Though the nation of Jilderen has one of the most extensive and modern networks when it comes to public transport, high speed monorails connect small towns with big cities, many people still rely on their cars to bring them to their destination. In order to reduce the amount of traffic many rules are already in place, such as banning cars from city centres and greatly reducing the amount of highways. The latest of rules, lowering the speed limit in the name of safety, is seen as yet another attempt of banning cars. Duke Wilhelm IX, the only duke still using cars, is one of the few public figures speaking out against this rule. Most other dukes, most famously duchess Lily-Mali V, rely on public transport and see it as a way to 'get closer to their subjects'.

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Spacecraft Silver Fox reaches destination

After a successfully reaching the higher layers of the atmosphere piggybacking on mothercraft Condor II, Silver Fox detached and used it boosters to break free from earth's gravity. It took several hours before it reached SS Eagle Eye in very high orbit. Initially the docking was delayed due to some misalignments, but the source of the problem was quickly identified. After docking the crew welcomed the new inhabitants. Releaving five, six new cosmonauts made the Eagle Eye their new home for quite some time to come.

Prof. dr. I.B. Black has officially become the latest addition to the space station as the 50th inhabitant. He is the third on-duty medic abord the station, specialised in both minor surgery and andro-gyneacology. After dr. Y.J.W.A. Ypelberg managed to get the mascot (and genetically modified) poodle Luna to deliver three healthy pups last year, the DSP removed all restrictions on human breeding abord the space station. As mister Black said:

"...the low gravity produced by the centrifugal forces seems to be enough to promote healthy development of organic tissue. All three pups have shown no abnormal mental abilities, though we cannot be certain until we have a human specimen. The only thing we need to worry about it bone density, but there are some drugs that might counteract that."


Military equipment faces yet another overhaul

The majority of the hovercrafts used by the DNF and DGF have seen several refits in the twenty years they have been in use. The Ducal council agreed today on the third complete overhaul of the active fleet. By delaying the renewal of the 'hoverfleet' by at least five more years, the funds have been gathered to renew part of the DAF fleet with VTOL or STOL crafts. Most members of the fleet anticipated this decision and stated that 'the complet overhaul of their trusted vehicles means that they can use experience with new gear', something most see as a good thing.


Death toll rises to 103

The major train-crash that happened near the city of Hezel in the duchy of Zulven three days ago took yet another life today. A 9 year old child, who lost both parents in the crash, died as a result of her burns. Only her 13 year old brother, who lost both legs in the crash, remains alive of the family. He is doing well, though the psychological impact has yet to be assessed. The duchess has taken temporary custody and stated that she will transfer it to next of kin as soon as he is well enough to leave the hospital.

Government officials are still investigating the site. The exact cause of the derailment has yet to be determined, though it made clear that the decision to replace the old steel tracks with monorail and MagLev systems was the right one. Many miles of the old system are still in use and service will not be suspended until they are replaced. Replacement will, however, be speed up wherever possible.

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Great Queendom of Suverina shows intrest in Jilderen

After years of mostly formal communication between our Grand Duchy and other nations, one of them has shown intrest to strengthen the bounds. The Great Queendom of Suverina came with a significant proposal to improve the bond between our and their nation. Sceptics, most clearly in the Ducal Chamber, raised serious questions with regards to their intentions. Exact details of their proposal remain secret, but our government has agreed to enter talks with the Queendom. It was quickly decided that one of our most skilled diplomates, the countess Elynora, will lead the mission.


"Thinking vertically provides space" the new slogan when it comes to real estate?

The law that puts serious restrains upon the land that may be developed has been signed by the Grand Duke. To provide living space for our ever growing nation we are forced to look to the sky and earth for our new appartments. Major redevelopment plans are being put into effect in most of our towns and cities. Everything that isn't a monument is likely to be demolished and replaced by skyscrapers. The capital of Weteren, Zwalspoort, is building two skyscrapers that incorporate several monuments.


War has been confirmed

Though it has been known that the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex has shown several acts of aggression as of late, the Ducal Chamber released a statement saying that "the nation in question is, as of now, regared as if in a state of war" and that "Jilderen will remain, for now, neutral in the ongoing affairs."

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New SolarFarm has been opened

Due to the evergrowing energy need of our nation the duchy of Midland has opened its tenth SolarFarm. This 'farm' uses several Solar Power Towers to generate power for 750.000 homes and uses 18% less space then its predecessor with the same capacity. Plans for the eleventh SolarFarm are already underway, though a proper location has yet to be determined.


Ecofriendly Fishfarms clean the rivers

Five years after Flehavel (capital of the duchy of Heerligen) welcomed an ecofriendly fishfarm of massive size the scientists now agree: producing fish in this manner actually makes the river less polluted. The amount of fish produced in this farm is, however, less then expected. However, chef Lionella, states that she is willing to pay double for that fish! The taste is of superb quality! The reporter had to agree with her.


Digital Downloads skyrocketing

The government of Jilderen forced the price of digital downloads to be reduced by at least 40% by taking full control of semi-indepentant organisations. The sharp reduction resulted in a massive increase of the amount of paid downloads. Surprisingly, the option of donating to artists even if one has downloaded works for free also saw an increase in useage. If this surge is temporary or not has yet to be seen.

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People's Republic of Ugeria bankrupt?

Sources state that the nation of Ugeria, just north of our borders, has gone bankrupt. Once a proud nation, it seems to have finally collapsed underneath the capitalistic system that it tried to uphold.

After the stockmarkets plummeted for the first time five years ago in their capital of Ildroman, the government has been unable to bring the economy back on track. The reason for the sharp drop back then was a large corruption scandal within several organisations. It seems that, five years later, the corruption went deeper than anyone dared to expect: up to the ministries and the president himself. It took the citizens many months of protest, but it seems that they finally had succes: the government is gone. The problem is, however, who or what is next?

In order to keep our borders from flooding, the Ducal Chamber has ordered a large militairy campaign to secure it. Tens of thousands refugees have already been placed in our nation, but we simply could not cope with a massive influx. Public initatives such as Food for Ugeria and Be Social, give to the Capitalists! are granted major support from their ducal governments. Even though our harvests have been nothing exceptional this year, it is our duty to aid our fellow human beings that ask for help.

Several delegations are being send to the Ugeria people, military and the former government to upon up negotiations about the full extend of the aid provided by our nation.

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Negotiations successful

The countess Elynora has made the first negotiations with the Great Queendom of Suverina a massive success. The treaty they have formed implies an increase in jobs and development. Critics claim that the military aspect of the deal is worrysome, as someone on the street said: ...givin' them stranger a base just like that ain't nothin' but bad news! On the other hand, one of our generals stated that ...the close military cooperation is a great benefit for us as a nation. Also, an important detail, the new arms-factory means new arms and craft.

Ofcourse, the treaty has yet to be signed by the Grand Duke, but such will only be a formality. The House of Parliament and the Ducal Chamber have already voted YES, so we can expect to see some changes soon.


Ugeria: the latest update

While order has been restored in the cities near our border, reports of utter chaos keep pouring in. A recent upload on YouTube shows how dozens of citizens fleeing from their homes as an inferno sweeps their town. Suport for the Jilders cause is growing rapidly in both Jilderen, Suverina and Ugeria itself as more of these atrocities occur. Our troops at the border have made little progress sofar, but the arrival and deployment of several mobile brigades implies that things will speed up very soon. The many supplies of Suverina are partially being airdropped, to provide citizens with the basic needs. Our own supplies are being spread amongst those in the secured area, trying to restore the infrastructure as soon as possible.


Oldest woman of Jilderen dies at age of 119

Five days after turning 119, Jenneken of Lindenberg has passed away. She was the oldest living human in Jilderen for little under two years. The now oldest person is Wellinda Prachtig at the age of 116. Being just 30 minutes older then the oldes man , her twin brother Yann, she happily shares the honour with her brother.

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Ugeria: land first casualties

This just in from the front: an ambush by marauders claimed both Jilders and Ugerian lives. Exact details about the attack are still vague, but all casualties will be given a proper cremation. 3N reporter Ande reports:

The convoy I was in was scheduled to reach the town at 14:00. At ten minutes distance we came to an halt due to the fighting that was going on. When I got on site seven hours later it was clear that heavy material was used. Two of our tanks took serious damage and one of the troop transports had been destroyed. It appeared that the marauders managed plundered one of the abandoned military bases to stock up on armarent. Five jeeps and one tank from the Ugerian army had been taken by them, as well as a large supply of weapons. Several of the marauders appeared to be former convicts, some escaped the prisons during these days of chaos. While our casualties are being repatriated and Ugerian casualties are being prepared for their final rites, the question remains: who is orchestrating these attacks?


New species discovered

Researchers diving deep in the Lunar Trench in the Sun Ocean have discovered several new species living at great depths. The fact that they use bioluminescence is not surprising, most species living at those depths do, but every new species utilising it might hold another secret to evolution of this ability. For a more detailed report of this dive and pictures of the new species, visit our website.

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Jelle of Kalverland announces marriage

Though in and of itself the annoucnement made by his highness, the heir apparent to the ducal crown of Kalverland, is not unexpected. His betrothed is the younger sister of the heir apparent to the Riosna's crown, which raises some questions about her status as heir. To make matters even more complicated: the Riosna heir is gay and laws dictate that the children of his only sibling will become the next in line. This could mean that, in the future, the crown of Riosna and the crown of Kalverland are to be shared by the same person. Discussions are bound to follow whether or not a dual monarchy will be created.


Ugeria: is it a noble mission?

As our mission in Ugeria is proving to be quite successful, it was only natural that opinions would be voiced that state that we are there for less noble reasons. More specifically, a large and influential newspaper in the G.H. Empire of Tagmatium stated that: "it seems...that this is a land-grab...with no concern for the population of the [ugerian] region." But it also stated that "Europa is covered by petty states...[that] are left to their own affairs or have been bullied and cowed by the larger...nations."


Let us first address the issue of our presence in Ugeria. Our loyal readers are well aware of the chaos that was the result of the collapse of the Ugerian capitalstic government. It seemed that we, Jilderen, are the only nation in the whole of Europa that actually cared for the people living there. Yes, ofcourse we could have sent humanitarian aid without meddling further in the area. Yet, our most esteemed leaders had gathered enough intelligence to see that the corruption brought on by the capitalism in Ugeria ran very deep. If the issue was to be adressed properly, we had to do more than just start pouring in food, water an medicine into this bottomless pit. The conclusion was simple: secure the whole of Ugeria.

This mission is what brought on the ideas of 'lang-grabbing'. The large forces now present in the region are needed to root out every bit of corruption. Our aggression, which was a response to an attack by the Ugerian army, had the sole purpose of eradicating the means of a corrupt few to enforce their will. After our forces have secured an area, they must maintain security, thus enforce the law. It has been chosen that this law to uphold was the law of Jilderen. Not only because our military has been intensively trained in it, but also due to the fact that our laws leave room for a lot of local variations and it is far less restrictive. For example, shopkeepers can now conduct business as long as they sell their products within a certain pricerange and they are not from illegal sources; under Ugerian law they had to apply for a large number of permits, pay hefty sums of money for both the permits as a 'daily operation fee'. Furthermore, education of their former policeforce in Jilder laws has been a top priority from the beginning. Jilderen officiers remain in charge to make sure any form of corruption that might have been present before will not return.


The second issue, the fact that larger nations usually ignore the smaller nations, is perhaps a more serious issue. Now that we, Jilderen, are becoming active in Europa and gaining power the larger nations all of a sudden pay attention to us. They seem to be oblivious to the living conditions in many nations and only willing to act if there are economical reasons to do so. Take, for example, the actions of the S.I. of Machina Haruspex. What they are doing to their fellow humans and their own civilians seemingly gets ignored due to the fact that the S.I. of Machina Haruspex is a massively powerful nation. The G.H. Empire of Tagmatium shares borders with the S.I., yet they seem to pay more attention to us and our mission in the south. Of course, it would be unlogical to ignore everything the outside would has to say. Jilderen has not become an active nation in Europa so that it could start ignoring the others. The spokesperson of the House of Parliament ensures us that they take note of everything that is being said and take these into account.


To answer the question: the mission in Ugeria still is a noble one. At least Jilderen responded in a active way to the problems in Ugeria. Now that we are there, we intend to finnish it. Foreign aid, such as already provided by the G.Q. of Suverina, has always been welcome. It has been made very clear, however, that Jilderen will not all of a sudden share of hand over the control of Ugeria to another nation now that they take notice of Jilderen.

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Ugeria secured, elections up next

Within a relative short time-span, the nation of Ugeria has been secured by Jilderen forces. With the aid of the Grand Queendom of Suverina, we have been able to supply the Ugerians with food, water and medicines when their former government was not able to. Our Grand Duke has asked the rest of Europa to aid in the next challenge that awaits that nation: elections. Making sure that political parties have the time to be formed and get organised, elections are not expected within a few months. During that time, a combined Jilders and Suverian force will maintain peace and order.


Airforce released image of experimental aircraft

user posted image

This craft, dubbed the JX-3 Onyx, is the designated replacement aircraft for a large number of old crafts currently in use. Several other designs had been made, but never made it past the drawingboard. The Onyx will be a light, multirole aircraft. It is most likely that a naval version will be developed to be used on aircraftcarriers.

Rumours about new mid- and long-range aircrafts exist, but no real data can be given. The airforce has stated, in the past, that it seeks no active replacement of the Close Air Support-aircrafts, which saw active use in the Ugerian effort. The small bomber fleet operated by the airforce is planned to be decommissioned in a few years time. Replacement seems to be very unlikely.


Polders commissioned by Yppendale

His serene highness, the duke of Yppendale has signed the deal ordering several large polders to be constructed in the Flinngel Bay. Although Nimse has a long history with constructing polders, it is for the first time they will operate at such scale. In total, the project is set to reclaim just under 5.000 km². Protesters point at the effects of the aquatic ecosystem, knowing that a much larger area will suffer from it. The ducal government, however, said that ...by reclaiming this amount of land from the bay, we are able to save a much larger portion of land from development. This new area will give home to a large number of citizens. This multi-billion Oni project recieves monetary backing fromt he national government.

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Jilder-Suverian treaty signed

Though only a formality, the Grand Duke has officially signed the much talked about treaty. Now that it has been ratified, implementation can begin. Most of it will happen without the common man or woman really noticing it. One thing does wonder most: where will the Suverian base be located? The Ducal Chamber is currently looking at several possible sites and they expect to make a decision soon.

The full treaty can be found on our website.


DSP prepares Mission to the Moon

A new, very ambitious project of the Ducal Space Program has been announced: setting foot on the moon. The purpose of the mission? Assessing the difficulty of constructing a Moon Base.

3N reporter Reland reports: I was quite surprised myself when the House of Parliament casted their votes in favour of the Moon Mission. The reaction of the staff here at the DSP-headquarters was, simply put, euphoric. People started cheering and hugging eachother, knowing that they were granted the possibility to make this, I can put it no other way, this sci-fi dream come true. The DSP is certainly not the only one with this dream, but we are close to making it reality.

Ofcourse, plans have to be made how to construct the base and livable conditions can be created. The first step, however, is finding the right building site. After satellites have narrowed it down to five, making sure most of the needed materials can be found on-site, robotics will be launched to complete the analysis. It is in step three that the first citizens of Jilderen will set foot on the moon. They will prepare the site for actual construction, while living in a temporary base constructed in a manner much like the SS Eagle Eye. The final phase is the construction of the moon base, which is planned to house around 250 kosmonauts. It remains unknown how long this project will take, but it is expected that the first of us can land on the moon in roughly six to eight years.

Later this day, the DSP will open a competition for naming the mission and the future base.

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Ugeria's first political parties formed

With the prospect of elections, new parties were to be expected to form themselves in the Ugeria-region. As of yet, there are four registered parties: the Ugerian Socialist Party (USP), the Libertarian Union of Freedom (LUF), the Divine Winds of the Otherworld (DWO) and the Noble & Royal (N&R) party.

LUF is the first capitalistic part to enter the race and more are bound to follow. As one can imagine, the fomer rich layer of Ugeria wants the old system back. Polls, however, suggest that support for this idea is very limited. Even less support is to be expected for the DWO. This anaturalistic party claims to have inspiration from an otherworld, where a godlike being knows it all. The administration had doubts whether or not to allow this party. In Jilderen these anaturalistic (or theist, as they call themselves) groups are prohibited from participating in elections. In order for Ugeria to determine its own boundries on this matter, no parties whatsoever are banned.

On the other scale of the spectrum there are the USP and the N&R, both expected to recieve a large portion of the votes. The USP's aim is to form an independent, socialistic Ugeria who maintains close ties with us, Jilderen. N&R is a party that shares large parts of these views, but with one of exception: they want to make Ugeria part of Jilderen.

Details of both their plans and of other parties for Ugeria's future can be found at our website.


Plane crash on Riosna: heir apparent dies in crash

After spending a several days in Renposa for diplomatic reasons, the baron Carl of Riosna and his associates boarded their plane in order to return home. During the final approach for landing, a large explosion was seen near one of the engines. Quickly the plane tore apart and crashed onto the beach not far from the runway. Emergency services hurried to the site, but found themselves unable to help because the plane was engulfed in flames. After they had been put out, one of the first bodies to be recovered was that of the baron. Immediately, the archduke of Riosna announced a five day period of mourning; his tears clearly showing his grief.

Debate, however, quickly sparked. Now that the baron was dead, his sister was the new heir apparent and she was about to marry the duke of Kalverland. What will happen if she inherits the throne?


Jilder-Suverian treaty

A small statement has been released by the Ducal Chamber, stating that a choice has been made for the base to be granted to the Grand Queendom of Suverina. Fort Dranger in the duchy of Oersel. It is expected that this influx of personnel will give a boost to the local agricultural sector.

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Ancient Crown of Jilderen rediscovered!

Forged a long time ago in the year 1660, this crown was lost before it could ever be used due to the Ijjlans invading the dual-monarchy it was designed for. Now, after being lost for a very long time, it was rediscovered in the cellar of an old house that was to be demolished. Covered by a thick layer of dust, but otherwise in surprisingly good condition. The former owner of the house states: We never went down there. It was small, dark and crawling with spiders. My grandparents told me that there was nothing but clutter down there. I am quite amazed that this crown was down there, hidden behind a simple pile of rags.

The Royal Counsellor reported that the Grand Duke was very pleased with this discovery. 'A part of our history, cut short by foreign invaders, rediscovered and nigh unaffected by time.' The future of the crown is to be determined. Most likely it will become part of the regalia of the Grand Duke.


user posted image

The crown, after it had recieved a proper cleaning.

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Ugeria: update

After the first parties published their plans for the future of Ugeria, several other political parties formed with their own agenda. There are two more capitalistic parties: Peace Prosperity and Democracy (PPD) and Ugeria Liberated (UL). The PPD is a more moderate version of LUF, the UL is a more extremist group. One communist party formed, the Communistic Brotherhood (CB). In repsonse to the anaturalistic party, the Natural Laws for All (NLfA) formed.

Further preparations of the elections are underway. Several minor nations of Europa have offered their assistance, so the role of Jilderen in that matter is minimised. Our primary role is still keeping order, together with our Suverian allies.

The Grand Duchy also has several large projects going. Most of these are about restoring the damage done in the short period of conflict. Several others are, however, about replacing old and polluting powerplants with new and clean ones. A multibilion Oni project that is set to reduce the CO2 output of Ugeria dramatically. Also, it provides a job for many Ugerian.


Archduke of Riosna fell ill

The immense grief that came to befall archduke Ipon V and his family took its toll on him: a light heartattack. His life is not in danger, but he has been declared 'unable to rule due to sickness' by his government. His daughter has been granted the 'rights of regency' for the time being. Baroness Rosanne accepted these with some reluctance, as she too is struck by grief. Her husband-to-be, count Jelle of Kalverland, is in Riosna to assist her to the best of his abilities.

The burial of baron Carl will be at the last day of mourning. Many royal guests are expected to make an appearance, including many of the Jilder dukes.

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Efzer-city completes its Monorail network

After several years of intensive contstruction, the final line of the new mass transport system has been completed. Together with this celebration, the old metro-network was shut down. The project was several billion Oni's over budget, a gap that was bridged by the ducal government. A total of 731,3 kilometers of monorail, operated by 24 lines. It is expected to carry just over seven million passengers per day. With an already fully functional MagLev system, Efzer will be the first city to say farewell to the old, steel track trains.

user posted image

A vehicle of line 19 crossing one of the rivers, on its way to the Efzer Institute for Music.


Baron Carl of Riosna cremated

It was as if the sky itself mourned the passing of the heir apparent, for it drizzled all day in Eugianal. The day started with a service in remembrance of the baron in the large hall of the Riosna State University. The baron, an alumnus from this very university, was renowned for his craving for knowledge and wits. Our Grand Duke, Grand Duchess and 9 other dukes were present as representatives of Jilderen. The Archduke was clearly grief-smitten and was unable to speak; his daughter and current regent, baroness Rosanne, spoke on his behalf.

After the service, the casket was loaded on an open coach-and-four, decorated in the national colours of mourning: purple and black. The hearse rode from the university to the royal mausoleum. Along this route, thousands of loyalists offer their last respects to the baron. At the mausoleum, members of the royal guard carried the coffin into the vault. It was there, in presence of the archducal family, including Jelle of Kalverland, the baron was cremated. Afterwards, the family returned to the royal palace.


Army headed for renewal

The Jilder-Suverian treaty opened the doors for a large renewal of the Jidler armed forces. What this entails exactly will remain a secret. But after the JX-3 Onyx headed for weapons testing, the Ducal Chamber released a short statement:

On behalf of the Grand Duke, we hereby announce that our naval forces will be expanded by constructing several carriers of the new trimaran design. This design has been dubbed the 'Marquis' light carrier class. Construction will by done by the new LADA-Jilderen company. They have a capacity of 30 aircraft and will be powered by a nuclear engine. Initially, twelve will be constructed. The old Viscount class light carrier, of which four are still in service, will be retired.

user posted image

Crude design of the new carrier, also showing the JX-3 Onyx onboard.

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Old friends request audience

The second empire of Jilderen was broken up by the War of the Flea and our Grand Duchy was one of the few nations that emerged from it. Now that we, Jilderen, have showed our face on the international playground, other parts of the former empire are looking at us again. Three dukes and one prince requested an audience with our Grand Duke. The exact reason for their request is unknown, but their timing gives rise to speculation. Insiders report that these four noble families are keen on restoring the last empire to its former glory, but without the internal struggle that proved to be a remnant of our colonial past.

If we go back even further into the past, we can find even more ties to our proud culture in that region, just north of our present nation. No matter what their mission might be, strengthening old bonds is a good thing.


Riosna debate continues

With her brother cremated and her father still deemed unfit to rule, baroness Rosanne is coping rather well with her newfound duties. She has made an appearance at several locations and made a stable impression. At the weekly gathering with her ministers, an affair that happens behind closed doors, it was said that she proved to be ready to take the lead. She has a doctorate in law and a renowned painter. If the archduke decides to abdicate, he can be certain that the new heir is worthy and capable.

During a public debate in the Second Chamber, their equivalent of our House of Parliament, there seemed to be a reasonable support for the idea of a dual monarchy. This would, however, mean that Riosna had to implement a large portion of Jilder laws; on the other hand, a union with Jilderen had existed in the past it that had always been a beneficial one.


DSP launches Junk Satellite

In order to keep space a clean place, the DSP has launched their first satellite with the task of taking care of the so called space junk. During the many years that we humans as a whole have been launching rockets into outer space, we never took the effort of cleaning up after ourselves. With each rocket going up, there has been at least some debris that would be doomed to a life in space. Also, as a not to rare event fragments will reenter the earth’s orbit and come crashing down. During reentry these fragments usually burn up, but sometimes they do not. Out in space, they are also quite dangerous. If a small piece hits a satellite it can damage it severely or simply destroy it. This Junk Satellite has been given the means to, quite literally, shoot at small fragments so that they can burn up in our atmosphere. Scientists are still working on a good solution to recover or destroy larger pieces of space junk.

user posted image

The Alaaf 3 type rocket used to launch the satellite

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Ugeria: the union

After the somewhat unexpected results of the Ugerian election, plans were quickly presented for a close union. Behind the scenes, the N&R and USP had already made plans for what to do if they had the majority after the elections. It fails just short of a complete annexation within the Grand Duchy. The Ugerian duchies & principalities will work together in a larger degree than the duchies of Jilderen do and in the House of Parliament, which will govern both Jilderen and Ugeria, there will be several ministries where the two areas – as they will be known henceforth – will be represented separately. The latter will be most visible in the position of First Minister, both areas will get their own. In the matter of nobility, the Grand Duke will also be granted the title ‘Prince of Ildroman.’


Grand Duke announces public message

The Royal Counsellor has announced that his royal highness the Grand Duke will hold a public speech. It is quite unusual that his speeches are announced in such a manner. What exactly this entails we have to wait and see.


Riosna accepts dual-monarchy

It took less time than anticipated, but the Archduchy of Riosna has accepted the proposal that the marriage of their current regent will result in a dual monarchy. The Archduchy will keep its own government, but their territory will be incorporated in the Ducal Chamber and they will grant them all required powers. To prepare for this moment, integration of their defence force into ours will start with immediate effect. The Royal Counsellor stated that he is “...very pleased to see an the gem that is Riosna return under the wings of Jilderen.”


Jilderen Economic Zone?

The current rise of Jilderen as a force of stability in the region has lead to the idea of creating a Jilderen Economic Zone (JEZ) in the area. The archduchy of Riosna has proposed the formation of such a zone and our minister of economic affairs sees this idea as one worth pursuing. Keystones of this area would include a free trade zone, a single currency and shared laws about conducting businesses.

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JX-3 about to become operational

A spokesperson of the airforce has announced that the JX-3 aircraft will soon enter official production as the JF-3 Onyx. The weapons testing have been completed successfully and the stealth technology used functions as planned. Initially there will be three versions. The JF-3a is a multirole fighter, the JF-3b a training version with a double cockpit, and; the JF-3c is a naval version. Technical specifications are available on demand.


Economic delegation on its way

As adviced by Riosna, a delegation is heading towards plot 144 to start talks about the formation of an economic union. The talks are bound to be difficult, as there are many issues that need to be settled before an agreement can be forged.

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Protesters gather Vliesel

This morning, several thousand protestered gathered in front of the city hall in Vliesel, capital of Midland. It is their last chance to stop the initiative that will change the historic city centre forever. If the majority of the council votes in favour of it, which is to be expected, old buildings will be either demolished or be absorbed into one of the many skyscrapers planned.

It is, quite simply, an utter destruction of our capital’s past! one protester screams, holding a sign which states Out with the new, in with the old!.

Mayor Grootbek replied to such comments with: ...we have taken into account our cities history, but we simply cannot overlook the fact that we need more offices and residences. Most of the significant historic will be spared. For example, the old courtroom will become part of the new courtroom. As our national government likes to say: preserve, not conserve. By incorporating the old in the new, we can keep our memories alive.

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Grand Duchess is with child

In an official statement, the Grand Duke announced that his wife is pregnant. The change in her activities already gave rise to such rumours. Until now, the Grand Duke was without an official heir. Normally, in such cases, the bloodline would be traced backwards. Due to the fact that the current Grand Duke is the first of his line, that option was unavailable. The only option that would have remained was to call the nobles of the nation once again. Luckily that is something we need not worry about now. On behalf of everyone here at 3N, we wish the Grand Duchess the best of health and a good pregnancy.


Jelle of Kalverland and Rosanne of Riosna married

After being engaged for a while, the most anticipated marriage for a long time has finally occurred. Baroness Rosanne of Riosna, who wore a soft pink dress made my top designer Ilona Langevoort, said yes with a single tear running down her cheek. Her brother and best man, who died not that long ago, was remembered with a moment of silence just before the ceremony took place. The archduke, who still has not reclaimed Rights of Regency, was only present at the official ceremony. His wife, the archduchess, took his place in the other events.

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Economy making a recovery

With the beginning of the Ugeria-crisis and the Grand Duchy’s actions to resolve that matter, many laws came into effect that had a serious impact on the nation’s economy. The large distribution of forces meant that many workers had been unable to contribute. Now that the situation has been resolved, people are returning to their jobs. Thanks to this, the economy had been climbing to its former level. However, the establishment of the JEZ gave the economy yet another boost.


Ugeria: the overhaul?

After becoming part of the Grand Duchy, many companies and organisations in Ugeria are no longer meeting up to standards prescribed by the law. The most important sector is the energy sector. Most of the electricity used in Ugeria is produced by coal and gas plants. This afternoon, a resolution passed in the House of Parliament which encompasses a major renewal of the Ugerian energy sector. In five years, all coal plants should be closed down and be replaced with a large scale of solar plants, wind farms, hydroelectrical plants and, to some extent, nuclear plants.

Another sector that is not up to standard is the public transport sector. In that same resolution, plans are laid down for a full scale upgrade of this sector. Steel tracks will be replaced with the much safer and expensive MagLev system and all non-electrical modes of transport will be emission free within two years. A very costly decision, but one that is part of the Jilder spirit.


Grand Duke first knighting ceremony

It was only a matter of time before the Grand Duke had to perform his first knighting ceremony. It was the renowned scientist prof. dr. W.I.J. Sneus and her works, most recently aboard the DAMS Silent Whale, that was to be knighted. A great many of deep sea animals have been discovered under her lead, though she is perhaps best known as the voice of nature documentaries.

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Ascension of Archduchess Rosanne

Five weeks after the much anticipated abdication of former Archduke Ipon V the ceremony of installing the new Archduchess, Rosanne II, took place at Riosna State University. Formally named an Ascension within the Archduchy of Riosna, it was a ceremony worthy of her position. Husband and recently proclaimed duke, His Grace Jelle IV of Kalverland, proudly stood at her side. For more information and photos, please visit our website.


Grand Duke no more, long live the Archduke!

This week our wonderful nation of Jilderen knows not one, but two new Archdukes. In an unexpected turn of events His Royal Highness the Grand Duke has been proclaimed Archduke by the government. No ceremonies will denote this change in title, but the styles used will have to be altered. No longer can we speak about His Royal Highness, as of today it is: His Royal & Imperial Highness, the Archduke of Jilderen, Prince of Ildroman, etc. etc.

Just exactly why this has occured is something the Imperial Counsellor - the former Royal Counsellor - has been unwilling to share. We shall keep you, our faithfull readers, updated if we can reveal any details about the reaons behind this change in noble rank. For now, we can only say: Long live the Archduke, long live Jilderen!


Military Overhaul completed

After several long and troublesome years, the nation finally waved off the last of the old crafts used by Ducal Armies. Focussing on rapid response, all heavy weaponary - e.g. battleships, bombers, artillery - have been sold or recycled. Being in full accordance with the goals of the armed forces was one of the main reasons behind the large overhaul and experts seem to agree that the renewed army can fulfull this role perfectly. Critics, on the other hand, state that the switch to high-tech gear has been made to quickly and bugs* will plague our forces in the first few years.

*A bug referring to a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine, not to the crittes.

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The Archduchesses are with child!

Dear readers, as you undoubtable already have heard, Her Royal & Imperial Highness Miriam of Jilderen is with child. On behalf of everybody here at 3N, we wish to congratulate both her and the Archduke with this joyous news. This means the Prince Imperial will be getting a younger brother or daughter. Something that might have slipped your attention is that the Archduchess of Riosna too is with child. Our congratulations go out to the Archduchess and her husband, the Duke of Kalverland. Long live the Archduchesses!


Next generation of Nuclear Power Plants?

The many developments of the past few years have lead to a large increase in power consumption and our most esteemed government had to step up and order the construction of new power plants. Whilst solar power is widely utelised, it is rather useless at night. Wind farms and hydroelectric plants have their benefits, but their impact on nature is not to be underestimated. After due consideration, the Council of Ministers have decided that Jilderen will be building Nuclear Power Plants. Though exact details are still unclear, like who is actually going to build it, the press release states that at least five will be built.

For the full press release, please visit our website. There you can also read all you need to know about Nuclear Energy.


Elections drawing near

In thirteen months it will be time for the whole of Jilderen to elect a new government. Five months are left for political parties to register and two months after that, the lists of candidates have to be presented. Will the FFF keep their place or will we see a new party ruling over our nation and steering it in a new direction? We here at 3N will provide you with the latest news.

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Minister of Trade resigns

In an unexpected turn of events, Heloïsa Pilen turned in her resignation to the Archduke. During a short press-conference she stated:

With great reluctance I have turned in my resignation and His Royal & Imperial Highness has accepted this. During my time in office, I have served the Crown with great joy and humility, but the time has arrived for me to move on. Though there are various reasons for my departure, I wish not to go into great detail. Let me just say that I am glad to have more time to myself, but my dear colleagues and friends will be missed.


The position of Minister of Trade will temporarily be taken by the state-secretary of shipping, baroness Yoga Mahaveda. She (43) is an experienced woman who is known for her strong opinions and extensive knowledge. Insiders say that it is very likely that baroness Mahaveda is the prime candidate for the position.

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New Coat of Arms presented!

Following the ascension of HR&IH Xallander from Grand Duke to Archduke, the High Council of Nobility has designed a new national Coat of Arms to fit this most glorious of occasions. The single crown on top, the heraldic crown of Jilderen, represents the unified nation; the smaller crown below signifies the crown of Riosna. Within it, two distinct shields are depicted. These represent the two dual monarchy that rests within our great nation: Jilderen (on the left) and Riosna (on the right).

The reason why the Archduke requested a more simplified shield was clear, as Marquis Hu Lang, chairman of the council, stated: "His Royal & Imperial Highness desired a simpler design in order to make it more recognisable. Our national motto is, of course, included."

On the question of our flag is up for revisal too, the marquis replied: "Of course not. That flag has been ours since time immemorial and much loved by all us Jilds"


user posted image


Pirates beware!

On other news: Our navy has engaged pirates in the Konstantinopoli Sea. In the past several years pirate activity soared and posed a serious threat to commercial shipping. Diplomatic attempts to solve the matter proved to fruitless and as of such, it seems the Ducal Council decided to take matters into their own hands. Exact details remain unknown, but we will keep you posted!

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G7 - Day 1

user posted image

The G7, a summit of the biggest economies of Europa, has seen its first day pass. Though it was officially filled with ceremony, including an extravagant dinner at the national palace, it seems the first results are already in.

Our trusty ally, the Great Queendom of Suverina, has reforged official ties with the Kingdom of Adapton. It was rather unexpected, as the two nations have a long history together that is filled with distrust and spite. Such developments can, of course, only be welcomed with great joy by all nations of the world.

For more images of this event, please visit our website.



Brecklin MagLev finished!

user posted image

pic.pngPromotional picture of the Brecklin MagLev.

The citizens of the Brecklin can finally say goodbye to the seemingly endless days of construction, for its brand new MagLev system has finally been completed. The first line opened seven years ago, but today the last station - Westergate Station, located on the outskirts of the city - has been officially opened by the Marquess of Brecklin. With a total of eleven lines it is not the largest urban MagLev system, an honour that belongs to our glorious capital of Laggarport, but the first one to achieve the finish line on time and within budget in a major city.

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