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Breaking the silence...

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Goodevening ladies and gentlemen,


First of all, I do apologise if I am not adressing all of you. The lights are shining rather brightly in my eyes so I am unable to look properly towards the forum.


I, duke Balthazar II, am here to represent the beautiful nation of Jilderen and will act as liaison between you and the grand duke, Ishvan IV. My nation is not entirely unknown in the region of Europe, but this is the first time that the Grand Duchy speaks out in this forum. As requested, I have brought a number of files stating details of my nation. Due to some translation difficulties it could be possible that their publication is somewhat delayed, I do humbly apologise for that. Now, unlike some I'll skip the endless talking and go right to the questions. So, if you have any, do not hesitate to ask.




OOC: Some stuff about the 'real' me: student (in the field of Religious Sciences, but no, I am quite the atheist myself), fan of RPG's, RTS's and a-like games. I spend most of my time between being online and my friends, so it's no wonder that I'm taking longer than normal to graduate. I'm Dutch, male and my year of production is 1985. If you want to know something else, ask!

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