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Analysis of the forumactivity

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I was here all alone and got a little bored. I was looking at the board and wondered what was most popular. So I made a quick analysis of the forumbehaviour. Note: these numbers are based on the replies, not on the number of topics or views.




~ Most popular forum ~

1 General Board: 1552 (40%)

2 Role-Play Department: 1113 (29%)

3 Government: 726 (16%)

4 Europa Army: 562 (15%)


~ Most popular subforum ~

1 General Board: 1080 (General)

2 RP Military & Politically HQ: 501 (RP)

3 Introduction Area: 380 (General)

4 Warroom: 329 (Army)

- Map of Europa: 329 (RP)

5 Ministery of Foreign Affairs: 250 (Government)

6 UN Decision Committee: 216 (Government)

7 RP General: 174 (RP)

8 Europa Headquarters: 167 (Army)

9 Ministery of Defence: 145 (Government)

10 Ministery of Interior Affairs: 115 (Government)


~ Most popular threads ~

1 Game Word association: 571 (General)

2 Get on Europa's Map: 202 (Map of Europa)

3 Stoned Smurfs Plas for Islands: 124 (RP Military & Politically)

4 OOC(out of character): 85 (General)

5 The map requests: 81 (Map of Europa)

6 Joint trainingmission with Belgium: 61 (Warroom)

7 Ekainak expandes: 53 (RP Military & Politically)

8 Training Mission: 51 (Warroom)

9 Recruits Sign in Here: 50 (Ministery of Defence)

10 The Dew Point Accords: 49 (RP Military & Politically)

11 Europeans Champions Cup 2004: 48 (RP General)

12 Picture association game: 44 (General)

13 Official Embassy: 42 (Embassy: North Pacific)

14 Orioni to colonize two smallislands: 41 (RP Military & Politically)

15 European Commercial Alliance (ECA): 36 (RP Trade Headquarters)




If we want to make our forum more attractive/popular we need to create more games, have more Role-Playing, and get more active with the military. These seem to be the three pillars that attract the most participants. I haven't tested this anywhere else, but I believe that we can attract more (new) nations by improving on these three fronts. I guess that some of us already new this, but I don't think anyone ever took the time to prove it statistically.

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0 posts: 34 members (total posts: 0)

1 post: 37 members (total posts: 37)

2-5 posts: 32 members (total posts: 75)

5-10 posts: 15 members (total posts: 142)

10-50 posts: 26 members (total posts: 580)

50-100 posts: 6 members (total posts: 420)

+100 posts: 10 members (total posts: 3135)












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More RP would be great indeed. I'd be immediately on board. Problem is, that a good RP should involve as many nations as possible and should be tense and exciting. Or in other terms: International crisis and war or at least some minor engagements.


Problem there: We'd need a bad guy or two blocks. We're more or less a peaceful region (just like Real-Life-Europa), so...


I wanted to make my first expansion a little war-like, but that's a couple of weeks in the future. And my nation is a small one, so it shouldn't be a problem for the major powers to beat it up, so I can't be the bad guy or the leader of an "evil block"...





Just had a great idea; it mainly concerns my nation but others could participate in it. And it's also "compatible" with a future expansion. Just gimme a couple of days to work it out... biggrin.gif

Yeah, that could be great... satansmokin.gif

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hmm, i agree with you there about the current state of RPing. the recent attempts at national expeansion have ended up as debates about wheather you are allowed or not allowed to do stuff, which isnt very RP like. for a real taste of what RPing as all about, see this one below. This was my first, and is still one of my favoarate RP's, which divided the whole of Europa.



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13 Official Embassy: 42 (Embassy: North Pacific)

Glad to see that North Pacific is doing its bit. wink.gif


I'm not sure whether it's okay for me to talk about stuff, so I'll try to be quick. ninja.gif On the role-playing front, North Pacific isn't a very RP style region, yet we have one role-play that is 75 pages long and currently has around 1200 replies, and is still going strong. It's a role-play based on the 16th century (though it's now in the early 17th century), and it has nothing to do with NS at all. I think the fact that the nations role-played are confined to the one role-play allows people to get immersed and write really good storylines without worrying about how things will affect their nation.


Perhaps having an area for general role-plays might help things a little? That way this forum would not only attract RPers who like to role-play within NS, but all RPers. Sorry if this has already been thought of? unsure.gif

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i like RPing, its just that, as you say nordic, NS ones tend to disolve into people trying to protect their nations. but ive seen that massive one in your forum, i havnt bothered to read it, seeing as its 75 pages long, and i reaaaly cant be bothered. but an RP outside of NS could be a good idea.


anyone got any idea about what we can do?


I've read some of the massive RP in North Pacific, and its based on events in 16th century, with each nation taking control of a certain nation/army, etc, so for example Defectivity controls the armies of France, and our friend Nordic here controls the Scots.

I like this idea, and would like to implement it in some way here, but prehaps slightly differently so that it isnt a direct copy from region to region

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I've got acces to some statistics. For example, these are the fora and sub-fora, ordered by the most topic views.

Topic Views (9 May 2004 to 19 December 2004)

Forum Views

General Board ------------------------------ 8007

RP Military & Politically HQ ----------------- 5908

Introduction Area? -------------------------- 5771

Map of Europa ------------------------------- 5277

UN Decision Committee -------------------- 3248

RP General ---------------------------------- 2717

Ministry of Defence ------------------------- 2104

Ministry of Interior Affairs ------------------ 1760

RP Trade Headquarters --------------------- 1517

Technical ------------------------------------- 1427

Ministry of Foreign Affairs ------------------- 1126

Embassy: North Pacific ----------------------- 827

Embassy: Greece ----------------------------- 522

The Nationstates Flag Service --------------- 519

Embassy: Belgium ---------------------------- 257

Embassy: Evolution of Revolution ----------- 220

Embassy: Lemuria ---------------------------- 198

Embassy: The North Pacific ------------------ 197

Embassy: Allied States of EuroIslanders --- 154

Embassy: Nasicournia ------------------------ 109

Embassy: The European Coalition ----------- 54


I also can find out how many post are made, or how many threads are started, and how meany people registered on each day, but those lists are rather long.


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I did some thinking and I thought of a civil war in my nation. Since I'm changing my UN category every 5 days or so (as you can see in the RP GENERAL section), I could create an RP about a civil war between several factions in my nation.


It could go over several weeks and months, depending on how much fun it'd be for others. Other nations could participate in it on a political, economical or military basis. The civil war could then, if wanted, spread on other nations; for example, if one nation supported the loyalists of Tamurin, one rebel faction could strike back against this nation with terrorist attacks or something like that.


This RP would mostly devastate my nation and I'd be OK with that. At the moment this is just a proposal; so, would anyone be interested in something like that? If not, it would be just a one-man-show. I can think of something else; eight years of DSA and AD&D must be worth something... wink.gif

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