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Greetings from ancient times

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to offer greetings from ancient times when nations like @Orioni , @TamurinΒ and @Vanarambaion roamed the realms of Europa. smile.gif

How are you guys and how is it going with you?

I'd like to offer an apology. Back when I left in early 2007, I invited you to come over to Cybernations. And I guess I put too much pressure behind that and tried to force you to disband this place. I thought that you'd be doomed to stop existing. Obviously, you've proven me wrong. For that, I'd like to congratulate you and apologize in the hope that you can forgive me and my mistakes.

This goes especially to Vocenae and all others back from that time.

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Hello, Tag!

Thanks for the friendly welcome. Despite that, I still think an apology is in order and I just wanted to do it.

Well, I'm good. The "Europans" have created a very powerful alliance within Cybernations that rose to 150 members and is currently among the Top 50 of many many more alliances. It's influential, has a good reputation...so the Europans did good. smile.gif

Of course, democratic progress meant that the old guard couldn't lead forever. I was only in charge during 2007 and then headed for new challenges, so everything from 2008 onwards isn't really my feat. smile.gif

Other than that, I'm doing OK. How are you guys?

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It's nice to hear that the people who moved over to Cybernations did well.

Remember us to them at some point.

Any bad blood that they think we might harbour is long, long gone. Life's too short to bear a grudge because of something that happened on the Internet.

As you can see, things kind of tailed off here, to some extent. I think my nation died for over a month at one point. Life certainly became a lot busier outside of NationStates. I really don't have the time or energy I once devoted to this place anymore, which is a shame. But, the world keeps on spinning an' all.

I reckon I might try to have a go at revitalising this place post-exams, but we'll see. Tag needs a job, 'cos Tag needs food and a roof over his head. If you ever feel up to lending a hand with that, I imagine we'd be more than happy for you too.

I'm in my last year at uni, which is where most of my time has gone since 2007. I've had ups and downs in that respect, even going as far as to repeat my second year due to things going rather spectacularly wrong (and I suspect I had something of a nervous breakdown, but since I never saw anyone about that nor attended counselling like I was told to, we'll never know).

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Vanarambaion said:
Hey! Who's old? I'm certainly not.

Looks like I died again. In the meantime, law school happened, so you'll have to forgive me. I'll be back for a while, at least.

Good to see the gang's coming back around.


Hello, Van.

Didn't think I'd see you again.

We tend to hang out a lot on the RMB these days.

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