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Sevrun Deploys Peacekeeping Forces

Jacob Taren

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To: All Concerned Nations

From: Foreign Affairs Minister Jacob Taren, Principality of Sevrun

Subject: Recent Military Deployment


I am sure by this point all of you are aware of the collapse of the Government of the nation "Great Pete".


With the loss of this nation, the entire sector has plunged into anarchy, and this has been deemed to be too great of a security risk for our own Government to leave unchecked.


Starting immediately, the Sevrunian Armed Forces are being deployed on Peacekeeping duty to secure the major cities and to find any members of the Great Pete Government still in the area that have survived the overthrow.


This Peacekeeping force will remain in the area until either:


1) The previous government is restored to power


2) Such time has passed with no self-government of the sector that we are left with no choice but to annex the area to maintain regional stability


Any and all questions and comments should be forwarded directly to me.


For Greed and Glory,


Jacob Taren


(OOC: Since Pete ceased to exist, I'm 'holding' the area for a few weeks to see if he comes back or not. if he doesn't come back I'll just take the sector)

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To: Sevrun

From: Caribdos

Subject: Military Deployment


While we have trouble faulting your claims, we do find it somewhat suspicious that your forces were able to deploy so rapidly after the collapse, and do so with no intervention from other nations.


Unfortunately, despite these suspicions, we of the ICC cannot find any justifiable reason to directly involve ourselves in this matter.

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--- Message from the President of Tamurin ---


Apologies, but what zone are you referring to? "Great Pete" must have been before our time...


Anyway, Tamurin could offer some assistance, if you need any.



William Granger

President of Tamurin

Acting Prime Minister of Tamurin

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Orioni suggests that something is worked out by all neighbouring nations and not just Sevrun. I believe that Morsetania, Great Kings, and even Vanarambaion could be involved as well. Morsetania may have been inactive here for a long time, but a telegram has been sent. I suggest that the Sevrunian Armed Forces take this into consideration and that "annex[ing] the area to maintain regional stability" will be delayed.

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Our own military is more than capable of handling the situation, but if anyone wishes to oversee the proceedings we will allow inspectors from other nations in.


As for annexing the province, a decision on this matter is not to be taken lightly. As it stands, we are still searching for any remaining members of the previous government and simply keeping the area in check. It will be several weeks before we will know whether or not such a step will be necessary to maintain order in the area.

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The Republic of Burgundy-Brabant is willing to despatch any aid that the Sevrunian government might require of us. The senate has voted that a special fund be put aside for this endeavour. Having recently been involved in a period of instability ourselves, we understand the problems the sector may be facing.

The Republic wishes to lose it's reputation as isolationst, we feel this may be the way.

However we can help.

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As unfortunate as this is, attempts to establish a local government in the chaos have failed. It seems the people are more interested in getting back to their daily lives than who leads them.


As such, we wish to formally annex the region to bring the area back to full stability.


We will enter talks with any neighboring nation who wants to discuss the situation, but we think this solution is the best for all involved.

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