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Guest Devious Tyrant

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Guest Devious Tyrant

Good evening everyone!


I'm the Devious Tyrant. I have arrived with only a single motive driving my actions: the domination of Europa. Mwuhaha!


Alright, I can't continue that whilst keeping a straight face. My name's Chris. I'm an aerospace engineer. If by some absurdly random chance we've met before, you've probably seen me as Nuke.


A little bit about my NS history:


I've been a part of Nationstates RPs for at least three years now. I, along with a dozen other guys, have helped build our own RP from being a mere subforum of a much larger site into its very own dedicated RP that I now administrate (we call it the Devious Tyrant RP - so if you were wondering where I got my username...).


I've RPed anything from a totalitarian Indian superstate to a militarily respectable Sixth French Republic to a rejuvenated British Empire (my current one on the DT RP - the irony in all this being I'm an American). I've BSed my way through a Fantasy RP (also on our site) using a 16th-century Japanese shogunate, and thus far managed to survive without using any magic or other random stuff I have no knowledge of (which is difficult, because I swear everyone else cheats...). I've even RPed the United Federation of Planets and the Systems Alliance (from Mass Effect) in a Space RP (also on our site).


I've made a lot of maps in my time - from customized world maps to a richly detailed sector map of the galaxy. I've written the charters for two versions of the United Nations. And I've worked together with several other guys to build Excel spreadsheets to build entire military forces and even starships.


So, I'm hoping I can contribute something here. Obviously your setup is different here, so it will take me some time to get integrated. But, with time, I do hope to become a part of this community - whereupon I can then proceed to conquer it from the inside-out. Mwuhaha!



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