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Guest Yasashii

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Guest Yasashii

Hello Europa!


So, a certain cow I know held me at gunpoint, demanding I either join the region or fork over the "goods" before he decided to cop a feel. Alas, not one to skip my daily dose of molestation, I joined.


I'm actually looking to get into some RP, just to occupy some spare time. This isn't my first nation on NS, but it is my first in Europa.

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I think Tagmatium, Machina Haruspex and Adaptus are trying to stir up a war or something over on the big roundish thing we call the Occident. You could see if they could work you in or something.


Also, please read our RP rules. While we may not be as active as we once were, we still have a high standard of realistic RPing, and we do not accept NationStates populations over a certain number. Most of us have around the populations of the United States and the United Kingdom. Use a NS Calculator to help determine your budget for things.


Anyways welcome.


*wanders back into the immense, shadowy and dusty corridors*

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