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Oceaniia in crisis

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The Oceaniia Finance Comissioner has announced that an Economics Summit for major Oceanean coporations will be held due to the fragile state of Oceaniia's economy. The unemployment rate has lowered to 4.2%, signaling an end to the current economic slump is on its way. Only two years ago the unemployment rate was at a staggering 5.6% the highest in the nations history. Many credit the end of financial woe's to a new found consumer confidence and the end of ill fated big business mergers. New employment oppurtunities such as the national maglev project in early 2005, will open new doors for Oceaniia's economy. In a new Oceaniia Infonet poll 58% of citizens believe Oceaniia is on its way to a stable economy while 35% believe the economy will be fragile long into the future. "The mere fact that the people are so polarized on this issue is evidence change is needed."stated by K'ya Pur Finance Commisioner yesterday in a press conference. The summit will be held in the capital region of Jianng next week.

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