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Forum problem?

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EE, if you're reading this, re-enable fast replies for all threads, please. I hate having to wait for the new post page to load and sifting through several pages just to get the c-box to appear. I've never liked this c-box so on top of not being able to normally see it I just tend to post in the thread rather than here, and it's annoying having to wait for the ability topost than just being able to open fast reply.


What's the exact problem? Was there a "fast reply" button or something that disappeared? Or are you talking about the shoutbox? Or the visibility of the shoutbox-thread?

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It's fairly self-explanatory.


The forum used to have fast-reply boxes. When you started tinkering with the forum, they disappeared despite the fact the option to turn fast-replies on is still in our user control panels.


This is mostly limited to the C-Box thread, where I've been replying to people instead of using the C-Box, which does not load for me. All posts made in the actual C-Box were transferred to the 10,000 Pages thread, they were the same entity. Now if I want to reply to something, I have to wait a very long time for the post page to load, leading me to, out of the inconvenience of having to wait so long just for a few words, kinda abandon posting anything really.

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Aargh. I hate it when it does these things like this. To me, a fast-reply option seems fairly unrelated to the moving of forums. Moving a couple of forums around shouldn't have consequences for other features, yet if does, because that's the only thing I did. If there was only a button "switch on/off fast reply" I accidentally switched of, it would be rather easy to undo. But now I'll have to check the code.. could take some time to find where to look.



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