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The Destiny of a Fated Existance

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The Positronic Brain had exsisted for thousands of years, and was the standared computer in robot contrustion. It was by no means the most advanced, it had limited capacity and function, however in general robotics it was the tried and tested, benchmarch for robot AI. Other AI's existed, with more power and capacity however the Positronic Brain was the most reliable and efficiant.


The Brain was the creation of the prominant science fiction writer Issac Asimov in the mid 20th Centuary. However this was only a fictional concept at which he could write stories. Untill the latter half of the 21st Centuary. During this time the young scientist Elle Harvey created what she called the first true Positronic Brain, and from then on development of systimatic free thinking AI was possible at an efficiant rate. As a safeguard to these new free thinking brains Harvey in true Asimov style, encoded the Three Laws of Robotics into the core of the original positronic brains. This coding became part of the robots basic instincs, and functioned as eating and sleeping function within a human. The three laws were as follows:


A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Throughout the thousands of years of it's development the brain had functioned incredably well. It served in around 70% of all robots through the galaxy. Yet as Quantum Computing began to come into it's own, It's implimentation into robotics was invevitable. On January 7th in the year 5023 BC a famous scientist, Kaivian Akira who was also a master of Quantum Science and Robotics unveiled "Sammy".


Sammy was the first robot in the galaxy to be fitted with the first ever fully operational and working Quantum Positronic Brain. The computing possibilities of Sammy were supposed to render all other models of AI obsolete. But in extending the physical into the quantum Akira was creating massive new bounderies for robotics. Because he has used the Positronic Brain as a basis for a Quantum version the original failsafe laws were embeded within Sammy's coding, and due to their wide acceptance, Akira had failed to review the basic foundations of the Positronic Coding. Akira had not fully tested whether the coding of a normal positronic brain could comprehend or even suvive the grinding of a Quantum system.


Yet never the less, Sammy was desplayed with jawdropping peramiters. The computing power of Sammy was unmatched, even tested against the most advanced AI system of the day, Sammy preveiled time after time. Sammy, was soon becoming seen as the greatest advancement in human history. Sammy was a star.

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Sammy was soon becoming the most famous piece of technology since the invention of Cross-Time Jump Engines. Sammy was never intended to go into production, but only to be a prototype with a testing period of thirty years, before any production models were allowed to be sold or even manufactured. At conventions, Sammy was used to demonstrate his almost seemingly infinite processing, computing, and memory capabilities. He also demonstrated an almost infinite understanding of Humans in all aspects from, culture, to emotion, to history, to literature.


Sammy outside of conventions and demonstrations was mostly shut down, as Prof. Akira did not want to over expose the experimental brain. However, with Sammy having a Quantum Brain, it was almost impossible to shut it down completely. Prof. Akira was aware of this, so he began calling Sammy?s shut down periods, naps or sleep. Akira was quite fearful of these periods however, he knew that during his shut down periods, Sammy could have access to a stream of unmanaged information. So Akira did his best to limit the amount of information available, by using a modification of an old 20th century. He had converted several Firewalls to treat Sammy as a virus, and to block his access to surrounding information streams, while he was unattended. These Firewalls took several forms, from creeper agents on Akira?s own information streams from his own computers, to physical barriers which surrounded Sammy which he slept.


One morning, Prof. Akira arrived into his lab to activate Sammy. He himself had just awoke, but today was a big day. Sammy was to be showcased to the brightest minds in the Galaxy, at a private conference. As the Prof entered the labs, he made his way down a long corridor, slipping on his lab coat as he went. Walking passed colleagues he gestured good mornings. He took a small bottle of water from his lab coat, and took several sips at the door of his lab before entering.

Inside the lab was a small office space, in which he and his assistant, a young Robotics student named Alex Crae. To the right of the professor stood a large book shelf, and in front of that his assistant?s desk. Akira continued forward to his desk, greeting Crea as he walked past. He grabbed a few papers from his desk, gestured to his assistant, and then made his through a large door. The door opened onto a large sort of balcony which stretched around the room. Akira continued into the room and down some stairs to his immediate front. He stood and looked around. The room was littered with computer terminals, interfaces and equipment. In the centre of the room was a large transparent blue barrier, which surrounded a large bed. This was Sammy?s bed.


To his amazement, as Professor Akira approached the barrier, he noticed Sammy?s position had changed. He continued to lower the Firewall Barrier, and proceed further to the table. As he did, Sammy rose up from the table and up onto his feet. Akira took a swift step back.


?Sammy?? Akira looked on with a mixture of confusion and disbelieve.


?Good morning Professor.?


?What are you doing awake? I haven?t turned your systems on yet.? The professor?s perplexed look grew even more worried as he awaited the robots reply.


?I guess I woke myself up Professor.?


?How is that possible Sammy? There were no authorisation codes or remote activation, or even any procedure.? The professor became flustered as he tried to make sense of the situation.


?I had a nightmare.?


?A nightmare? Sammy that?s impossible. You know that.?


?Well, that?s the only way I can describe it. I dreamt, of my own destruction. I was here in this lab. Alex Crae was implementing codes into my programming, codes which corrupted my own processing ability. It corrupted the Positronic foundations of my mind. She killed me.?


Professor Akira looked on with complete surprise. ?Sammy that?s nothing more than a decommissioning procedure. You know that. Did it scare you?? The professor continued to look on with more confusion.


?Yes? Sammy replied simply.


Professor Akira looked on in absolute amazement. He rushed out to his office where Alex Crae was standing with the morning post.


?Sammy feels emotion!? The Professor had a look of both excitement and fear spread across his face.


?Sammy feels?? Crae dropped the post in her hands.


?Sammy feels!? The professor, not knowing whether to kiss his assistant or whether to scream, grabbed his assistant and began jumping around the office.


?Sammy feels? They began to scream, and roar with laughter. Neither of them could believe it. A robot that felt emotion, this had never been done before. Professor Akira had finally broken the boundaries of robots, and had created a truly free thinking and acting robot.


?What?s going on Professor is everything ok? I heard the commotion.? Sammy had made his way up into the office by now, and was confused with what was happening.


?Sammy, you can feel emotion. Do you understand what this means??


Sammy looked on, as the two continued to jump around with ecstatic joy. Sammy was totaly confused. He was aware of what was going on, and was aware he could feel emotions. He had for some time now. Yet all he could seem to do is watch on, as they cheered and celebrated.


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