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The Price of Oil.

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"Yep, Confirmed boss. Theres Oil under them islands."


"Great! Drilling teams ready?"


"Sure are. We have six tams ready now, and another four can be sent over in the next few days."


"What about outsiders? Oil is becoming very "expensive" these days, can we run that risk of outsiders?"


"This is why we are not making this public, and why i've been a little sneaky. I've hired Vickers Contractors to protect the drilling teams. If anyone gets to close the Adaptons have to commit. So we will have Adapton support, but we have to get our teams in there now."


"Ok, shall we consider this meeting done and dusted?"


"Yep... Lets get to work."


3 weeks later...


Oil deposits had been discovered on several islands throught the Kosscow, the unclaimed islands of 0.2, 0.7 and 0.8. Adapton oil giant. Carlyle Industries, had get it's gritty paws on the area long before any other company could even take a breath. The islands were closed off, and were swarming with drilling teams and Vickers Contractors.


The Adapton government had been the only international power informed. The Adaptons had commisioned It's 2nd Fleet to the islands. The first groups of Adapton soldiers were arriving on the islands. Adapton arrogance was a well known thing in Europa, but this time it may have gone to far, as across the Kosscow, people were watching. As Adapton troops moved into 0.8 the inhabitance, who were anti-Adapton, were not prepared to loose their soverignty. Several communicqu?s had been forwarded to pro-0.8 organisations and governments.

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