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How is it going?

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Me has had the flu for almost a week now, but I'm getting better now! How is Taggie?


We're always ready to get our social-fascist arse kicked! wink.gif


You wouldn't be in the mood for a little war RP set somwehere between 1910-20 or 1930-40? Tagmatium hasn't won that many wars but you could win this if you'd want to and kick our arse badly. smile.gif


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Hey, that's not too bad. 8 responses in 24 hours.


I never stopped lurking on the NationStates forum (busted, Tagmatium, I saw you posting there now and then!), but now I have my old and only nation restored again.


My region "Belgium" doesn't really use his forum anymore and we stopped doing elections, so my diplomatic function has now, more than ever, been reduced to a theoretical title. Don't expect much news from that side anymore.


Now... if it's war you want, it's war you shall have, good sirs! Nothing better than dozens of Big Berthas spewing their fire for a warm welcome.


EDIT: What about Orioni, Pirilao, Koku, Akiiryu and Ide Jima?


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O's gone, Pirilao's gone, Ide's gone...


Aki PM'd me a while back, suggesting he might be up for a WWI-esque RP during the summer or something, and to get my Facebook address from me. I've not heard from him since, though, but I keep meaning to drop him a line. I keep forgetting, the idiot I am.


O made a cryptic comment on the RMB about finally doing something s/he'd been planning for a while, then dropped off the face of the earth.


I suspect a lot of the old diplomacy stuff has disappeared from NS, along with the old raiding/defending stuff, which is a bit of a shame. I kind of lost interest in the diplomacy side when good old Q102 bit the dust.


And Hak, I had to get my RP fix from somewhere and Europa was looking a bit dead on that front late last year. So I tried II, which wasn't too bad, although it is ridiculously full of morons who couldn't RP themselves out of a wet paper bag.

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How is everyone? Who still visits Europa?

Every so often.


O's gone, Pirilao's gone, Ide's gone...


[...] O made a cryptic comment on the RMB about finally doing something s/he'd been planning for a while, then dropped off the face of the earth.

Well, about that. This involved a period in my life where I had to make hard choices about my priorities. Things had to change, I had to change and my lifestyle as well. My Masters degree in history wasn't paying off and I received an ultimatum. We're talking about 6-7 years ago.


Life is still not perfect, but at least I have moved forward considerably. Well, on most fronts. The person who set that ultimatum is gone now.

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