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Should I stay or should I go?

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The people of Jin-Sei have made a referendum on whether or not we should keep residence in this region.It seems there has been major problems in the political realms that I we have noticed. Our delegates nation was disposed of, we have no regional government, nations are arguing on getting more land and we seem to have a new delegate every couple of days. The people of Jin-Sei would like to live in a region that is more unified and has a more stable government. Personally as leader of Jin-Sei I would love to stay here, but it seems the people of my nation question my motives.Please give me some legitimite reason to stay that could sway the people of Jin-Sei. The vote takes place tonight. This is urgent to the stability of our nation. Thank you for your time and have a pleasant future.


Des Vaan

Prime Councilor of Jin-Sei Republic

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Oceaniia Information Network:

Jin-Sei Correspondent


A sweeping majority vote of the Jin-Sei populace have voted for the sucession of Jin-Sei from Europa.Many citizens had opinions about this issue, "What sort of international organization has no government, we need to be a part of a stronger region that has real principles!"proclaimed voter Ayu-te Tioji. Responses from shoppers at the Chesiang Retail Center had mixed reactions, "I was optimistic about leaving Europa because it had seemed as if we had made so much progress,I voted against the sucession." said shopper Dai'ki Sseung, her friend Ph'aliesi Chiiva'hn said,"The reality is, Europa is unstable and defending such a large region without government is ridiculous and dare I say impossible". The government made an official statement,"Both the legislature and the people agree on leaving Europa ,it seems we have no choice but to begin the process of finding a new region immediately." Jin-Sei will officailly succeed tonight and most likely according to government informants,join the region of Equilism.

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