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NationStates 2 Discussion Thread

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So I want to clarify a few things before I recreate Vocenae in NS2: When the Beta is over will the game restart?


And what world will we all be playing in? I'd rather not just go in alone, I have more fun playing with you guys. Are we going to try to recreate Europa as an alliance? I'd like to see this place get active again, even if it's just as a RP area that is not affiliated with the gameplay.


And finally, WTF is up with not having custom flags? Ambassador mode is probably the paid version, right? I'm not going to pay for something like that.


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I am located in World 6 in Oceania. Apparently I have some guy already hating me since he set his trade and political status with me to blockade and hostile. Maybe it's the similar flags...


Anyways, how do you join alliances and change continents?

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I had thought it might be like cybernations but it's not, it's a trumped up version of NS1 with minor differences here and there.


Anyways Voc. You can browse regions and so forth under the browse nations tab. However at this time it does not appear you can switch regions. As to joining Alliances, you can recieve invites from current members.


I have attempted to send an invite twice but I've been getting the general error like a great many. " Template Error in Process ".


Quite annoying.


A compatriot of mine however will be sending an invite to you Voc, concerning Spectre if you so wish.

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I was expecting NS2 to be a little more complex. We're still just answering issues and alliances seem to be pretty useless right now. Maybe once war kicks in things will become more interesting.


Oh, and I've found you Voc! I'm Frostguarde on World 6 and Miiros on World 5. Strangely enough, Frostguarde's population has dropped to 10,000. o_o

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MH: Tell him to send away, I'm waiting.


Something that annoys me is that I'm not receiving any new issues. A bug or is it just not possible to receive two issues a day like NS1?


And there really, really needs to be a better nation search system, scrolling through hundreds of names to find a certain one is pretty broken, if you ask me.


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I knew it! The British are taking over!


*eggs Tag's house*


Damn. Well, I received an invite to join the United Republics of Oceania, would I be able to join that for a bit until you guys are able to send out invites again?

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This is what I don't understand. My country will have millions left over in money for trade, but they won't buy any food or clothing to satisfy the country's need for the day. So now I have naked, hungry people... with plenty of extra money? Maybe there's a global shortage of food and clothing?

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Me also recieved invite! However the page didn't work when I was to register, so I guess? I'll register tomorrow. smile.gif


Does one chose world or?

You read it right? The first few times I tried, I forgot to do the little "type in what you read in the funny writing" thingies, which was silly.


So far, I'm not that impressed, but I admittedly won't really take a proper look at it until I go back to Reading (I'm currently at my parents' house to visit them before they go to America on holiday).


The fact that you can't change your own damned flag without giving them a couple of dollars seems a bit tight-arsed of them - or tight-arsed of me, but I'm nearly flat broke. And the fact I'd have to do so via PayPal, which I don't get on with, but then I suspect that's me being a bit of a technophobe.

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