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Dunno if any of you guys saw it, but I was rambling on about robots that I drew on the RMB earlier on today and I want to show them off here, as I'm inordinately pleased with what I've done, even though they aren't the most beautiful of drawings on the planet.


Here they are:

user posted image

The first I drew, along with a breakdown of what the name stands for, freca being an Old English word for warrior (I know, I had too much time on my hands tongue.gif). Essentially, it's robots with WWI British Army gear. Not sure if they've survived scanning that well, although I've finally worked out, after two years of owning the damned thing, how to scan directly into MSPaint. The first one's of a lance-corporal in this rather random bunch, armed with a rip-off of the shotgun from the Scout from Team Fortress 2 and the mace-thing from a robot from Morrowind.

user posted image

Bog-standard rifleman - the left hand's supposed to be a clamp to hold the rifle steady.

user posted image

On this one, an officer (note the three stars on the chest, the British Army rank insignia for a captain), I forgot to do the left hand as a merged piece of kit, and so did it holding a swagger stick instead of being a swagger stick, which pissed me off when I realised I'd done it.


I'd be happy if you guys put forward any comments on them, as well as hopefully getting this thread to have examples of other's people's art, doodles and the like, most of which would undoubtedly put my stuff to shame tongue.gif

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