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Mornin' Misfits!


I've been dabbling with a few of the "support groups" of NS since last December (Linc, Shipbucket, and the Draftroom), and I finally decided to design a nation. The dominion was initially in Greater Dienstad with players like Vault 10, The Macabees, and Stevid, but current lack of activity made it a hard place to get established. After browsing regions for a couple days, I stumbled onto Europa and liked what I saw.


I'm looking forward to learning the intricacies of NSRP from all of you.

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I have a couple:


#1 What is the scale of the map? Having learned that we are essentially a super continent on our own little world has me wondering if the plot I'm occupying is roughly the size of France (260k sq miles) or South Africa (470k sq miles).


#2 Is there a calculator preferred by this region? This is the first time I have seen the Sunset and Spotlight calcs (previously I have referred to NSEconomy and NSDossier), and I like them much more. The GDP estimates vary drastically though.

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There is no prefered calculator for this region. I think it's a case of using one which you personally prefer, rather than anything else.


On the scale front, it was mentioned when we were making the new map that the scale was about 5cm = 1000km, but I've been unable to find exactly where that particular statistic was given.

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