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Joe Bobs: The Return

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Not much, unfortunately, after a couple of defections took away a chunk of our membership because they wanted their own forum, we were had to switch over to administrative government run by myself, Deltannia Tag, Adaptus, and Orioni. We've hit a bit of a rough patch in the last few months as well, and I'm currently having to delete spam-bot accounts on a daily basis. Only way to go is up, and we're trying as best we can.


Anyways, O is AWOL and Tag is away on a university sponsored digsite in northern England or where that big Roman-era wall is.


I'm Vocenae, and I'm currently the guy in charge since I'm constantly online. Hand on the regional panic button and running clean up since Invisionfree won't let us enable any spam-bot blockers.


How are you? We've never met but I do know of what you've done for Europa, Q102 and NationStates in general.

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How are you? We've never met but I do know of what you've done for Europa, Q102 and NationStates in general.


*blushing* Why thankyou! To be fair, Europa has always done a lot for Q102! There are many regions we only got in contact with through Europa. Here's a curiosity for you: I actually knew of Europa before Q102. The person who introduced me to NS was a guy called Rhomanoi, who I knew in RL, who was resident in Europa about three years ago. I don't think he was very active though.


It's a shame to hear Europa's gone through such dark times! It's always been one of my favourite regions. I hope you can recover. Once we've got Q102 back on her feet hopefully we'll be able to help out Europa too.


Btw, for the first time I looked through the full smilies list here. You have some brilliant ones! My favourites:




How did Tag get an emoitcan named after him? haha!


edit: Forgot the main reason I dropped in! I was going to ask about reopening an embassy. I'm trying to get our foreign relations started again. I'd say the alliance still stands in spirit, but due to inactivity, means little in practice. sad.gif Hopefully we can get this going again.

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Hello, man!


Welcome back to the region!


Nice to chat to you a couple of months a go via telegram, I can't believe it was that long ago now tongue.gif


That's what living in a field for a month does to you tongue.gif


f*cking awesome time I had though.


I really hope to open up our foreign relations again, man. Lord knows I had an awesome time in Q102, and as I said before, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand in whatever you plan to do.

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