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Diplomatic Summit: Invite to Europa

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With the passing of time none to distant, the Occidental region had seen the rise of two long since slumbering nations that had turned into a bloodying of the noses between them and the utter collapse of one government and the restoration of another during the course of a series of wars. One external, and the other internal.


Since the rebirth of the Haruspex nation, though they had formed more or less into a three quarter sort of one with a quarter of the country under the rule of the former Empress, beyond that however, The Principality as a nation found itself requiring allies both of economic functioning and others. With a colonial nation far to the south and burgedeoning trade blossoming across the seas, it was only natural that such industry be shared with those whom they shared a border in the literal sense or were close enough to warrant such.


To the end of better relations with governments near and far, diplomatic pouches were sent with couriers to The Glorious Dominate, The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium, Imperial Republic of Vocenea, The Empire of Sildavialand, The Great Queendom of Suverina, and with some relunctance, though not sending a courier to them could be considered rude, The Social Democratic Confederation was also sent a courier as they were not as revolutionary like some of the more Red nations within Europa. The message brief, but polite.


To Honored nations, we of The Principality of Machina Haruspex invite a representative from your prospective nation to begin talks concerning trade development, industrial agreements, military hardware sales, and other pacts of consideration that may prove beneficial in the not to distant future. This summit to be held within Chel'de Yorn, at the Citadel of Light within the capitol city and home of the Emperor.

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From: Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs

To: the Government of the Principality of Machina Haruspex

Item: Talks


Dear Sirs,


our Government has received with interest your proposal for talks concerning trade and industrial agreements. The Government has appointed Mr. Edoardo Alessandria as special ambassador to attend the meeting in the Citadel of Light.


Best regards,


Mr. Sec ExteLib, Imp.Secr.of Foreign Affairs

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To:Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Sildavialand

From: The Principality of Machina Haruspex




Greetings, on behalf of the Emperor and the peoples of the Principality, the elected voice of the summit will be Grand Admiral Hark'at of House Vlos Elemmiire and a member of the Council of the Nine shall also be present. The date to be issued would be that of what the rest of Europa would consider July 17th.


The Imperial Navy of Kaldana, the Principality's only colonial holding, is near enough on manuevers that given such notice, they could be within the sovereign waters of Sildavialand and provide escort to a vessel of your own choosing should you wish it to the port city of Perya.


We await word with honor.

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To: the Principality of Machina Haruspex

from: Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs

concerning: Summit in Machina Haruspex


Dear Sirs,


we agree on the date of 17th July (Era Vulgaris). In due time, our Delegate Mr. Edoardo Alessandria, Secretary General of the Chancellorship of HGIM, will sail in battleship "SS Kronstadt", escorted by cruiser "SS Colonias" and destroyer "SS Principe Jorge" to the Port City of Perya. The honour escort by your own Navy is welcomed and will be honoured in consequence.


Looking forward to the opportunity of a close encounter between our two Nations,

best regards,

Mrs. Seca ExteCon, Imp.Secr.of Foreign Affairs

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From the port of Kaldana four vessels left their births and began a sloping run upon the waves of the sea. First and foremost, the Pmuut Deta, a Harbinger class Dreadnought. Mainstay of the Haruspex Imperial Navy, ships of the line and a steel fist when wielded against foes. To either side of the Pmuut Deta, two Vlos class heavy frigates, the Nywunpylg and the Zicdela. Bringing up the rear was that of a Cbayn class strike carrier. A relatively new ship, it's crew however had been hand picked from the veterans from the colonial navy to represent their vessel the Pinhehk Cih.


Grand Admiral Hark'at of course maintained quarters and operational command of the taskforce while aboard the Pmuut Deta. Shrieking howl as two Colonial Navy HAD 37a Sea Rattler's hit their afterburners just after take off from the Pinhehk Cih and hurtled into the distance. Hands behind back, he merely nodded to the at station Sengar d'Isto's and Prata Khan that moved about with their duties.


It had been quite a send off from the Kaldana shipyards. The colonial anthem had come into being, rows of navy and technicians standing to one side while the citizenry tossed the white lily's upon the water for fortune, favor, and good standing with the sea goddess Sudran uv dra Cay, which quite literally translated into " Mother of the Sea ". A good twelve hours into the trip, the taskforce had passed into the Sun ocean and begun to curve about the horn of the lower eastern continent. By the charts indicated, they would reach the Rosario Sea by the night of the 15th of Zimo(July). This was excellent progress, and the weather was fair indeed.


From there it was a simple navigation plan to go northeast through the Ice Ocean, then east through the Gulf of Lanjon, into the Storm Ocean, then south into the Ranke Ocean and finally the port of Perya. Ambitious a bit, but then progress made the nation rise, and if the Fatherland arose, so to would that of the colonial station of Kaldana. Trade and progress, the key factors to maintaining an empire.


A chime arose, it was time for officers lunch, and Hark'at had not realized just how famished he was. A bit of a grumbling in the stomach hinted at such as he excused himself from the bridge, signalling the lead officer of the deck to step in and assume command until he returned.

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"If they catch you at disadvantage,

the mines for your life is the word;

and so we fight them with our colours nailed to the mast."

- Sir Walter Scott: The Pirate, 1821.


The escort of the Sildavialand naval vessels to their shared destination of Perya had gone well. Clear skies for the most part, some temperate weather sneaked in, but nothing that either side couldnt handle. Rounding the capes of the land mass of eastern Europa, eventually the taskforce arrived at the Port of Perya within the Ranke Sea. It had been ages since Grand Admiral Hark'at had been back in the Fatherland, and for all the new that permeated the area, there was plenty of the old still surviving to make him feel at home once more.


With the boarding ramps lowered, a procession of dark blue uniforms came single file towards the dock and the waiting senior officers of the garrison force stationed there. Hark'at saluted the waiting Lord Jarvis and then shook hands with the rather elegant old man. Sildavialand naval vessels had been tugged into berths nearby, and as he looked towards them, figures could be seen, escorted towards a pair of jet black vehicles with accompanying armed guards and armored transports. The beating of blades against the wind announced the presence of many helicopter gunships circling about as he himself found an escort pointing to a similiar black painted vehicle and the same waiting convoy.


A quick glance to his aide, Sengar d'Isto Leric, a nod and then approached the rear of the sedan, sliding into it and over upon the luxurious seating as Leric also settled down within. A husky purr rumbled and there was some running about outside as rows of halogen lights glowed dully in the daylight hours. Either convoy began to move, and with great speed upon the central highway system towards the capitol several hundred kilometers distant and beyond in the cradle of the mountains facing the anger of the Storm Sea. With the driver's privacy window down he could hear the mic chatter, short and serious as pilots confirmed with ground patrols, convoy and so forth.


Checkpoint after checkpoint, through the hills and dales, past the small townships, villages, and occassional city that existed beyond the actual city-state's that dominated key areas of the Principality. The fires of industry burned night and day, lighting the sky up in magnificant oranges and reds against the bluish back drop. Each and every checkpoint had identity checked, saluting guards and so on. Through the neon glitter of Chel'de Yorn finally however, to the Imperial Palace. Home for centuries worth of rulers, maginificant construction showcased the archeticture on a rare level beyond the ulitarian. It radiated a certain level of savagery though, focal point for a sense of what might not be the brightest of places, by the art upon the walls and ceilings, and statues depicted.


Hark'at had once been to this place when the Empress Fayh had been in power, it still held him in check, though to be fair, it was not as heavy handed an experience as then had been. No lurking Olath Orn ever watching, or insidious Renor Xukuth. No, those kin had been dealt with indeed. Rows of Vlos Tagnik stood in their face mask breathing units and hazmat like assault gear, waiting. A pair of very senior House Lords calmly awaited both himself, and the Sildavialand envoy.


Along the way during the course of the travel at sea, much of the summit had already been talked about and an agreement had come forth. This opportunity at the moment was to simply have the Emperor sign the treaty of good will and faith, and to acknowledge that embassies both here and in Sildavialand would be part of the arrangement.


Which happened as he expected it to.

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