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We recently decided to jump 10 years into the future. Yes? Yes. So, I'm guessing that we've made some progress in the past decade... question is: how much?


I've got a few ideas about this:


Ceramic armor: I was at a uni last weekend as the students demonstrated their development of a kind of concrete that is twice as hard as regular construction concrete and lighter than water (they made a canoe out of it and paddled away). In my opinion, if a few uni students can work up something like that we should be able to employ something bulletproof and very light 10 years from now.




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Antigravity isn't really a defiance of the basic physical property of gravatic attraction, merely an apparatus that ionizes (and therefore, polarizes) the air around it and, since oppsites attract, thrust that air in a certain direction. The device has no moving parts, uses only electricity and is silent. Right now, there are many patents out for various lifting devices such as this... in 10 years, given the proper attention and funding, we might very well have flying cars (and a new generation of helicopter).


I could go on, but I guess I'll just post this for now and see what we think.

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