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I've a new rp idea...


Say plot #156, the former Nectaros territory, and the SDC have been engaging in some pretty lucrative trade for the past little while (a few years, to be clear). The trade is beneficial to both sides, SDC making a good sum of money from the deals, while Nectaros is becoming a more modernized nation thanks to the information technologies they've been importing.


Nectaros is something like Europa's Basque culture. For the past thousand years or so, Nectaros has been very isolationist, and because of it's out-of-the-way location in the region, it's been rather cut-off from the rest of the world.


A rather sizable group of the population is displeased with the modernization as they feel it's robbing them of their culture and nationhood. Long story short, things go awry and a civil war, similar to the one in Iraq, breaks out. No front lines, no enemies in uniform, no simple solution.


Us Occidental countries form a coalition and send in a multi-national peace-keeping force to hopefully quite things down and protect innocent civilians. The coalition forces would be lead by the SDC, who contributes the most troops and donates the most assistance to Nectaros. Violence goes down a bit and it looks like things are getting back to normal and we'll be going home soon.


The real trouble starts when a crazy Confederate General (I mean he thinks he's on a mission from god, hears voices, sees 'things' ect.), rebels against Tarentum Command and attempts to usurp the Nectaros gov't and assert himself as the nation's new tinpot dictator.


Immediately, the other nations in the coalition turn on said crazy general and a larger conflict begins. We can't simply abandon Nectaros, as Gen. Crazypants could easily march on the capitol and take over. The SDC would cut him off in terms of supplies, ect., and mobilize another section of the military and attack from the north.


Gen. Crazypants' forces are well equipt and well trained and could probably carry out a guerilla war for about 6 to 8 months if he plays his cards right (longer if they raid Nectaros military outposts). Long story short; eventually the renegade forces are beatdown and defect in the field, virtually disappearing. Nectaros learns not to trust the outsiders and reverts to it's isolationism, thus pleasing the disgruntled citizens and ending the domestic violence... Now we can all go home...



Sound like fun?

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