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I had a weird dream last night. Wierd doesn't even really begin to describe it...


Starts out with me and a few people I know in the back of a plane, ready to go skydiving. Yay! We all jump out and after a bit I look up and realize that everyone else has deployed their 'chutes. 'Course, I can't hear them telling me to pull the string cos of the wind in my ears. Anyway, I pull the string and the chute comes out, but doesn't open.


Now I'm falling quite fast, and realize that I have no chance with the parachute. So, naturally, I look around and I can see the ocean over yonder. I decide that I have a better chance of suriving if I land in the water (which is contradictory to real life). I point my body toward the ocean and stick my arms out like a bird. After a long while of falling I finally make it over the ocean, and long after that I go splashy.


That plane I jumped from must have been wwaaaaayyy up there, because whem I land in the ocean, I discover I'm near the Phillipenes, and for some reason I'm a hero once I swim to shore. My friend's sister is there, and turns out to be a reporter... though I can't hear anything she's saying/asking me because the sound of the wind in my ears won't stop.


Then my alarm goes off and I wake, and for some reason have extra confidence in myself. I feel like I could go... um... skydiving.


I'm terrified even of the idea of skydiving. But now, I feel like I could give it a shot. Weird, eh?

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I tend to have dreams which rapidly diverge from their starts. I think it's related to the fact that I tend to have my train of thought zipping along several different things at the same time. I've confused more than one of my housemates in the last few months by saying several apparently random sentences in quick succession, but they aren't random to me because my train of thought has brought these up.


I did have an odd dream recently, though, which has stuck in my mind, or at least a part of it. The dream ended with the song "Girl at the Rock Show" by Blink 182 (yeah, I know, terrible song but quite catchy) which merged into the sound of my alarm clock going off which I awoke to.

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Now if I was studying Psychology I would say you all had a bad upbringing and have sexual feeling for your parents by now, however I don't.


Philosophically speaking, as a Dualist, I would be inclined to say dreams are linked to the action of your soul, however I'm still developing my thought on that.

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Now if I was studying Psychology I would say you all had a bad upbringing and have sexual feeling for your parents by now, however I don't.

But then Freud merrily talked out of his arse and was probably to some extent was imposing his own level of f*cked-up-ness on other people. To come up with those sorts of theories one has to be very, very odd. I think some of his ideas are valid, but a lot of the other stuff just seems essentially too strange to be true, to me at least. I admittedly didn't study Freud in much detail when I did psychology at Sixth Form, but what I did read I didn't particularly agree with. The fact that you can draw quite so much out of abstract things such as dreams seems to be particularly far-fetched in my opinion.


I myself go with the idea that dreams are primarily filing away the events over the course of the day (can't remember the theory's name or who was the proponent of it). I know that doesn't cover how damned bizarre dreams are at times, but I've had a lot of which were relevent to current events in my life. For example, I used to go to a pub regularly even though I was under age. When I hit 18 and got my Provisional Drivers' License off those kind people at the DVLA, I had a dream where I went to a pub or bar regularly and got ID'd, where upon the bouncer looked at me strangely and said that he'd seen me loads of times before at the same place.


I've had others in the same vein. When I had that nice financial crisis late last year, I had a few dreams about that. I've had a few about my exams this year and even one on getting more weapons teams for my Games Workshop Imperial Guard Army (in that case, the dreams said "no", but I bought it anyway the next day).


As such, I don't think that one can ascribe dreams entirely to Freud's theories on how you want to f*ck your mum and usurp your dad.

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I can't stand Freud. His theories have so much potential but he just corrupted them with sex. I think the man himself must have had some sort of sexual tendencies. Jung was just as bad, in his case however, he completely rejected the notion of sex, even in the most blaintent of circumstances. I hate psychology.

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I dunno about all that. I think somethings can be taken from dreams. I once read a book about "how to interpret your dreams". Said things like "dreams about falling shows a lack of self-confidence or a feeling of insecurity..." and dreams about climbing (or flying) reveal the opposite.


That, to me at least, makes a little sense. If you're falling (I mean like out of a plane, not falling down stairs), you have no control over which direction you go. You can only go down... right? In that manner, it make sense that dreaming about falling and the thing about being insecure seem to fit together.


And I think it was Freud who said that cocain was one of the greatest psycological remedies ever created...

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Well, that just means that they were simpler times. The wide range of drugs, both medical and recreational, just weren't available at that time. I imagine that if Freud or any of his comtemporaries were about these days, they may well be singing the praises of some of these modern drugs.


Hell, they may well be shouting from the rooftops about E or something like that. Cocaine was thought to be a wonder drug, but probably did a fair bit of harm for all the good it supposedly did.


I didn't say that the whole imagery-meaning thing from dreams wasn't true, just that I thought that it can't be drawn from in the extent that a lot of these people think it is. There is a "dream dictionary" somewhere in my house which purports to have all the meanings of dreams in it, and how they could affect your life. I was thumbing through it, and it was saying about how its wisdom had been passed to it by Gypsies as if they were the holders of all mystic knowledge, and then I stumbled across a sentence talking about how the Gypsies' knowledge could be traced back to the Atlanteans. At that point I quickly put the book down.

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