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Just a little poem I whipped up while listening to the Halo 3 Official Soundtrack.



Lying here among the reeds

Staring into infinity

I the dark i cannot see

All the stars above of me


Unforgotten by all but time

Written in this little rhyme

With these simple hands of mine

Those silent gems we cannot mine


Silent wayfarers in the night

Guardians over all our might

Guiding travelers with cloaks wrapped tight

Sentinels blessed with endless sight


In the dark i cannot see

What is up ahead for me

But when in doubt, strength i need

They're always there, above of me

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Halo isn't just about shooting and blowing up everything in sight, you know, and the music is some of the best you'll find in any game.


But I don't have a single muse, I can get inspired by practically anything if it strikes me in a way that I could write about.

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