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The South Bleeds Red OOC

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Ok everyone this is a cold war era peice whereby I go to anneax plot 183 hereby known as Pleven.


Pleven was once a province of the former Bulgaria (Pre commie Tal Shiar). During the civil war (aka Revolution), Pleven, (along with others not part of this rp) declared independence. Not it is 1956 ten years after the civil war ended. Talemanica wants all of Bulgaria under its control, but since it just recently recovered from the civil war, it has been forced to play nice with the former provinces, now independent nations.


Now things will be set in motion to bring the two nations to war.


The State of Pleven is a moderate capitalistic leaning nation so some people may want to get involved.


The Union of Tal Shiar has alot of old equipment left over from the 40s.


So let the dominos fall where the may.


- TS

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Well I wanted this to be a period rp dated in the 50s. and have that whole cold war eraish feel about it when it breaks loose. My goal is to eventually perfom a police action and incorporate the spot into my nation unless someone intervenes.


Ive had a goal for a while to once again unify my island and to have it unified by modern times unless someone intervenes. If someone has a problem with me rping this that way i am please let me know and I will make it modern era.

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