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The Bombs of the Zangiefz


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"A legalisation passed today by Rafael Zangief has meant that a petition to unarm the W.M.D held with in the state has been rejected. The nation is currently in uproar over this decision, Rafael Zangief was unable to comment, however, Pablo Zangief, current minister of defence in Zangiefz had these words to say:


"We, the Zangiefz, are proud of our military. Being the growing nation that we are we need to protect the futures of the children with in the country, this means, we need to protect ourselves from attacks from the crueler nations who may pick upon us.


We understand how having W.M.D's and other such munitions within the country may make us more of a target by other countries, but, it is in our view the safest movement"


Radicalist Brian Engleman had this to say:


"You do not solve problems with fists, war and bombs. You can not look out for our future by using these agressive tactics, we will not stand for this."


It has been reported that Brian Engleman was taken from his home today.


This has been a Zangiefz National News special report. This has been Marcus Zangief, saying, stay classy Eutopia."

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Phil IV has expressed his deep regret that disarmament talks in Zangiefs have broken down. As a peacful nation we have started to disarm ourselves in a large way recently, and are hoping other nations will do the same.


Phil IV particularely disapproves of the retention of WMD's, having destroyed all of our own many many years ago. WMD's do not bring stability or safty to a nation, only death and destruction. There is no need for the world to have these devices.


the King himself is worried at the apparent treatement of Brian Engleman, and we call upon the Zangiefs governemtn to make a statement about their reasons for his arrest and their treatment of him in their care.


We, as a nation are deeply dissapointed that this region continues to grow with new and larger wepons.

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"Due to Phil IV's statement Rafael Zangiefz had this to say:


"In a time where W.M.D's are being dismantled at a rate of knots, keeping ours puts us in a good position against more aggressive nations. We do not believe in war, but we do know what's best for our nation in both the long and the short term.


We also have found a slight niche in the current Eutopian market, for munitions and WMD's, we may in the future be taking advantage of that soon.


Upon the topic of Brian Engleman, we don't need people like him polluting the minds of our citizens with his mindless bableing. He is being taken to a 'correctional facility' where he can be taught the rights and wrongs of our nation. He is in no harm, his family should not worry, he will return soon.


Thank you for your time.


Rafael Zangief,




Stay classy Eutopia"

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Radicalist Brian Engleman had this to say:


"You do not solve problems with fists, war and bombs. You can not look out for our future by using these agressive tactics, we will not stand for this."

Grmbl.. dry.gif We in Orioni don't like these practices, even if he "is being taken to a 'correctional facility'" where he "is in no harm". As member of the UN I am currently considering whether of not to contact the UNHCHR.


user posted imageuser posted image

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Is it human rights to be brainwashed? To be left defenceless? I think not, this is all for the people, our people, my people. They don't know what they want, they must be gently guided to see the light. The best interests for the people inside and outside Zangief, is to simply, let us get on with it. No one is being harmed.


Rafael Zangief






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The Ambassador to Zangiefs made it quite clear in a meeting yesterday that Vanarambaion would not stand for brainwashing, and would be more than willing to use its own WMDs (nuclear, not chemical) to enforce that point. "This is not the way civilized nations do business." the Ambassador also hinted that Engleman might be of Vanarambaion background, and as such, is protected by the Vanarambaion Government.

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Imperial Watch with Kleon Anaksimander-TV program that summits weekly domestic and international issues of all kind had special guests.


With a lot of work they had managed to get Emperors cousin, Valeria Laskaris, one of Empires leading diplomats to discuss recent foreign affairs. The other guest was long time Defence Minister Staurakios.


The discussions touched bit everything recent and Valeria was also asked about her part in the SSSS incident. Then the subject turned to Zangiefs?s WMD?s.


Staurakios commented recent uproar by saying:

"I understand why some people have issues with this. Recent times though are such that without proper protection, some kind of WMDs, you are in grave danger to be annexed by your stronger neighbours. This is why Byzantines have not intention to get involved in this unless someone drags biological weapons in. In that case we do not hesitate at all. Reason for this is that Bioweapons tend to be a lot more dangerous than any other WMDs."


"Thank you." Kleon Anaksimander said, "But what about this Brian Engleman-case? Should Byzantine Government also look in this?"


Staurakios did not reply. Instead Valeria Laskaris smiled icily to the Defence Minister and said: "You should remember that in the Empire you will be shot to the street by military police if you get caught robbing someones house and no one has rights to participate in Imperial politics without royal permit and religious excercises and religious talk in public is banned. I suppose mr. Engleman would like to live in our country."


"What are you suggesting at Kyria? Staurakios asked angrily. "Our system works perfectly. People are happy in general because we let them handle their private business and let them even choose city councils democratically. That looters get shot to the street is just because we thought after las war it would be convenient to leave war time criminal law in effect. No sane people risk to be shot just because of some junk nad this has been effective. We have no criminals inside of the Empire you know.What else people would wish. Do you maybe mean that government should care about public opinion? Nonsense, we know better than them what ultimately is best for the Empire."


From this point the situation deteriorated rapidly. after several more and more angry replies from either side Valeria attacked the Minister and started shouting and bashing him with softened stick one of her guards managed to give her before she would grab something harder and heavier. The Defence Minister desperately protected his head and tried to disarm Valeria. His guards that were sitting outside of the cameraview could do nothing because Valeria could tell her cousin to get rid of the nuisance called Defence Minister.


Kleon Anaksimander relaxed a while in his seat watching the scene amused. Then he stood up and walked between fighting guests and camera. "Thats all for today folks. Next time we are discussing about historical art and taking a field trip to the Naval HQ. And of course if you wish to suggest our future subjects call us. Number is on the screen. Good night."

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--- News from Tamurin ---


The situation in Zangief was an issue in the parliament today. The President and acting Prime minister William Granger hinted, that he was concerned by the construction of WMD in Zangief. Combined with the obvious lack of freedom of speech in this country this could mean that a new threat to Tamurin is rising.


The President said, that the nation should discuss what to do. He recommended a discussion about building WMD in Tamurin or building a strategic defense system.


After his speech in the parliament he called the embassy of Vanarambaion. Rumours say that the President wants to offer a military alliance in exchange for Tamurin being a part of Vanarambaions missile defense shield.

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Byzantine government has made a statement consisting of Zangiefs?s WMDs:

"To all concerned:

Every nation has right to defend itself. We will not interfere in the matter but will keep ourselves focused. If any evidence of chemical or biological weapons is seen we will act immediately as the situation demands.


Nuclear weaponry is another matter. We care not if someone has nuclear missiles for our new ASMODEUS (Anti Strategic Missile Orbital DEfence Unit System) system will take care of them. It has just entered in service and last test will be cocluded within hours and we will keep this inside of our border so do not consider it hostile."

there is an additional diagram that shows schelduled ICBM launch from the Palaiologos Space Center and its calculated trajectory to the upper atmosphere. If it will be not destroyed it is calculated to hit the moon.


That evening Palaiologos Space Center is full of Kosmodrome personnel, Defence ministry personnel and army officials. The ICBM is launced and when it reaches altitude of 40 km a bright flash from the above marks its end. ASMODEUS is active. (OOC: in reality ASMODEUS is just advanced laser defence turret system. Nothing fancier.)

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Phil IV is more than aware that we are in no postion to declare war on anybody, but then, neither should anyone else at this time! this situationis unfortunate, and may result in some terrible outcomes in the future is we do not work to stop it now!


as from this moment, Phil IV has placed major barriers to all trade with Zangiefs until Brian Engleman is returned to his home safe and unharmed. We are also concerned about Zangiefs development of WMD, and Vanarambaions apparent eagerness to use his own nuclear wepons!


WMD, if used at all, should only be used as a last resort, and threatening smaller nations with a nuclear strike is not an accepted negotiation tactic!


Protesters will be on their way to Zangiefs shortly to ead protests in the streets of Zangiefs. if they are harmed in any way then the international community will look upon it very badly!

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The Supreme Jaihuian Council has issued the following statement:


"Now more than ever it is necessary for the Jaihu to complete construction of a missile defence shield."


"We find the brainwashing of individuals to be a gross injustice akin to genocide and urge Rafael Zangief to realize the error of this practice. Zangief must take a step back from the void and commit to protecting it's citizens from the plague that is brainwashing."

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