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[HELP] about RP calculators

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I don't use them, Personally I believe they do not represent the nation one has created, there only numbers. They do not explain the reality behind them. So I never use them, I create my own economy. I say when a company rises and falls, ect... But then again, Adaptus is on a journey into isolation and Marxism, we're diving into a world free of currency, and markets.


But yeah I don't think they are a good way to decide your nations strength, it takes away some of the Roleplayness.

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Thank you for your answer, Adaptus. I understand what you say. Some days I am astonished about the changing in many figures, which have nothing to do with the items I 'solved' the past days.


Anyway, the trouble is that without any kind of figures -just these general descriptions in NS- it is difficult to roleplay with others. If there is no common reference to our budgets, currencies, etc..., it is difficult to interact. I have dealed with 'solitary' roleplaying possibilities and variants for years, but I'm trying to put it now a little more in common with NS.


As Sildavialand, we respect your country's choice of isolation. It's your choice, and this is the main thing in ALL kind of lifes (RP, RL, and whatever...)

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One of the best calculators id have to say is the one created on my last forum: see below


EuropeanAffairs GDP Calculator

Username 1:   


Nation 1:  The United Socialist States of -Tal Shiar-   

Population:  98,809,481   

Civil Rights:  Superb   

Economy:  Frightening 

GDP per Capita:  $35,000   

GDP:  $2,148,160,000,000   

National Budget:  $1,640,580,480,000 

Defense Budget:  $611,914,207,145


As I said on my old forum only the population and defense spending are taken into account, everything else is up to rp. I like this calculator better that other becasue it give understandable and easy to read numbers. Now with over 600 some billion dollors in defense spending i can say my military is simular to that of the RL USA's.


Where as on anyother calculator even with the ten percent rule i would be spending at lease anywhere from 4 to 11 trillion dollors on defense alone. Thats hard to understand from my perspective.


Now inorder to use my old calculator you need to have an account on the forum, or i coul just change your ns account in my name and then let the cal compute and get the numbers back to you.

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National Economic Statistics Value

Exchange Rate:  1 credit = $1.3311

Gross Domestic Product:  $150,760,444,634,456.00

GDP Per Capita:  $20,450.41

Unemployment Rate:  4.08%

Consumption:  $0.00

Government Budget:  $180,244,515,360,000.00

Govenment Expenditures:  $144,195,612,288,000.00

Government Waste:  $36,048,903,072,000.00

Exports:  $24,589,283,882,455.50

Imports:  $18,024,451,536,000.00

Trade Surplus: $6,564,832,346,455.54


I've come to terms and started using: http://nsdossier.texasregion.net/main.aspx


It's more reliable then sunset and a bit more comprehensive.

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