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UPDATED on 11-July-2008 = 169 (New Empire Calendar):



NAME: Sildavia, or Sildavialand

Capital City: Kronstadt

Federal Constitutional Monarchy

Motto: Pro Rege, Lege et Libertate (For Sovereign, Law and Freedom)

National Anthem: Sildavia Marsch (aka "Die Wacht am Rhein)

Territorial structure: Six Federate States - Kingdom of Iberia (four counties); Kingdom of Latinia (six counties); Kingdom of Germania (six counties); Kingdom of Britania (four counties); Kingdom of Colonias (one county, eight districts and Honaunau Reservation); Principality of Kronstadt (one county, two districts).

Autonomous Principality of Setia: independent, although economically bonded with Sildavia.


Parliament formed by two Chambers: Congress of Deputies and Senate.

Main political parties: conservative, socialist, liberal, nationalist, monarchic and republican.


Head of State: His Gracious Imperial Majesty Jorge III, from the House of Kronstadt, Imperator Sildaviae per Gratiae Deorum, Lord of Setia, Sovereign of the Holy Order of Set, Sovereign of the Cult of Set, Sovereign of the Imperial Order of Las Torres de Oro.

Consort: Her Imperial Majesty Beatriz de Kronstadt.

Heir: His Gracious Imperial Highness Jorge de Kronstadt y Kronstadt, Prince of Kronstadt. Consort: Her Imperial Highness Elena de Iberia y Catalunya (dau.of the King of Iberia).


Head of Government: His Imperial Excellency Pol Smukby, Chancellor of His Gracious Imperial Majesty (Conservative Party, leading a Coalition Government of the Conservative and Monarchic Parties), Speaker of the Congress of Deputies.

Vicechancellor: Mr. Vicecan Con (conservative), Speaker of the Senate.

Imperial Secretary of Treasure: Mrs. Josephine Boston ?sterreich, conservative (in this portfolio also: Economy, Finances, Commerce).

Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Mrs. Seca ExteCon (conservative).

Imperial Secretary of Defense: Mrs. Seca DefeCon (conservative).

Imperial Secretary of Art and Culture: Mr. Sec ArteMon, monarchist (in this portfolio also: Education, Sport, Religions).

Imperial Secretary of Social Affairs: Mr. Sec SocCon, conservative (in this portfolio: Welfare, Work, Health, Equality, Youth).

Imperial Secretary of Infrastructures: Mr. Sec InfraMon, monarchic (in this portfolio: Transport, Industry, Agriculture and Fisheries, Environment).

Imperial Secretary of Interior: Mr. Sec InteCon, conservative (in this portfolio: Police, Civil Defence, Justice).


judge.gifPresident of the Imperial Supreme Court of Justice: Her Imperial Ladyship, HH Dianae tis Latinia kai Romania, Voivoda of Latinia (neutral association).


King of the Federate Kingdom of Iberia: His Majesty Enrique 3 (House of Iberia); consort Her Majesty consort Elena da Catalunya.

Governor of Iberia: Mr. Gob IbeCon (conservative).

King of the Federate Kingdom of Latinia: His Majesty Pavlos 4 (House of Latinia); consort H.M.c. Elenorska iev Germania vitch Slavia, Princess of Germania.

Governor of Latinia: Mr. Gob LatiSoc (socialist).

King of the Federate Kingdom of Germania: His Majesty Eduarsk 5 (House of Germania).

Governor of Germania: Mr. Gob GermaCon (conservative).

King of the Federate Kingdom of Britania: His Majesty Edward 6 (House of Britania); consort H.M.c. Mary of Anglia.

Governor of Britania: Mr. Gob BritaNac (nationalist).

King of the Federate Kingdom of Colonias: attached to the Imperial Crown.

Native Cacique of the Reserve of Honaunau: Guacaipuro 1 (Colonias Tribe).

Governor of Colonias: Mr. Gob ColoLib (liberal).

Governor of the Principality of Kronstadt: Mr. Gob KronMon (monarchic).


Supreme Priestess of Set & Lieutenant of Setia: Her Imperial Holyness Elena 1 de Kronstadt y Kronstadt.



Barmy-colonel021.gifIMPERIAL STAFF:3 regiments (force 3.200); 80 cars & trucks, 115 motorcycles, 190 jeeps, 35 SAM batteries, 35 mech.airflak, 8 ferries, 43 heavy helicopters, 65 light helicopters, 80 fighters, 25 transport planes.

-IMPERIAL GUARD REGIMENT: force 3.100, 60 cars & trucks, 80 motorcycles, 1 Yacht, 2 destroyers, 10 heavy helicopters, 15 light helicopters, 20 fighters, 5 transport planes.

ARMY: force 269.650 Imperial Army (2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Mechanized Infantry Division, 1 Marine Division, 1 Heavy Cavalry Division, 1 Jeep Regiment, 1 TOAs Regiment, 1 IFV Batal., 1 Commando Batal., 1 Engineer Batal., 1 Heavy Artillery Batal., 1 SAM Batal.) (1.122 cars & trucks, 1.110 motorcycles, 1.250 jeeps, 1.000 TOAs, 500 heavy tanks, 100 heavy artillery, 100 SAM batteries, 5 AAships, 75 landing boats, 100 heavy helicopters)

NAVY: force 23.540 Imperial Navy (1 major carrier, 4 frigates, 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 4 destroyers, 4 patrol boats, 4 submarines, 5 minesweepers, 5 AAships, 20 landing boats, 5 ferries).

plane.gifAIR FORCE: force 9.800 Imperial Air Force (120 fighters, 60 bombers, 5 AWACs, 5 re-fueling planes, 200 transport planes).


STATES MILITIAS: force 199.350 (1.250 jeeps, 32 patrol boats, 100 light helicopters).


RESERVES & CIVIL DEFENSE: force 4.666.360

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Her Highness Luisa de Iberia y Catalunya, Infanta of Iberia, eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Iberia, died today at age 11 in a car crash in front of her family's residence, Palacio Iberia, in the Kingdom's capital city of Alcazar.

The car driven by a staff member of the Royal Household had just engaged the street when it was hitted by a truck. The driver could be rescued from the carwreck in fire, but nothing could be done for the Princess.


A State Funeral has taken place in the new Plus Ultra Cemetery, where H.H.'s remains were buried. The cemetery has been inaugurated for this tragic ocasion. The Imperial Family, the Royal families of the different Kingdoms as well as the Imperial Government and the State Governors attended the ceremony. The loss has plunged Iberia's Royal Family in sorrow. Iberia's Royal couple have two surviving children, Prince Guillermo (heir to the throne) and Infanta Elena.


Released at Alcazar (Cas., IB)

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Kronstadt, 147 NE.-


Sildavia's Old Constitution was adopted about 250 years, during the period known by historians as the "3rd Empire". The Constitution was provisionally applied in this new Era, but there were some incoherences in several points, and no official recognition has been given yet to the validity of the Old constitutional law.


The text has been adapted by a Committee formed by Government and Opposition parties, then introduced and adopted by the two Chambers. Afterwards it has been put to referendum and today has been adopted by a huge majority of the popular vote. 75,5% voted for, 24,5% voted against.

"It is politically very important to note"-declared Chancellor Vermont- "that 4 of the 5 States, and 13 of their 22 counties, have voted overwhelmingly for the Constitution. Therefore, our Supreme Law re-starts its life with the support not just of a majority of the people's number, but also with the support of a clear majority of the ethnic and national components which form our Nation of Nations".


The Constitution establishes, among other main points, the Bill of Rights and Non-discrimination clauses, the division of powers and a full-functioning democratic federal system. "As for the definition that the NationStates Community gives of us as a 'corrupt dictatorship'" -said the Chancellor dry.gif - "I invite them to visit our country and check the real situation. Our system is clearly based on the principles of Freedom of Thought, Opinion, Expression, Association, Residence and Movement, Religion, Demonstration, Sexual Orientation and, in general, Freedom of Action, with the only limits imposed by laws adopted democratically, and the respect to others' rights."


Emperor Jorge III promulgated the Constitution in a solemn act which took place in Kronschloss (Kronstadt). The date has been declared a National Holiday ("Constitution Day") and marked by a large numbers of festivals, celebrations, parties and parades along the entire Empire.


"We are sure that tonight our neighbours over the borders will see and hear our fireworks", declared the Imperial Secretary for Foreign Affairs. "Let them proclame our wish of Peace, Progress and Cooperation with all peoples".

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Kronstadt, 149 NE.-


The Socialist Party (member of the European social-democrats) have won Sildavia's General Elections, although with only a relative majority (38% of the votes). The Conservative Party, which was in power with the help of its coalition with the Liberal Party, has maintained its 36% of the vote. The Liberals have been the clear loosers, going down from 31 to 25%.


Anyway, the aleas of a parliamentary system forced Socialists to find a partner which whom form a majority, and the partner is of course the centrist key-player, the Liberal Party. The Congress of Deputies has voted its confidence to the socialist leader, Michael Boston, who therefore was appointed Chancellor by the Emperor. Liberals -politically sustained by an important presence in the Senate- have obtained three departments in the new Government, the same they had in the past Administration under Conservative rule: Foreign Affairs, Art and Culture, and the key-position of Vice-Chancellor.


The curious point about this government is that the Chancellor and socialist leader Mr. Boston, and the Vice-Chancellor and liberal leader Mrs. ?sterreich are... husband and wife, and parents of three teen-age children. Chancellor Boston answered questioning about the potential conflicts of such a situation: "we managed it finely during the last legislature, when I was Oposition Leader and Mrs. ?sterreich, who incidentally is also my wife, was Vice-chancellor and Leader of one of the two parties in power. I don't think that things are going to be worst now, when we are going to be on the same side. Conservatives have tried to cry 'foul play', but we have both been elected by the voters and each one maintains his or her respective convictions and platforms. I think our situation is a good example for many couples who share many aspects of their lifes, without loosing their individual ideals and identities".


No matter what the Chancellor says, the first task of the Government has been a sensitive one. On the project for upgrading fight against crime, socialists wanted a compulsory national ID card and a centralized database of information on every citizen. Liberals didn't want to hear about it, and a final compromise was adopted by the Parliament on the instalation of cameras in public areas. Conservative Oposition Leader said full of sarcasm wink.gif : "I wonder who's going to sleep in Casa Blanca's doghouse tonight..." ('Casa Blanca' being the seat of the Executive and official residence of the Chancellor and his family...).



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Kronstadt, 149 (NE).-


Through a vote in Parliament, both Chambers have approved unanimously the changing of Sildavia's national animal from the seaturtle to the Blue Unicorn.


"We think" -declared Mr. Lib2, Imperial Secretary for Art and Culture- "that although the seaturtle will always stay among our most cherished symbols, the rare and mystic Blue Unicorn of our forests should better represent the mythical character of Sildavialand".

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Kronstadt, 149 (NE).-


The Government of His Gracious Imperial Majesty has announced today the starting of a global project on the Armed Forces and Police of Sildavia.


The project has been adopted after a parliamentary debate and vote "in camera", due to the character of the measure, a major backbone of national security, which is covered by the Official Secrets Act. The Armed Forces and Police program will be developped along the next 10 years. It will mean a full organization of the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as the Federal Police. The Kigdoms' National Militias and State polices will also enter into the execution of the program.


The project is not just a theoretical exercise, but it is directly linked with budgetary realities and previsions to allow the constitution and equipment of a well-trained, modern Armed and Security Forces.


After the program was adopted, Chancellor Boston attended a press conference, in company of the Secretaries of Defence and of Interior Affairs, responsables for the Armed Forces and for the Police, respectively.


Chancellor Boston stressed that, although the details of the program constituted a secret matter, in view of the consequences it had on national security, he was well disposed to explain the main guidelines, "to ensure our neighbours and friends about the non-agressive character of our policies, and to inform our citizens about such a capital point in the life of our Country".


According to the program, Sildavia will have regular standing Armed Forces, with a special atention to the Navy, in view of our vast coastal areas. Military service will be general and compulsory for all citizens of both sexes. Right to conscientious objection will be recognized, but only as a reason for changing the unit of service (i.e., medical area, civil protection, fire brigades, etc...). Most important, each citizen will have, until the age of 50, a yearly 'recall' for a short period (max. 2 weeks) to be retrained in his or her area of defense and to adapt to new improvements. After age 50, a voluntary system will allow everybody to continue the engagement in Defence tasks adapted to their individual conditions. As Chancellor Boston pointed out: "modern warfare has prooved that even the most powerful and technologically advanced army will perhaps occupy a country, but will be defeated in time by the resistance and the global movilization of a people who decides to stand for its freedom".


Technical equipment will be developed, built and if necessary imported to arrive at the program goals. The Secretary of Defence remind that the average yearly cost ratio in modern technological "non agressive" armed forces may be put at $68.000 per individual 'at arms', this including all members (bureaucrats, auxiliary, etc...).


Finally the Chancellor declared: "we really wish to stress that Sildavia doesn't have a Secretary of WAR, but of DEFENSE. We have no intention of agression or expansion whatsoever. But we want to put two points crystal-clear: to our friends, that we are a valuable and trustful ally if they need our help; to our foes, that we shall be really dangerous and harmful if our freedom or our vital interests are attacked drillsergeant.gif ".

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Kronstadt, 149 (NE).-


Following the announcement on the new Program for the Sildavia Armed Forces, the Imperial Family starts the move with the voluntary engagement in service of the three Emperor's children.


user posted image Prince Jorge.


Crown Prince Jorge (age 16), Prince of Kronstadt, has started the first of three years of studies at the Navy, Army and Air Force Academies. His sister Archduchess Elena (age 15) and his brother Archduke Alberto (age 14) have also engaged in the voluntary corps of the Navy and the Air Force, respectively.


user posted image Archduchess Elena.


In a speech given at the Supreme Armed Forces Staff, his Majesty Jorge II adressed directly to His children as He said: "...never forget the main goal of Our family: to serve Sildavia and serve its people. Never forget that, if you are styled as 'Highness', that means that you must always reach the highest level of compromise in your duties towards them. Never forget who you are, because all what We are takes its roots and its sense in Our people...".


user posted image Archduke Alberto.


This event has boosted up the Government's campaign for a renewal of Sildavia's Armed Forces. Thousands of Sildavian enthusiastic youths have applied for voluntary service during the summer vacation period, while the general conscription at the age of 18 will start from next year on.






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Kronstadt, 150 (NE)


In application of art.29 of the Constitution, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Empire has been renewed for a new mandate of 12 years.


user posted imagePalacio de Justicia, seat of the Supreme Court.


Both Chambers of Parliament, meeting in a common session, proposed with a majority of at least 75% of the votes the four Magistrates of the Court. Mr. Socialist and Mr. Liberal have therefore been appointed by Emperor Jorge III as Magistrates, Mrs. Conservador and Mrs. Neutral-association2 have been confirmed in their previous posts. According to the same constitutional disposition, Emperor Jorge III appointed the new President of the Court, Mr. Neutral-association1.

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Kronstadt, 151 (NE)


The Imperial Government's stability has been put again under risk during the parliamentary debate on the importation of foreign cars.

Chancellor Boston's administration introduced a bill with the aim of raising the importation tariffs, while the Conservative opposition defended the abolition of such tariffs.


"Let work the market", declared Opposition Leader, "it has its laws and it will find its way like water finally does: you stay away of it, or you'll be drowned by it yes.gif ". To what Mr. Socialista1, Secretary of the Treasure, answered: "I have to remind our illustrious colleague that water may be canalized, actually it is much better for the public interest to have it canalized and not running wildly during a rainy season, or not running at all during a draught. Government is there to anticipate and manage events, not for doing a daily dance to avoid confronting these events dry.gif ".


The bill was rejected in first reading at the Congress of Deputies. The Senate saved it "in extremis", because an equality of yes and no votes was solved by the casting vote of the Speaker -who according to the Constitution is the Vice-chancellor of the Executive. This forced the bill to pass a second and final reading at the Congress, where it was adopted.


"It's good what ends good" said Chancellor Boston sweatdrop.gif . But this bold statement can't hide the lack of stability of the present ruling Socialist-Liberal coalition. Experts on Political Science from Las Torres University affirm that there will always be a problem of instability of our Governments, due to the electoral proportional system fixed by the Constitution. "No one will ever had a clear and decisive majority 1-no.gif ", they said. "Even the correction known as the 'De Hondt's system' that is incorporated to the constitutional law doesn't solve the problem ". A question which is open to debate.

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Kronstadt, 152 (NE)


judge.gif The Imperial Supreme Court has confirmed, in a decision interpreting the Constitution, that vote is compulsory for all citizens.


"The concept of right" -states the decision- "is parallel to the concept of duty. In practice, all rights have a sort of second face, which is the duty derived from the right itself; a duty to protect the right of others, or the rights of the entire society.


Everybody agrees on the fact that all citizens may be subject to taxes to contribute to the public charges and expenses, accordingly to their concrete capacity and situation. This is also true even for His Gracious Imperial Majesty, who is subject to taxes as everybody else is.


The vote is a right, but it is also a duty. A duty of every Sildavian citizen, who has to contribute to the public affairs by expressing his or her opinion on the policies that should be implemented and about the representatives who will fix and lead those policies. Of course, it is the right of every citizen to vote blank, if no candidature represents, in his opinion, the right choice he may prefer. But the act of voting itself is compulsory".


The Court has pointed that, in this case, the Emperor, His consort, His Heir and the Heir's consort are nonetheless excluded of the right and duty to vote. This is so by interpreting art. 11,1. of the Constitution, which states that these persons have to exercise their functions in a spirit of arbitrage and impartiality. Voting for any choice would go directly against these values, which are basic for the Crown.


user posted image

The Imperial Supreme Court, in Kronstadt

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Kronstadt, 152 (NE)


The Parliament of Sildavia has adopted, virtually without opposition, a Government's proposal to make organ donation compulsory, once the death of the donor had been certificated.


All parties represented in the Chambers supported the measure with the goal of cutting the number of deaths due to lack of donated organs.


"A dead person has absolutely no need of any of his or her organs. skull.gif To bury or incinerate them, when they could be used to better or even save the life of another human being, would be an intolerable waste. Family and friends of the deceased mourn the lost of a beloved one, not of some of his or her organs. A modern society can't accept a 'right over a corpse' which would prevail over the rights of living people to health and life".


user posted image

Chancellor Boston addresses the Congress of Deputies from the Speaker's tribune.
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Kronstadt, 153 (NE)


Rumors are running wild about possible royal weddings of the Emperor's three children, and specially of Prince Jorge de Kronstadt, Heir to the Throne.


Most people believe that the ruling Dynasty will, as always in the past, try to bind through marriages the States' local Royal families to the Imperial Crown. This has been the centuries-old tradition and the way to build a personal union between the Federal and the States' crowns.


But insistent rumors from usually well informed sources tell that this time, the Government would be attempting a foreign marriage for the Crown Prince, connecting the Sildavian Dynasty with another Royal family of Europa's region.


The same sources affirm that there has been even an official -although discrete- contact with the Kingdom of Adaptus to get an Adaption princess as spouse to Prince Jorge, and therefore future Empress consort of Sildavia. "Sildavia's Government hasn't received any answer from the Adaption government" -tells us some indiscrete and therefore anonymous Government source. "I think that our Government would be open to other proposals coming from other Monarchies in Europe. The fact is that a decision must be taken soon, as the Prince's majority of age and marriage will arrive in only two of our New-Empire's calendar periods [4 days in Universal Time]".


The Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lib1, was asked by journalists when he leaved the Casa-Blanca, after a meeting with Chancellor Boston. The Secretary tried first to avoid any reaction with an iciy "no comment" answer. But when he was requested to deny the rumor of the possibility of having a foreign princess as Imperial bride, he added in a further gelid tone angry.gif "we don't affirm, neither don't deny anything about this matter".


It is clear that marriages within the Imperial Family are not a private question. The role played by its Members, the fact that, according to the Constitution, an Emperor's consort may found herself as Regent of Sildavia, make of this item an important political one. "The people and their representatives have the right to be informed about it", declares the Conservative Opposition Leader, "although we understand the need of a certain discretion during the initial stages of such a negotiation. But I demand that His Imperial Majesty's Government give a clear explanation of the situation to other political representatives than their own".

user posted image

HGIH Jorge de Kronstadt y Kronstadt, Crown Prince

Edited by Sildavialand (see edit history)
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Kronstadt, 153 (NE)


A couple formed by two women of Ellas county (Latinia) wished to marry, when they found themselves confronted with the decision of the local authorities refusing to celebrate the ceremony. They alleged that marriage should only be accepted as the union of a man and a woman.


The two citizens appealed to the Imperial Supreme Court, which has settled the question through an 'Interpretative Decision' unanimously adopted by Sildavia's Highest Judicial Institution.


judge.gif The decision states that, according to art. 2,-3. of the Constitution, there are "...recognized and protected the rights of? free religion?sexual orientation? and, in general, freedom of action, with the only limits of the respect to others' rights and the respect of the Constitution and the laws democratically adopted."


The decision's explanatory chapter states further on:

"? No public institution has to follow any religious precept. Freedom of religion is a basic right. Furthermore, the only religion which is remotely connected with public affairs -for ceremonial purposes- is the Cult of Set. As everybody knows, the Cult of Set only precept is 'do as thou please, this is the whole Law'.

Free sexual orientation is a basic right, and that means of course that it may be fully exercised with no discrimination against it.

Marriage is primarily no religious affair: it is a civil institution, a contract ruled and defined by Civil Law. If someone thinks that, in addition to it, it is a religious bond, it is his or her problem. It is as well if somebody thinks that eating tomatoes goes against the Holy Church of the Blessed Salad. State Laws don't rule beliefs or non-beliefs, but legal matters and legal consequences. Civil Law states that '?marriage is a contract between two persons?', and it couldn't be different according to the Constitution.

Item plus, same-sex marriage is a right of individuals who want to marry, but of course no law or institution forces anyone to marry a person of the same sex, if he or she doesn't want to do it. If the major of Andropolis (Ellas county) doesn't want to marry another man, it is his right to refuse his own same-sex marriage. But to deny the right to marry two citizens who want it is an abuse of power from his part.

We the Court must add to it that, even if a Federal or State law would be adopted, stating that marriage is a bond only between a man and a woman, the law in question would be null and void 'per natura', because it would be contrary to the Constitution, and specially contrary to the Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution, whose reform needs a special Parliamentary Law and a vote in referendum by at least 66% of the voters and 50% of the constituencies in favor of the reform."


The Supreme Court has not just ruled in favor of the lawfullness of same-sex marriage. In addition to it, it has condemned the major of Andropolis (Ellas) for abuse of power and denial of rights to two citizens. Among other consequences, the major has to resign from his post, as such a penalty means that he is deprived of the right of exercising any public post during the next five years.


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Kronstadt, 153 (NE)


His Gracious Imperial Majesty's Government has officially introduced a request to be put on the Map of Europa. The claim has been sent by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr.Lib1, to Europa Regional Authorities. The territory is known as n? 44, in the Northern Rosario Sea, in the northeastern temperate area of Europa.


The claim involves also four minor islands around the main one.


user posted image

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Kronstadt, 153 (NE)


The debate on priorities for next years' budget has taken place in Sildavia's Parliament with the lack of cohesion among government partners which has been the norm during the present legislature.


The Government's common position, presented by Chancellor Boston himself -and not by the Imperial Secretary of Treasure, as it should have been expected- put priorities in Social policies, welfare and health. The Conservative Opposition wanted Education as main point. Other alternatives (Defense and Public Order, or alternatively a major cut in taxes) didn't receive any serious support from representatives. The absence of the ultraminoritary Nationalists among them explain that Defense and Public Order -one of their major obsessions- wasn't taken into account. Concerning cutting taxes down, they are already so low, that nobody wants to assume even hypothetically the possibility of reaching Government with lower taxes cutting the public revenue to a level of "ruling the Nation: mission impossible".


The Government reached a majority, but as usual on the brink of rupture. Congress of Deputies voted in favour only thanks to the Chancellor's casting vote. The Senate endorsed the Congress position, but only through the abstention of its non-elected member, the Lieutenant of Setia. Vice-chancellor ?sterreich, Speaker of the Senate, voted against her own Government's proposal, because her party -Liberals- were more sympathetic with the Conservative Opposition than with their coalition partners the Socialists.


As usual, Conservative Opposition Leader appeared rejoicing in view of the majority's division. licklips.gif "Voters are really tired about this bad soap that the ruling Boston-?sterreich family are offering them. They will reflect it at next elections", he said.


user posted image

Vice-chancellor and Speaker of the Senate Mrs. Ludwiga ?sterreich addresses the Chamber on the budgetary issue.


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Kronstadt, 153 (NE)


The instability of Sildavia's Governments, due to the lack of clear parliamentary majorities, has been addressed by a special Committee formed by all political parties, elected representatives and political and social scientists of Las Torres University.


The results of its work has been passed as a Constitutional Law modifying art. 20 of the Constitution. Following the legal procedure, the projected reform has been put under referendum and obtained a massive 92% of votes in favor. The Emperor has signed the new Law in Kronschloss, which is the official seat of the Crown -although not the Imperial Residence, located at Jorgenschloss.


According to the new dispositions, starting from next elections on, the Congress of Deputies will have 200 members. 50 will be elected through proportional system (with D'Hondt correction) by the entire population of Sildavia. 150 will represent the six States, each one forming a constituency, accordingly to its respective population. Each State will have at least 10 deputies. The electoral procedure to be followed in each State is the proportional system with D'Hondt correction.


The elected members of the Senate will be doubled, two senators per State. Each citizen will have the possibility of voting only a candidate. The two most voted candidates will be elected Senators of their respective State (Kingdom or Principality).


The Chairman of the Reform Committee, Professor Warren from Las Torres University, explained the sense of the constitutional modifications: smartass.gif "we hope that further possibilities for larger majorities will be created with the enlarged number of representatives. In any case, we have to live along with the proportional system, even if it means the multiplication of parliamentary groups and a difficulty to form a ruling majority. The system "winners takes all" is absolutely contrary to all our political and social traditions. It will leave significant minorities with no representation and no voice in the leading of public affairs. We have to choose between two problems, and we opted out the worst one".


user posted image

Sildavia's Imperial Parliament building in Kronstadt. The left wing is the Congress of Deputies, the right wing the Senate.

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Kronstadt, 154 (NE)


The Socialist Party, leaded by Chancellor Michael Boston, has won Sildavia's General Election with a clear parliamentary majority. This allows Boston to form a one-party Executive, thus firing the Liberals with whom he was colligated until now.


The new composition of the Chambers has been applied for the first time after the constitutional reform. Popular voted for socialists has reached 46,5 %, while the second voted part, Liberals, obtained 26,2. Conservative Opposition arrived at a poor 17,7% against all their hopes for change.


The Congress of Deputies has a clear socialist majority (110 deputes from 200), as well as the Senate (7 senators from the 12 elected members). But for the first time, a Nationalist (extreme-right) minority has entered both Chambers (10 deputies and one Senator).


The Emperor has confirmed Boston in his post as Chancellor and has appointed -after the Chancellor's proposal- some new socialist members of the government, substitutes to the former liberal ones.


"Our foreign policy will not change a single iota", declared the new Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Soc7. "Our neighbours and friends can always count with a peaceful and cooperative Empire of Sildavialand".


Again the human aspect is given by the fact that Mr. Boston's wife, Ludwiga ?sterreich, was the liberal Vice-chancellor of the last government. She will now continue to live at Casa-Blanca, the Chancellor's Official residence, but just in her 'consort condition'. As they did already in the past, Boston and his wife assured that this wouldn't mean any trouble for them. "We separate clearly our private affairs from our public ones", they said.


user posted image Chancellor Michael Boston

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Las Torres (155 NE)


The Prince of Kronstadt, Heir to the Throne of Sildavia, has failed his exams at the Faculty of Economics in Las Torres University, the oldest and most prestigious academic center in the country.


A new generation arrives at its academic years and several thousands of Sildavian youth enter the faculties of Las Torres University, a centuries-old institution. Among them is Prince Jorge of Kronstadt, the eldest son of our Emperor and His heir. Prince Jorge had been following a three-year-long period of military studies in the Imperial Academies of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. He passed his examinations with full credits and begun then a period of civil studies, choosing Economics as his major degree.


But His Imperial Highness couldn't cope with the exams at Las Torres Economics' and didn't reach the level to pass his first semester. He failed again in probation and according to the rules he had to leave university.


The event has caused a storm in the political world, as well as a major upheaval in the public interest. The prestige and image of the Monarchy are of course at stake. Rumors about the supposed Emperor's fury against His son run wild angry.gif and the opposition accuses the government of improvisation and lack of council in the preparation of the Prince's studies.


Mr. Eduard Catalunya, Archdean of Las Torres University, has declared that, in fact, the Prince has apparently been victim of a very bad tutoring and guiding into his civil academic career. "His Highness is not short of intellect and he has proved it sufficiently. But I am afraid that his experience in the Military Academies didn't prepare him for a completely different world. In any case, I think that he has reached the best degree he could achieve for His future responsibilities: to learn that equality of opportunities and reward of merit are the supreme laws in our Nation. With all my respects, I think this experience is much better for Him than any degree in Faculty matters".


Polemic is served and the Nation's medias are widespreading it with gusto. The Imperial House guards complete silence about the question and the Princes hasn't been seen during the last days out of Jorgenschloss, the Imperial family's residence in Kronstadt.


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Kronstadt, 157 (NE)


Emperor Jorge III and Empress Beatriz inaugurated today two major dams which will cover 70% of Sildavia's energy needs. These gigantic engineering works have created two new lakes in the Central Sildavia area.


user posted imageMap of Central Sildavia with details of both Dams.


North of Kronstadt is Lago-to Dam, which has created Lago-to Lake in the valley area of two different States, Iberia and Germania. The hydroelectric power station will cover 30% of the national energy demand.


Northeast of Kronstadt is Jorgensee Dam, entirely in ?sterreich county (Germania), whose energy production amounts to 40% of national energy demand.


Both works have been built under a mixed public-private consortium formed by the Federal Government, the States' administrations and a private firm, Sildavenergy Company. Work have lasted for four years until the completion of both dams have been achieved.


In two subsequent ceremonies, Their Majesties inaugurated first Lago-to Central, and Jorgensee Central later. Chancellor Michael Boston and the Secretary of Infrastructures, Mrs. Infrasoc, were also present.


Both lakes will not just serve as energy sources, but also as reservoirs for many Sildavian cities and towns, as well as environmental protection and recreation areas.


Chancellor Boston stressed the importance of the mixed public-private venture under which the enterprise have been achieved. "The socialist government believes in private initiative and in free market, although we want to put common interest and solidarity in the first place", he declared. "This proof that both goals can be pursued in mutual harmony ".


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Kronstadt (159, NE)


user posted image

Richard Berlin, new Head of the Executive


Sildavia's General Elections brought a major change in Government. Socialist Party in power obtained a short victory, loosing many seats to the Conservatives. The extreme-right Nationalist Party has won some 30 seats in the Congress and the Governorship of a big State, Latinia.


Chancellor Michael Boston needed a coalition with another political force to stay in power, but no party wanted to support him for a third legislature after being two in post. Liberals offered a coalition to the 'young wing' of the Socialist Party, which got the majority in the Party Council, forcing Chancellor Boston to resign.


Socialist new and younger leader, Mr. Richard Berlin, obtained the confidence of the Congress of Deputies and was therefore appointed Chancellor by the Emperor. Mr. Berlin has formed a socialist-liberal cabinet.


The new Government has a comfortable majority in the Senate, but a short one in the Lower Chamber. Political analysts foresee problems in the near future.



Cancellarius: Richard Berlin

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Kronstadt (165 NE)


Chancellor Berlin's government has suffered a parliamentary defeat when his proposal on affirmative action in education was rejected in Parliament.


The socialist-liberal coalition under Berlin's leadership was divided on the matter of ensuring special measures to minorities in the field of education, and specially at university level. While socialists like Chancellor Berlin supported the measure, liberals like Vicechancellor and Sp?aker of the Senate Nicolaso Bergamo, or like the Imperial Secretary of Arts and Culture -responsible of Education- were decidedly against.


As a result, Government's bill passed a first lecture in the Congress of Deputies, was rejected by the Senate, and finally defeated in the second and final lecture in the Congress.


Conservative and Nationalist parties, in the opposition, voted also against the proposal. Conservatives even menaced of denouncing the bill, if adopted, as unconstitutional before the Supreme Court.


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Kronstadt, 166 (NE)


Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs declared today that the Government is concerned huh.gif about Tal Shiar's internal crisis. Mr. ExtLib met journalists at the end of a Cabinet meeting in Casa-Blanca.


"Tal Shiar has the largest GDP in Europa and their budget portion dedicated to Defense amounts to 63%", said the Head of Sildavian Diplomaty. "They have nuclear weapons and they have openly declared it. Of course, their political problems are an internal matter and we don't want to mix up with them as such. But the fact is that Tal Shiar's Chairman Jovtvev is being criticized in his more slightly moderate politics towards other countries by his own high ranking military officers, who are ultra-conservatives like all revolutionaries tend to become once their revolution is institutionalized. This may have consequences for other European Nations... and not precisely nice ones. We ask all of them to carefully follow the events in Tal Shiar". unsure.gif


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Kronstadt, 166 (NE)


Parliament adopted today a Government's bill banning firearms for all except the official military, police and security services. The measure directs the upheaval of public opinion after a gunman killed three people in a suburban shooting rampage.


The leading Socialist Party pushed forward the measure with the lukewarm support of their liberal coalition allies. Conservatives and Nationalists opposed, but the bill was adopted in its first lecture by both Chambers.


Chancellor Berlin was present at the press conference in Parliament Building, accompanied by the Secretary of Interior, to proof that this question is of first importance for his Administration.


"We hear all the time that this measure will allow criminals to use guns, while common people will be disarmed", said Chancellor Berlin. "It is statistically proven that a multiplication of firearms among the population means an exponential growth in the number of such kind of weapons ending in the hands of the most anti-social, unbalanced and dangerous individuals. Our society is not a Far-West or North-Western Frontier one, but a culturally developed and civilized community. We think that violence is part of human nature, but this doesn't mean that we want it running wild. Violence can and must be controlled and canalized through educative and social means and be transformed into a constructive and creative force through sports, through arts, through free competition balanced with solidarity and protection of the weakest elements of society".


To the aggrieved hunters' associations and brotherhoods, Berlin added: "Hunting as a mean of control the environmental balance is not hampered by this law, because the States' and Imperial Services of Rangers are included among the security forces with firearms at their disposition. If you wish to practice private hunting, you may do so with the traditional legal licenses and limitations , but using the noble and ancient methods of bows, arrows and spears. If you want to practice a sport, you may do it, but don't try to call a butchery a sport. Conservatives usually say that they defend valuable traditions. For once, I agree with them: be traditional and forget about using firearms during your hunting week-ends".


Finally, when the arm industry representatives expressed their concern about the loss they will suffer, Chancellor Berlin answered: "No way. We are precisely ending our several years-long project -begun under past governments- to implement modern and effective Imperial Armed Forces and States' Militias. The industry is overwhelmed with the orders they are receiving from the public sector to arm these forces, which go from officers' small pistols to missiles. Sildavia's arm industry is healthy, the government will ensure it will stay healthy, because it is an important tool of our national sovereignty and independence".


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Secretariat of External Affairs


There is no internal crisis in the glorious Union of Tal Shiar. The Union of Socialist States of Tal Shiar is strong and will remain so dispite the opinions of a few men. Nikolay Jovtvev is a young and brillant man who brought peace to the union after the civil war. His policies are seeking to take care of the people of the Union as and military spending has risen during his leadership. National security is the main concern of the Chairman and the people of the Union support him.

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Kronstadt, 166 (NE)


The Press Office of H.G.M's Chancellery made public the message that Sildavia's Head of Government Richard Berlin has sent to Tal Shiar's Chairman Jovtvev.


The message addresses Tal Shiar's denial of the existence of an internal political crisis in the Union, a crisis which have arisen concern in Sildavia's Executive.


The exact content of the message is the following:


"Dear Chairman and colleague,


we are happy to know that your leadership is uncontested in your glorious Nation of Tal Shiar, and that the international gossip about an internal crisis is proven false.


You realize of course that the power and capacities of Tal Shiar are too great to be ignored by Europa's members. Any major event in your Nation, although only under your own incumbency and competence, may arise the interest and speculations everywhere in the Region.


Our Head of State, His Gracious Imperial Majesty Jorge III, has commanded me with the task of sending you, Mister Chairman, His best wishes of success in the exercise of your presidency and of prosperity for the peoples of your Union.


Personally, as Head of the Executive Power of Sildavia, I assure you of the friendship of our people towards Tal Shiar, and of the highest consideration of our Government to you and your Nation.


Looking for a future of cooperation and friendship between our countries,

Most sincerely,


Richard Berlin, Chancellarius Imp."


The fact that the message has been sent 'from the summit to the summit', instead of using the usual way of Foreign Affairs departments, proofs the importance that Sildavia's Government gives to its relations with the United Socialist States of Tal Shiar.


Asked about his opinion on the message, the Leader of the Conservative Opposition backed up the Government's foreign policy. yes.gif "there is an agreement on such kind of State matters", said Conservative leader. "We have been unofficially informed before the sending of the message and we support His Majesty's Government in this question".


At the contrary, the extreme-right Nationalist Party, a minority in the opposition, has been very critic about the message. angry.gif "It is unacceptable submissive towards such a Communist regime. We are totally against anything represented by them. We believe in Sildavia's supremacy and we'll always fight for it", proclaimed the Nationalist leader.

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