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Reaching out to Europa - Diplomacy

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Diplomatical Message


To: Foreign Ministry - The Imperial Republic of Vocenae

From: Foreign Ministry - The Great Queendom of Suverina

Re: Aid


Highly honoured diplomats of the Imperial Republic,


We have for quite a while now been aware of the situation in the Imperial Republic. We deeply regret that we haven't been able to contact you earlier. The liberal economy of Suverina is doing great, and due to our prosperity, we feel that we need to lend out a helping hand. Suverina is open to start negotiating terms for aid to the Imperial Republic; we are glad to be able to say that we can offer you almost any sort of aid you'd prefer.




Foreign ministry of the Great Queendom of Suverina


In the foreign ministry's building 15:34


"If this move is successful we might be able to acquire a new ally!"


"Yes, (the foreign minister pauses for a few seconds) and we do badly need allies to further improve our situation in Europa. Most nations look at us with angry eyes. The belligerent actions from our side have been necessary to confirm the legitimacy of the young Queendom. Many of our enemies still wish we were a right wing dictatorship again. (He takes a deep breath) But we have shown the strength of our nation. We must now seek friends and show Europa what a friendly country we really are."


"I am certain of our success comrade Minister"

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"The Suverinians? Hell, that's practically selling the swords that'll slit our own throats. Or more rather, letting thieves into the house."


The man took a long drag of his cigarette and exhaled slowing, savoring the rush of nicotine as it crawled through his veins. The smoke curled lazily towards the ceiling of the small room, thickening the soup that was forming there. He glanced at the thinning reed of a man that sat across from him, all points and angles from obvious weight loss. His colleague had obviously suffered during the war, how he was this many steps ahead of everyone already was a mystery.


"The next thing you'll be telling me is that the bloody Easterners are wanting to cut a deal."


"Would we turn it down? COULD we turn it down? Arco is still a irradiated crater and the blasted Tagmatines and Adaptons are simply patting us on the back and telling us to go away, frankly I think it would be stupid not to begin talks with the Miirosi."


The man sighed and tapped the cinders off the ever dwindling edge of the cigarette into the ashtray on the table. "I know that, damnit, their money and support is just as good as anyone else's, maybe even moreso...I'm already regretting the deal we made with the Haru."


"That really was a blind move you made there, I told you the offers would come if we just waited for the world to start turning again. But look at the bright side, we already know what we're getting into with the Suvvies, and at worse we can simply help them bloody their noses again."


"If they don't do it alone. They are considered a rogue state by most of the region, remember."


"Yes yes, I know that, and I remember how they tried to pull off that horribly clumsy espionage mission on us back in the CIS days. I know it's risky but again, what have we got to lose?"


"Fine, whatever gets things back to normal and keeps the plan moving."


"Excellent, I'll have that girl of Cressen's draft a short statement. She's a better intelligence officer than you'd think a spy would make."


"That doesn't make her any less of a prostitute."


The two men eyed each other warily through the thin haze of smoke as the tension in the small room rose slightly. It was a collision of powers and opinions, though this arguement had always been dominated by the smaller of the two men. After several long moments the smoker looked away and began to complain about something trivial. The smaller man smiled, the politicians never did like it when they were bullied.


The more things changed, the man realized, the more they stayed the same...


TO: The Queendom of Suverina

FROM: The Imperial Republic of Vocenae

SUBJECT: Mutual Trade Agreements


It is good to see that some of our old CIS friends have not forgotten their comrades! We must say we are curious to your proposal, and would like nothing more than to discuss it further in person. Perhaps we can make arrangements for an ambassadorial meeting at our embassy there?



Councilman Teras Uthil

Interim Foreign Affairs Minister

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