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Returning from the Dead

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Hello, once again everyone! Suverina has once again returned to nationstates. I can't promise I'll be that active here though.


So, the reason for me to start this thread is to orientate a bit. I want to know what's going on and what I should be doing.


So, what is going on at the moment, are there any wars or conflicts? Other interestign events that are happening?


Now My nation. First if I'll join in on the RPing will probably RP the situation in my nation. What is going and and will make some events so that a few things will change.


As I haven't been around for a while I'll probably make quite some changes to my nation overall. I hope you'll accept this.


I want to refresh things about my nation, culture, structure and all. Of course I will still regard what has happened in the past during RP's. I guess I'm still seen as a belligierent(sp?) nation even though we have been isolated for quite a while now.


My primary idea is to have some changes in politics. The Queens healts is detoriating and she is too ill to have any control. This is the opportunity the military has been waiting for.


They have hated the democratic and economical reforms that has taken place. They wish to regin complete state control over everything. They would also prefer a military dictatorship, much like the ones that were dominant in Suverina during 1960's to 1990's.


The queen is extremely loved by the population and her charisma and intelligence have kept the nation together ever since she was crowned. But as she loses her grip other seek power, corruption grows, foreign influence increases etc..


Suverina is a very socialist, as you may remember. Even though some reforms have taken place (I've RPed them) and Suverina now has a mixed economy even though the government has very large control over the industry and still are main owners of many companies.


Suverina is also at war, somehting that mustn't be forgotten. We are fighting in Salvinoria on the side of the royalists. The reason for Suverina to enter was that a coup had taken place and ousted the king. Suverina's reason wasn't to help them though, it's to take control over the country even though they will have their own king the nation will be a puppet of Suverina. Most nations will probably regard it as Suverin land conquered in imperialistic manners. But that will be your choice. We'll see what will happen there. I guess it mostly has been a stalemate during my "isolation".

The military is of course deeply concerned over the situation. As Suverina failed to crush the "rebels" quickly the world might view us as weak.


Although Suverina could probably have won by now, but we have limited our amount of soldiers and equipment trying to get loyalists to join our army. By doing so Suverina hopes that the world will view it as Salvinorias war and not a war of Suverin imperialism.


My navy would probably have come a good way on it's modernizationprogram I RP:ed. Probably adding a few of those nice cool carriers.



Ideas or any inout are welcome, and please inform me of the current situation.


Suverina is looking to strengthen bons with old allies(I know thay aren't many tongue.gif ) and to find new allies and friends.


I will probably try to be a bit more neutral and diplomatic in my actions from now on.

I guess this is it, I guess I've returned.. But I beg you, please be nice, I'll try to be as nice as I can. I consider myself to be in a quite fragile state, I want to go back hear and have fun. I might still make misstakes, if I do, please correct me, but in a nice and polite way.


But I hope my behaviour will always be faultless. If not I will be open to discuss anything in a good and constructive manner.




Edit: Oh, yhea, and, does any nation and my nation have any agreement or other special relations? (My memory need to be refreshed)


Edit 2: I've checked out those nations that seem to most active here. Even though my population is quite small in comparision, my economy is still very strong! One of the strongest actually when counting total GDP. That's good, so I can still have some power influnce and not be bullied around completely.

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Soviet Union type? Do you consider USSR to have been som sort of democracy? tongue.gif


You seem to be a very free non-dictatorship country at all. But, but..


Greetings fellow Socialist! If you are willing I can see great bonds of friendship develop between our two socialist nations! cool.gif


It's always good to befriend with the strongest country in the region, how would you like your butt-kissing dear sir*? smile.gif


*Or madam

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Fascist that I am, you were one of the few if only socialist nation that mine had a trade agreement and non aggression pact with. If you are willing, Machina Haruspex is available for military and consumer trade once more. The rest of Europa might have forsaken you, but we have not.

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Event though Haruspex is economically inferior to Suverina(wink.gif) I still wish to maintain our unholy alliance. I guess it would benefit us both.


Besides, Suverinas socialism would probably be descriped as fascism by other socialists. Even though we officially claim to be socialist there aren't that much socialist heritage left. Our socialism is much like early Per?nism, a mix between socialism and fascism.


So, let's keep the trade routes open! Hopefully we can increase our cooperation. smile.gif


Edit: What do you all think of my new Signature btw?

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Well, I'm more or less a democracy again, since the military chain got blown up (literally) in my civil war. I've been looking for reconstruction aid and so far I have a deal with MH that is so under the table that (insert crude sex joke here).


I'd be willing to make another such deal with you Suv.


Another thing is that we've been sorta trying to advance our current setting to ten years in the future, but we keep being lazy or having bad ideas on how to make that thread work.

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That certainly sounds interesting to me. What have you in mind, i.e. what would it include?


I'm willing to give you basically what ever you want. smile.gif


But I do suspect you're just trying to get closer to me so you can pursuade me to cause some ruckus. tongue.gif

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Civilian building materials, infastructure support and such. I had a city leveled by a nuke and had several others shot up so I need whatever I can to rebuild them.


I think of it more as my leaders seeing a more viable trade partner in a former ally and wouldn't be as eggfaced if it was discovered, giving MH's reputation in the region.

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The Empress's rule did leave a bit of a stigma on my nation, and even more since the civil war ended in a seccessionist state near Tagmatium's border instead of her death. Still as it goes, I can have the colonial nation of Kaldana be my open source trade to anyone really while the real trade happens from the Imperialist Government base of the Emperor.

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Civilian building materials, infastructure support and such. I had a city leveled by a nuke and had several others shot up so I need whatever I can to rebuild them.

Okay, we could probably supply a lot of that. I'll write you up something formal soon.


I'll write another formal letter to you as well Haruspex. smile.gif

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Welcome back, man.


I'm going to say that the GHET probably will remain rather cool towards the GQS, primarily because of the way your government threw away our alliance very quickly and mined international waters in a way that threatened Tagmatine control of the Canal.


You read the "A River Runs Red" thread of mine and Beau's? I think that might interest you.


By the way, nice sig, Suv. You do the work yourself?

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I thought our relations would remain quite cool, I was aware of that when I did my actions. I just had to show the world that Suverina should be listened to othwerwise you don't know what we do. Prestigeminded dictatorships tent to do crazy stuff...


Besides, you and I manage to cooperate quite well (OOC that is for now) so we can play along quite nicely with incidents and other fun events.. Like spying and stuff like that.


I shall read it! smile.gif


Yes, I like to make my sigs myself, feels better. Although I'm thinking of removing my CoA at the bottom to the right.


I think the banner shows the contrasts of Suverina quite nicely as well.

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Which reminds me.... I need to make my new flag...


By the way Suv, Adaptus still doesn't like you very much tongue.gif As it becomes more leftist, it sees your country as a false version of what Marx would have wanted, a rather hollow socialism.


EDIT: Hint hint...nudge nudge..... Lets cause some ruckus tongue.gif

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Suverina doesn't like Adaptus as well. Besides we probably owe you lots and lots of money due to quite a lot of confiscated resources and other sh*t when we broke of relations. So if we were to ever get friends again it would be under the terms not to pay compensation. tongue.gif


But you being more socialist does make it easier to become friendlier again. Socialist, even hollow ones, are usually good to have as friends. tongue.gif


Besides, power is to change in Suverina.. Temporary or permanently, you'll see... wink.gif


Taggie, if you provide me some pics and stuff maybe I could throw together something for you(?)


I will try to cause at least some ruckus, but probably more nicely with a low amount of craziness. wink.gif

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Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of inalienable rights in which people are free to produce and trade


So you can't really plan capitalism, you must let it happen... wink.gif


Sure Taggie, just tell me if you change your mind though. smile.gif




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