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Hello, Europa!


If you've got time to burn on the internet like I have, you've probably encountered webcomics.


I'm asking what you read and/or what you'd recommend to the other people on this forum.


My personal favourite has to be: Concerned: the Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. It's based upon Half-Life 2 (not any of the subsequent episodes; it finished after slightly over 200 strips) and is essentially about a chap named Gordon Frohman, a massively incompetant person, who follows a similar story to Gordon Freeman.


Another good one, although it's yet to come to any sort of end is Order of the Stick, although I don't come from a DnD background.


Others I read are:

VGCats (About video games, a lot of which whose main characters tend to get replaced with anthropomorhic representations of the author's pet cats. Odd, but usually fairly amusing)

Explosm (usually rather off-putting)

White Ninja (massively random)

the Zombiehunters ('bout a zombie apocolypse. Varies between funny and serious. More serious as of late.)

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