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The Mars Manifesto.

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OOC: Just a small thing I'm putting together. It's a small RP about the movement which turned Adaptus into an isolationist, independent state. It's about the movement which later leads Adaptus to denounce religion and everything human.


I'm setting it on a youth partially colonised Mars. A planet hostly populated by Adaptons, but also at this time populated by other Europans. Around this time, Adaptons are beginning to look forward into the future and with there philosophical minds, see it as a chance to start again. A new movement rises and becomes the new faith in Adaptus. It's sparks off the Heresy and a civil war. The biggest division in Adapton society since the Great Adapton War.


Some scene setting them. Think of Mars as partially breathable by now, as it's about the year 2255, and terraforming started on Mars around 150 years ago, so it's had time to take effect. However despite the atmosphere being slightly breathable, it's still barren think of it like a red wild west as this point. A sort of Martian cowboy bebop. It's at this time things are looking slightly fuzzy for the future, and people are not sure how it will go. A group of Existentialists on Mars take the first steps, they publish a manifesto, similar to that of Marx's, but of a new utopia, it's this manifesto that sparks the movement.


Feel free to jump in at any time if you wish. It's just something different. At the end of it, Adaptus becomes a new nations, and the Martian Republic described in Haru's shadows of the past thread.




Fredrick Nietzsche,was the great grandson of the famous philosopher of the same name. He lived on Mars and was one of the, what were referred to as Mars hopefuls. He lived in one of the largest of the colonisation communities on Mars, New Sparta. He lived as a scholar, just as his great grandfather, he to was an existentialist. He believed in the highest form of individuality, and had small time for religion. He had established a small community in New Sparta. In a rather large bar in the south part of the colony, he had set up the Nietzsche Club, a club dedicated to his great grandfather, and to discuss what was what. Adaptons loved there debates and there philosophy, and on Mars was no exception. Mars had came to be seen as a barren lawless land, where philosophers could revel, and many radicals existed. Nietzsche was soon becoming one of these radicals.


"Fredrick my good man, you are a genius, who could actually bring prosperity to this place after all."


"Yes good boy, you have a knack, and uncanny knack, you have a gift."


"Well I.."


"Ha, the lad knows it. He's a credit to his grandfather..."


"Thank you..."


"No Fredrick, thank you!"


As the meeting ended, many people were leaving the bar. The nights entertainment saw Fredrick talking about a new work he had put together, whilst cleaning his home. He had recently found his grandfathers copy of Marx's Communist Manifesto. He flicked through it several times. By now Marxism was almost obsolete. The solar system was full of nothing but pirates, and smugglers, people out for money, and business, capitalism was king, and socialism was falling into obscurity. Only the traditionalists on Europa still talked about waving the red flag. But none the less the book made sense.


Ha had also came across his fathers copy of Plato's 'Republic', this too he read with great enjoyment. over the next few weeks he had pondered on the two. He while he did, things began to emerge to him. Scenarios and thought experiments. 'What ifs' and 'why nots'. Nietzsche had an idea. He had wrote what he came up with down, and finally, he had finished. Tonight he spoke of Fulfilmentism.

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By now word had got out of Fredrick's new theory. The possibility of a new utopia had turned a few heads on Mars, not to mention on Europa. People were talking, and much like the Gnostics of antiquity, they began to spread, but also like the Gnostics, they had there enemies. Traditional Adaptons in other colonies did not like the new theory, nor did they have any intentions for it to grow. Despite this however, it did grow.


Fredrick had just finished his second lecture, on Fulfilmentism, this time, explaining the details more carefully. Tonight's lecture was on the role of government, and the people in the bar loved it. A world in which governments did not have any direct contact with the people, where the people were free to live as they pleased. A world where government looked after it's people from afar. A world in which laws did not exist, nor did crime. It was truly Utopia, and for once there was a chance to make this reality. There was only one major problem. It was a republic.


As he spoke, Nietzsche gained listeners, some he wished he never gained, some he could never have done without. After the lecture, a group of men approached Nietzsche. He knew some of them from previous lectures, young scholars who loved his lectures, others he had never seen before. In total five young adults came up to him.


"Hi Mr Nietzsche."


"Ha...please, call me Fredrick my friend, I told you last time."


"Sorry Fredrick, ha... These are my friends, Gaius Hegel, Philo Descartes, Cicero Besnedvedev, and Aristo of Sinope. We're all enthusiasts of your new concept. It's an excellent work."


"Yes, Mr Nietzsche..." One of the others stepped in, one which he had never met.


"Please, Fredrick, Please..."


"Sorry, Fredrick. your work is a great thing, we were wondering, as we run a Thought Magazine, if we could interview you please."


"Really? you think it's that good?"


"Yes certainly."


"OK... What is it you would like to ask?"


"Well first of all..."


As the group interviewed Fredrick, other people were watching, other more important people. Even though it had began colonisation, Adaptus was still ran from Europa, a parliament still met, and a King still at on the throne. The Hollowfield Dynasty was long gone, but the Centurii Dynasty was in it's prime. King Alphred Charles Desimus Centurii V. The Centurii Dynasty had ran Adaptus with a hands on approach, taking it back to an almost aristocratically ran state, something which the Hollowfields worked against. There was what was being called as a puppet Prime Minister, Lord Xavier De Beauvoir, along with an almost defunct parliament. However this was not such a bad thing, culturaly, the status quo had been kept, if not expanded. Only politically the state was in tyranny. However, that did not mean it was all the same. The Centurii Dynasty had established an iron fished police force on Mars, to stop piracy, and dissent, and they were looking ad Nietzsche. No one was allowed to get too influential on Mars, the risk of something kicking off there was too high. So as the police watched, Nietzsche moved forward.

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OOC: Just a little bit of OOC before I start this post. Just about Mars colonies. The colonies on Mars are huge, and crammed with people, one colony on Mars by now is about the size of half a plot on Europa, almost the size of small nations dotted bout the Martian landscape. But they are that size due to the mass exodus of people looking for a new life.




It had been a while now since the initial hype of Nietzsche's first lectures of his theory, the cloud was beginning to settle, and Nietzsche was firmly seated as one of the greatest Philosophers of his time. He had even been offered a place in the New Sparta government, but declined, as he wonted to finish his new book before he moved on to anything else.


To Nietzsche, a new world was opening. He was enjoying his new influence. Thanks to him, and his system, New Sparta had became an almost crime free, and self sufficient colony, it was rare that New Sparta ever contacted the Adapton government any more. It was becoming independent, something Adaptus was did not like.


back on Europa, the colonies were seen as violent barbaric lands where law was on a knifes edge, one slip and a colony could be lost forever, so they were kept under a close eye. especially by Adaptus. The Federation had commissioned a new defence force for the close protection of Mars. The Martian Defence Fleet, was the largest space fleet in the solar system at the time, solely to act as a deterrent to the Mars colonies.


New Sparta was becoming increasingly isolationist towards the Adapton central government, which was brining it to the attention of the Centurii's. The police on Mars had been dispatched to New Sparta without the government of New Sparta being informed. They had been enacting some surveillance on Nietzsche for the past few days, but nothing had come up. He was to busy locked in his house.


After several days, Nietzsche appeared, like an angel to the New Spartans, like a Demon to the Adaptons. He had released his new book, 'The Things Marx Forgot'. It was a detailed book describing every aspect of his philosophy, and was a perfect system, well to the New Spartans any ways. It was published, and circulated around Mars, and sent back to Adaptus. It became after a short while, the best-selling book ever to have been published on Mars. It became known to everyone as the Mars Manifesto.

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The Mars Manifesto had been around awhile and was kicking up quite a storm. New Sparta took it literally, and became complete dependant on the book, as well as Nietzsche. They had taken on new policies and new techniques to running the new state, and day by day New Sparta was becoming a brighter place.


By now, New Sparta was not the only benefactors from Nietzsche's book. Several other colonies in league with New Sparta also had taken up the books methodological. New Sparta in order to become self sufficient, had came to agreements with several neighbouring colonies who also embraced the Nietzsche system. All in all New Sparta, Thebes, Delphi, and Odessa, had agreed to follow the system, and within there areas of jurisdiction, they formed a new Nation state, a state within the Adapton Federation, in which anything could pass within their walls, goods were traded freely, and a new utopia began to rise. The area was soon becoming known as Nietzsche's Circle.


The Adaptons did not like what was going on, there colonies were coming to far attached to the Adapton way of life. Almost straight away, the Adaptons began a propaganda campaign throwing the Nietzscherians aside as Marxists, and Communists, old systems which had passed into the dust. But today, the line was drawn.


By now Nietzsche had taken an advisory position in the New Spartan government, this was his dream work being but into practice and it was working. His Dialectic was working. Soon, within the Nietzsche Circle money could be abolished and life could go on a new free path, where man, and animal lived freely, to their own desire, with nor moral interruption, and not bounds to which to live by such as money and law. Schools began preaching Nietzsche thought and Nietzsche way of life. Thanks to Nietzsche, life had became a truly free affair.


On this day, Nietzsche told the head councillors of New Sparta, that the state would be week without Guards. Guards were needed to protect the ideals of the individuals. Guards who could serve as defence against outside, and inside threats. So a council took place between members of the Nietzsche circle, the agreed to commission a highly equipped militia, which would protect the interests of the individuals within the Nietzscherian State. So the Free Legion was created, a small legion of highly equipped troops to protect the Nietzscherians States from outside pirates and mercenaries, and even from the other colonies.


Once Adaptus got word of the new military unit it was not happy. King Centurii sent and immediate word to New Sparta, what was known as the leader colony, in what was quickly being painted as a rebellion.


To: Grand Council of New Sparta

From: Alphred Charles Desimus Centurii V King of the Adapton People, Head of the Federal Government of the Kingdom of Adaptus.


Dear Council leaders, I urge you to cease with the progress of your militia force. the force is not encrypted within any of Adaptus' doctrines, the Martian Defence Force is there for your protection and should protection be needed, they are to be contacted. If you do not precede to disband your force, actions will be taken.


The letter was shown as the Council's meeting that morning.


"What, we should disband this force immediately."


"Councillor Markos do not be so hasty."


"What do you concur then Councillor Arianus."


"Well ever since the force was commissioned we have been able to fend off pirates and the other colonies not once has our land been purged since the force was established. It is strong to, small but strong."


"But the King has stated, that the MDF should be used for these cases."


"Yes but have we not tried to use them, they only turn a blind eye and a half arsed attempt at sorting it out. The Adapton Military is a sham of it's former self. It may be large, but it's a sham. We need a more effective force. I say the militia stays!"


"But Councillor Arianus what of the consequences, can we risk the Nietzsche Circle against the consequences of an Adapton response."


"We are not risking the Circle, we're defending it, am I the only one here carrying out Nietzsche Doctrine?"


"She's right...What say Grand Overseer Nietzsche?"


The eyes around the table quickly turned to Fredrick, perched as the Overseer (a type of speaker like in the British Parliament). Fredrick, looked down to them all, with wide eyes at the surprise, they were asking his opinion on such a major issue. He took a moment to gather his thoughts, then in true to Fulfilmentism gave his answer.


"Actions should be taken, which was in best interest to the individuals. If the individuals are happy as they are, then protect their happiness."


The councillors nodded.


"The Militia stays."


"And if we have an armed response?"


"Then we stay true to the Nietzsche Doctrine. We defend happiness."


"Then I would recommend we expand the Militia."



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A week had passed. Nothing was heard from Adaptus. The New Spartans had merged their militia with the surrounding colonies, to form a larger force. The militia was not split into four Legions, about the size of a Brigade. They were calling their new Militia the 1st Chapter. The Chapter event thought it would be classed as a Brigade was very small. It consisted of highly trained ex-Adapton soldiers and mercenaries, native to the colonies involved. The had been given the highest grade equipment and had also been enhanced. By now genetic troops were becoming commonplace, but these were the next level. Part human, part machine, they weren't quite cyborg, but were certainly monsters. They towed above normal people, and were clad in a large hulking mass of armour plating. They had been giving an extended life and extra organs, and new organs, also muscle mass had been increased, as to had their brain capacity. These were subjects of the most brutal genetic engineering program anyone had seen ever. Often compared to being hung drawn and quartered with some added electroshock therapy, and open surgery without anaesthetic, then to finish you off, they hammed huge metal plates to your body, and welded you to a huge enhancement machine on your back. It was brutal. Yet it happened, it was an ordeal to show undoubted loyalty to the Nietzsche system, which was needed for perfect Guards, all of which were volunteers. To top things off, they were indoctrinated with a mass of Nietzsche theory and ideals. These were the Priests of Fulfilment, the Rabies of the Manifesto, the Cardinals of Philosophy, the Prophets of Reason, the Deities of Nietzsche. These were the undeniable enforcers of everything that was the Mars Manifesto, and Philosophy itself.


Not only had the Nietzscherians expanded their Guards, but they had also had build large defences. They had converted the huge hydrogen accelerators, used to blast ships through space, into massive defence guns, armed with devastating ammunition. Old vessels for transported had been crammed with nuclear devices to cause massive explosions in space should the Adaptons come by ship. These were the hastily put together defences of the Nietzsche Circle, an assortment of crude defences and crude soldiers. However they had one advantage. the fanatical love for a perfect system, and a perfect utopia.


The Circle were in the middle of a a meeting. The Head Council leaders of each of the Circles colonies had met at New Sparta. A They were discussing the defences, and the status of the Guards.


"Are we able to survive an attack should it come?"


"Ha...It's been a week, I doubt those Adaptons will come now."


"We have no way of knowing Councillor Isaac. The Federation has cut off our satellites and our Planetary Sensors. We can not know unless they are at our door, all we have are a few converted trading probes."


"But are we ready? Our defences are rather crude."


"Yes they may be crude, but they are effective, the Adaptons have advanced troops and advanced ships, but they have fallen in decline, also, cutting off our satellites has also cut off their own, they can not see us, they have no idea of the sort of troops we have put together. They will be totally taken by surprise."


"Ah but so shall we, we have no idea of when they will attack, unless..."


The meeting was interrupted was a messenger ran into the room, accompanied by Nietzsche. The messenger handed Overseer Thermacles a piece of paper. Thermacles began to read it out loud to the rest of the Councillors with a distinct look of shock on his face.


"At 18:16 Mars time, Probe XB-78 was fired. At 18:47 It detected a large disturbance in the space above the Oracle's Valley in-between New Sparta and Delphi. At 19:02 XB-78 detected a large made the disturbance out to be a large contingent of ships. At 19:14 the Probe detected A serge of energy coming from the ships. At 19:21 XB-78 fired it's first warning beacon. At 19:20 XB-72 Fired it's second beacon. At 19:21 It fired it's third. At 19:23 we lost contact with Probe XB-78. Councillors, we have contact."


The room fell silent for a brief moment. The Councillors were stunned. One turned to the Clock. It read 19:57.


"My god, they will be here by now."


Nietzsche then interrupted. "It is no longer our job. We are not soldiers. I have handed the situation over to Primarch Maximus. They defence has began. The Adaptons are here.!"

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"We want the colonies captured, not destroyed."


"Aye sir!"


The large hulking Adapton ships moved into position over the Oracle Plains. the central ship was a large Battleship class. FRS Centurii II, a massive Rex V class ship, armed with a large assortment of over developed rail guns. Surrounding it were the carriers. The Inquisition Ships as they were called. The carried massive amounts of troops. as they moved into position the launching doors of the carriers were opened. Drop ships began to pour from the open doors, as the invasion began.


Back on Mars, the first signals of the invasion were sounded, and the defences began to open up. The Hydrogen accelerators were charged and ground mounted Rail guns and Coil guns began to fire. The Legions of the 1st Chapter were positioned and ready. The battle had began.


the sky was lit with tremendous bolts of light as the planets defences began ripping into action. in space they hammered into the ships above the area, causing massive destruction, but the ships held there ground. Adapton Marines began dropping on the outskirts of New Sparta, and engagement had begun.


The Militia troops were well defended, they had used the large crater to the south of the Adapton landings as a first line of defence. They lined the southern edge and began a massive barrage onto the oncoming troops. New tanks pressed into service by the Circle began opening their massive guns bringing havoc upon the advancing troops. For the first few hours it was like lambs to the slaughter.


No matter how many troops were killed, they kept coming. The Adaptons had a large military, but it had suffered years of neglect, and now was paying the price. The Adapton troops themselves were shocked to see such advanced fighters bearing down at them. This was becoming a badly planned battle. However the Adaptons still had the upper hand, the number were pushing the Militia back and as reinforcements came from other colonies, the militia became outweighed by the number of troops against them. So they began to retreat to their second line of defence.


The Ships above the Circle were posing the biggest problem. Their guns were raining down of the defences and forcing the Militia to fall back faster then previously thought. However, their main defensive weapons had not been fully activated yet. The Hydrogen Accelerators were still charging, and preparing, once they had charged they could offer several hours of fire before retiring overheated.


The Adaptons were quickly closing in on New Sparta, as was the same for the other colonies, Delphi and Odessa had managed to hold off the initial attack, and were regrouping to prepare a counter attack, to push the Adaptons back, and to push on to Thebes, as Thebes was becoming engulfed on it's main front. However as for New Sparta, things were looking bleak. It was obvious that the Adaptons had targeted New Sparta, as it was the Circles Capital, and the Headquarters for Nietzsche.


By now the Adaptons had reached the colony's gates. They proceeded to blast them wide open and a savage close quarter battle began within the Colonies walls. But now the Adaptons could really see what they were up against. These massive hulking bodies plated with thick and strong armour was a menacing sight. They Adaptons had gone down a different root for genetic troops, light agile highly flexible troops, with a massive technology advantage. But these troops were different their crudeness made them monsters, and senseless killers. Overly strong they were like juggernauts.


Finally the Hydrogen Accelerators were ready, straight away, the Primarch incharge ordered a barrage toward the FRS Centurii II. The sky above New Sparta became green with the glare of the Accelerators. As the first shot went up, a huge bream shot across the sky, combatants from either side stopped an stared as the first shot as it hurtled the decommissioned transport into space. As it approached it's target it struck the Centurii directly below the hull. It began a nuclear chain reaction as drop ships flying past got caught in the blast and were vaporised. The Centurii one of the largest ships in the solar system was shook to the core, it's shields were massively damaged, it was not made to take a nuclear strike, after all nukes had been banned from space warfare 50 years earlier. A second blast come shortly after, and another and another, the Centurii was overwhelmed, it was flung over, a ship over 3 Kilometres long was flung onto it's side, as it waned and groaned a final nuke struck the ship on it's port side. It hit with a massive impact, slicing thought the armour. As a chain reaction flooded the ship, the reactor of the ship was caught in the blast, and the huge sh*t imploded in a huge mass of nuclear fusion. the blast smashed into the smaller carriers, as from the ground, the hulking mass of the ships could be seen in a massive fireball. The Adapton troops began to doubt whether victory was achievable. As the ships above the Circle began to withdraw, so did the Adapton troops on the ground. A mass retreat was ordered, as the New Spartans launched a massive counter.

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By mid-day the following day, the Adaptons had withdrawn from the Circle, what was left of them were chased down an slaughtered. Only a few hundred survived, to reach the other colonies, as naval extraction was denied. The Circle had won the first battle.


By that evening a counter attack had began. Two of the four legions moved on the colony of Neo-Adthens, the main colony which aided the Adaptons in the previous assault, and also the colony which the retreating Adaptons withdrew to. At the same time, a third legion made a move towards a second colony, that of Nova Byzanite, a distant colony. Nova Byzanite resided in the Gamma Sector of Mars, a rural and sparse area, with many craters and valleys, only two colonies existed in this barren area of Mars. But it was also a lawless area. There were many pirate camps and mercenary training facilities in the rocky alcoves of the Gamma Sector. It was truly a no go zone.


Back in New Sparta, the councillors had established a new level within their chain, the Grand Philophate Council, a council which consisted of the higher Councillors of each colony. Now they were in service.


"The Adaptons are gone for now. We must strengthen our position. Neo-Adthens is the Federations last bastion of within the sea of Lawless Adaptons, the Gamma Sector are to corrupt, and the Zeta Sector have few ties, the only other Adapton strong holds are on the other side of the planet, separated by other nations colonies. Should we capture Neo-Adthens the Adaptons will pose little threat."


OOC:At this point I would just like to query who else would have Martian colonies at this time?




"We must refit the military, the Adaptons could return with a stronger fleet. They may have lost their flagship but the Centurii I is still out there somewhere. We need a fleet."


"Aye, agreed. Thus in the name of the Circle, we shall commission a defence fleet."


Gestures of agreement came from the table. The Circle was now in a potions to reach out an command a large area of Mars within only a few weeks. In doing so, they would become a new nations, with massive resources at hand. Within a short time, they will have achieved massive influence, and the Age of the Federated Kingdom, was soon coming to an end.

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Circle troops has reached Nova Byzanite. they were positioned on a ridge about three miles south of the colony. The Legion marching on the city was the 2nd (Alexander) Legion, named after it's commander. The legion were perched on the ridge of the near by hill, they made there presence visible to the colony by firing flares and and setting up large artillery pieces along the ridge. The Blue armour of the 2nd Legion could be seen clearly in the morning sun as it came over the tops of the colonies massive structures.


The Colony itself was a large one, but large on economy. It was the richest colony on this side of Mars, as it controlled massive Uranium fields and it has access to massive quantities of the new element (the element found in the Black Dawn thread, if it is ever finished). This made the colony a big financial power on Mars, but also lead it to thriving on capitalism. However, the colony only possessed a small contingent of Territorial Troops which were volunteers, they were inadequate to fight a full scale siege on the colony. Nor did the Circle wont to attack them, Nova Byzanite were seen as allies to New Sparta and Delphi, so it was hopped that the colony would join, rather than fight.


Meanwhile, at Neo-Adthens, the two Legions had reached the colony. Neo-Adthens was the complete opposite to Nova Byzanite. Neo-Adthens was regarded as the Federation capital on Mars, it was heavily fortified, and had a large contingent of troops. Fortunitly for the Circle, the colonies supplies had been cut off. None the less, a battle loomed.


Neo-Adthens was a well fortified colony, with a large wall surrounding the actual colony. It had a massive defensive capability, also it was the only colony on this side of Mars to have the capability to construct capital ships. the other colonies deliberately lacked this capability for obvious reasons. Another trump Neo-Adthens had was Vickers.


Vickers Weapons systems had moved to Mars for production purposes and to get first grabs of the resources of the planet. It based itself in Neo-Adthens, as was it's production centre. If need be, every citizen of Neo-Adthens could be armed, the amount of weapons that were stored in the colony.


Despite this, the Legions were confident. Converted transport and light utility aircraft had been fitted with armaments, and were now the air force, and a few units of tanks had lifted their spirits. There was no chance the colony would surrender so a direct attack was planned, the colony had to be taken to prevent the Adaptons getting a foothold on the Circle again, so no expense was spared. This attack was to be a full blown assault.


As the Legions moved into position, the artillery began it's barrage. massive rounds from railguns pounded the perimeter walls, as defensive fire began flashing through the sky. The Circle in the attempt to get an advantage over the Adaptons had recruited the help of an Ion Propelled spacecraft's engine, and had converted it into a highly crude siege weapon, much like what they had done with the Hydrogen accelerators. The Ion weapon fired from a massive platform. The Bean struck a large railgun emplacement along the wall. The Magnetism generated imploded the railstation and took a large chunk of the wall with it, the rest of the artillery was ordered to fire on the breach to widen the gap for the first of the APC's t move in.

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The Circle troops had rushed the defences of Neo-Adthens once the gap was wide enough. Now the troops were engaged in the second day of fighting. They controlled major elements of the colony including the large docking area, and major parts of the living space. Now the colony was split in two. Adapton troops fighting franticly against their northern wall, with no hope of getting anywhere. Other colonies were to far away, and the Adaptons would have to be crazy to dare a naval extraction from space, due to the massive amount of Circle troops, and crude anti-air and anti-space weapons. All hope was lost for the Adaptons on this part of Mars.


As the Circle made their final push to secure the last of the colony, the Adaptons in the colony mutinied against there leaders, and began a mass surrender. Only a small remnant of Adapton forces loyal to the King remained. These troops were Hypaspistai, the Kings royal troops, last of Adaptus grasp on colonist Mars. The Circle had now grown to big to be a mere revolt.


Over at Nova Byzanite the leader of the colony was an aristocrat, he had demanded troops MDF troops immediately after the Circle troops had arrived. However, his loyalty was not found elsewhere in the colony. Nova Byzanite was ran by Lord Forgewald, a member of the original Martian land owners, it was his family which took control of the majority of Mars in the early colonisations period, this was why he solely ran his colony. However, the people within Nova Byzanite were increasing becoming impatient with him, after he quickly turned against the actions of the Circle, which the Byzanites saw to be a legitimate act, which the Adaptons had no right to suppress. Nova Byzanite was in crisis. It's leader, and his cronies after a fully scale attack on the Circle, the people wonting cohesion with the Circle.


So another scene was set for more troubles. This disturbance was not going in the favour of the Adaptons.

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A Small group of Loyal troops had assembled in the centre of Nova Byzanite, these troops were ready to make the attack against the legion outside the colony. These troops were ready, they were the cream of the what was left of the Adapton defence on Mars, what hardened men that could be spared from the Adapton side of Mars were here, this was the last ditch push from the loyalists, but no one was ready for the evens that were to unfold this time.


New troops hard troops, as hard as those outside. Well armed, better armed than those outside, and tactically superior. Several ships had arrived above the Nova colony, and they were ready to take some revenge. The troops began mounting APC's and tanks began to take offensive positions. They ships above the colony, a small contingent of the MDF were priming themselves for orbital dominance.


The opening barrages from Loyalist artillery began from within the colony, as the first APC's and Tanks began rolling out of the colony and toward the bottom of the ridge. The Legion troops taken by surprise quickly took up defences and began franticly hammering bolt and laser fire down the hill, while tanks and artillery got into position. Once they began to claw back a proper defence,and the Loyalists were beginning to get pinned down orbital fire began pouring down smashing into the hill side, and forcing the Legion to withdraw over the hills crest, as a strange stalemate came over the scene. With artillery and motor fire coming from both sides not allowing and defence or advance.


While within the colony something strange was happening. With the defence force engaging the legion on the hill to the south, a volunteer force from inside the colony began to mobilise. They began taking up positions around key buildings and outposts within the colony, for example the ports, the comms stations, and Lord Forgewalds government headquarters. The volunteers waited until the ships above the colony began to shift position to take a better shot at the legion, then they began.


The legion was being pounded back down the other side of the hill as the loyalists crept behind the barrage of orbital fire. There tanks were now prepared and air forces began to arrive but they could not break the barrage, the Circle had no idea the Adaptons could get a orbital support this quick after their last failure, the Circle didn't even have any space worthy ships yet. at this point, it seemed, there progress was coming to a stop, it seemed, the only way to describe there position was simple, the Circle was screwed.


inside the colony the volunteers began storming key buildings, and areas, and claiming them in the name of the Circle, a revolution inside was beginning to spread. In the chaos Forgewald was captured and executed, and Circle banners were paraded. The raids ran right across the colony, the port fell, and this denied any more troops into Nova Byzanite, then the governmental head quarters, and the factories, and all manner of things. When the comms station fell, co-ordination between the fleet above was lost, and it blindly began a barrage.


The legions outside saw the gap and moved in. The Loyalists were astonished at what was happening, they had lost their vital advantage, now it was the legions who began to push there way back to the hill, while the volunteers inside the colony began to counter, and attack the Loyalists from the rear, they also had opened up the planetary defences on the ships above, which took them out of the fight, as they were forced to retreat.


The Loyalists, after frantic attempts to regain control were out of luck, they eventually surrendered to the Circle, and now, the whole of Southern Mars was under Circle control.

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