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Haruspex Space Development

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HASA has annouced that HSD products shall be available to exclusive trading partners, however, a brief look into the current technology is now available as Haruspex Space Development - HSD improves upon current space flight and equipment.


Structural Radiator

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HSD has developed the next generation of spacecraft radiator systems for thermal control, and while in production for various launchcraft, HSD is also working to refine and develop further.


The radiators significantly reduce vehicle launch mass as they are structural and designed to withstand launch loads, aerodynamic heating, and extended on-orbit durations.


Thermal Fluids

HSD offers a proprietary thermal fluid that can be used in single-loop systems, including human-rated vehicles. The fluid is dielectric, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and has been approved by HASA for use in spacecraft cabins.


Cryogenic Heat Sinks for Environmental and Thermal Control

HSD cryogenic systems provide thermal control, and in some instances, breathing and purge gases for environmental control. The systems have a range of applications: suborbital and orbital spacecraft, as well as individual and collective protection systems for hazardous environments, including chemical agents.

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Portable Life Support System

HSD is currently developing new schematics of a Portable Life Support System that will function in microgravity, on Luna and on Mars.


CO2 control technology for these space suits is apart of the development research. The system is to be applicable on Luna or Mars. At the center of the research is currently a unique couple of the thermal and CO2 control subsystems to enable rengeneralbe, CO2 removal to a CO2 environment such as Mars.


Further for when a mission to the red planet is feasible, it does not need to consume earth-delivered water for cooling and instead, can use consumables readily available on Mars.


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