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Nationstates 2

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I'm kinda excited. I want to see an expanded interface. I however do not want to see a CyberNation clone, nor do I want to forum ruled out of the game. I feel the forum adds to NS it's social aspect and it's flexibity and all the fun. To much interface will limit freedoms, and personally I enjoy RP, especially on an international level, very much.


I suppose we'll just have to see how NS2 is going to be when it comes out.

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War , trade, alliances, etc.


Most likely it'll be a damn CyberNations clone.

I hope it's not. CyberNations is fun, but in a different way from NationStates. You can't get the same quality of RP on CN. Things just aren't open enough and you need to join an alliance to survive. Hell, even an alliance won't keep you safe anymore. The alliance needs to be in a mutal defense bloc with other alliances. I don't want to see NationStates turn out like that although with the introduction of war, diplomacy will definitely become more important.


One of the things I most liked about NationStates was that each region could be a community of nations with its own politics, wars, and economy. I hope they find a way to preserve this system and make regions more important. It'd be really interesting and realistic and add a new level of relations to consider. You'd have to worry about regional and inter-regional relations.

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Might actually revive the defender/invader aspect of the game. I really would want something that isn't as 'real-time' as CyberNations is, not to mention be able to turn off war options if you don't want it to mess up the way your nation is going.


One thing I hated about CyberNations was the way it made you feel like you were just steering a big semi-truck without any control of what was going on under the hood. And then the whole thing about having a exact location on the Earth map made it boring and uncreative. Forcing you to choose a team at startup, making you choose an existing currency, ethnic group, religion instead of letting you create your own...


At this point I'll check out NS2, but I'll probably just stick to NS1.

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